Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flash Report! The Loaded Gun Takes On San Diego's Adult Theaters (Barnett, Jolar, and Adult Depot)

Doc here with a terrific first time Flash Report from new contributor The Loaded Gun.

His port of call is San Diego...

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

I'm a first time writer and long time reader, and thought it was time to get off the fence and contribute to this thing of ours. Recently I was in San Diego for business and had several opportunities to make the rounds of the fine locale adult establishments. 

My first night out was a Tuesday and I am always optimistic something good will happen, but that was not the case. I sent the first part of the evening at Barnett Super Store (BSS) and after a couple of hours with nothing but a sausage smorgasbord going on I decided to try out the Jolar Cinema (JC) to see if it was any better. Unfortunately the only thing happening was to girls working the booths.

The following night Wednesday (I think its still couples night at BSS and JC) I started my evening about 7:45 at BSS when I walked into the back theater there was a small group of people sanding up, always a good sign that something is going on. Upon closer inspection I see a woman and two guys looking for some lost item and getting ready to leave. My thought was I missed the entertainment for the night. After the threesome left I talked to a guy that was sitting near by and was informed they did indeed play. My hopes not dashed I settled in for the long haul in anticipation of the door buzzer going off and the click-itty-clack of high heels walking down the corridor.

Once again my patience ran short and the smorgasbord serving line was busy, so I made the run to Adult Depot on Kurt's not to far away. Unfortunately it was deserted with only two car in the parking lot. So at 9:00pm I pointed my trusty rental car in the direction of JC in hopes of greener pastures. Once there I was greeted by the smiling faces of the booth girls, let me tell you both girls were very sexy and kept the janitor with the noisy mop bucket busy. 

Adult Depot
Kurtz Avenue
The theaters on the other hand were not to exciting, several guys patiently waiting to be of assistance to any couples that would like to fulfill the theater fantasy. About 10PM a couple walks in, He had the look of excitement and she had the look of a deer in the headlight. I did not expect anything to happen and was not let down when they left after about a half hour of holding on to each other tightly. But hey, everyone has to take baby steps into this thing of ours. So when the couple left so did I, and headed back to BSS.

Upon my return I walked into the back theater and found another group of people tightly packed into the back row, and I have to say there is nothing like the hit of adrenalin I get when I know the game is afoot. Being the curious type of person that I am, I went to investigate. I could not see the center of attention from the back of the crowd but did find a great vantage point at right side of the group of guys and within reaching distance of this evenings star attraction. Let me tell you about tonight's star (I'll call her Star because she will forever burn bright in my memory), a lovely woman long thick brown hair, a beautiful face, nice firm breasts in the neighborhood of C, all packaged in a medium build. she was escorted by a good looking gentlemen, but I save you the details.
The action must have just started when I got there, I don't think any of the crowd had gotten off and her clothes were still on. While at my vantage point I pulled out my very Loaded Gun and clicked the safety off and got ready for action. shortly after she went around the crowd and started jerking everyone that was out and within reach. After a lap around the crowd she came back to me a jerked me for so long I thought I was going to unload my magazine. With a quick reprieve to stroke another solider she then made me her point of focus and grabbed me by my cock and pulled me towards her. Star instantly ingested my entire length and bounced her chin off my balls, I knew I was in for a ride and I hoped it would last longer than eight seconds. 

Jolar Cinema
University Ave., San Diego
Within a minute of some of the best deep throat action I have ever experienced I could feel my ball getting ready to unleash a torrent. Being the gentlemen I am I let her know her prize was cumming in case she desired it some place besides her month. Her reply was to attack my cock like it was the last one she would ever get, and swallowed with out losing a drop. I thanked her for one of the best blowjobs I have had in a long time.

As soon as I stepped back Star was on to #2,3,4 &5 at which point she came up for air and took a break to relax. Soon the native were getting restless and the action started up for another 20 minutes. After a relaxing for a few, two young guys approached Star worked stud #1 cock over for about 15minutes nonstop without her reward. The second stud finally got his turn and was like the rest of us and fell victim to her talents very quickly. Returning to stud #1 and another 15 minutes of very loud wet blowjob she was rewarded.

The action slowed down a little and Star was laying back talking with her man, when an older guy got between her legs to offer some comfort with his tongue. While this was going on Star worked on her man, and soon she relocated to the floor to better service him. At this point the the older guy decided he wanted to help Star out with her man and he started blowing him. It wasn't long before Star had another volunteer and after going through another three or four guys there was no one else left in line.

Even though I emptied my magazine once I was hoping for another shot before holstering for the night, and that hasn't happened for a number of years (the hazards of getting older). I stepped up and was greeted with an open mouth and willing tongue but after several minutes I had to surrender to do battle another day. I again thanked her for a wonderful time and called it a night, leaving with a mile on my face.

Also I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you do keeping us all entertained and up to speed with this thing of ours. I believe because of your work that more women are feeling comfortable about testing the waters of adult theaters.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Loaded Gun for a nice job on his first Flash Report.  And thank you for the kind words, sir. You are absolutely correct, that the mission statement here at The Journal is to provide information to help open the eyes of those who may not have thought about adult theaters as an avenue to explore.

We look forward to your next reports, TLG.