Saturday, January 10, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful at The Paris Theatre on Saturday 12/27/14 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say loves to take pictures of pretty girls, with a dynamite Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful.

On 12/27, Hawaiian Eyeful and Mr. Eyeful ventured to the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland for some R&R. And by R&R, I mean shenanigans and monkey business.

Accompanying this report are pics from a very recent MFM encounter with Hawaiian Eyeful being the guest of honor inside a luxury hotel suite. (Please click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

So without further ado, please welcome back the gorgeous Hawaiian Eyeful and her end of the year visit to the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, starring a cast of over a dozen choirboys.

Pop open that Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & enjoy!


The Last Saturday of 2014

Where should one end up on the last Saturday in 2014?  With that thought in mind and after finishing a delicious meal downtown, I told my husband let’s head to the Paris Theatre to check out the action. After all, reading many reports and with notifications that Wanton Siren was to be at the Paris, we were hoping we’d get the chance to meet her. 

Dressed in my high heeled black boots and zip up bodice with a multi-color skirt, we checked in with Ray and told him to fly the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag.  Proceeding into the Oasis, we got comfortable. I took note that the crowd was not as overwhelming and many were watching a woman up front getting fucked. It was nice being on the other side and being able to get a different view of things.  Even though we did not go with the intention of playing, hubby decided it was time to let the girls out.  As he unzipped my dress down a bit further, he adjusted my bodice so my girls could breathe more freely.  

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT (1/10/15) @ 9pm at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi, MS: Mojodaddy & Angel

Doc here with a last minute Visit Announcement for the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS for TONIGHT, 1/10/15 @ 9pm.

I just received the notice from Mojodaddy and Angel about their visit tonight, and they included a few pics as well. 

As always, tell them "Doc sent me!" if you are there tonight!

Here we go:


I am preparing to take my 23 year old submissive to the Blixoi theatre tonight, blindfold her and have her expose her pussy and have her pussy to be used tonight.  I know this is very short notice, but was hoping you could get some word out. Looking for some young studs, prefer larger cock 8 to 10 inches.... she does whatever Daddy asks of her.