Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini's Epic Extravaganza at the Paris Theatre on 5/25

Doc here... The lovely Gemini from Portlandia is on quite a roll.  On Memorial Day, I published her adventure from last Wednesday at The Paris Theatre.
Now fast forward to today, and this amazing Couple's Flash Report from Gemini... This report has a lot of great stuff, and you will need to read this one over a couple of different times to get the full strength of this adventure.
So sit back, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy...
Hi Doc,
Here is the run down of the epic night at The Paris Theatre:
Epic Extravaganza at the Paris
I am not even sure where to start on what transpired last night at the Paris.  It was an epic extravaganza of astonishing proportions unlike anything I have ever witnessed – and daresay, may never again.  As I have tried all day to wrap my head around it, there is a Ke$ha song that comes to mind:
There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around.
It's a hole in the wall. It's a dirty free for all.

When the dark of the night comes around
That's the time that the animal comes alive
Looking for something wild.

There's a place I know if you're looking for a show.
Where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor.

And they turn me on.
When they Take It Off.
When they Take It Off.
Everybody Take It Off.

Lose your mind.
Lose it now.
Lose your clothes
In the crowd.
We're delirious.
Tear it down
'Til the sun comes back around.

Maybe it was because I was only coming as a Voyeur, and saw things from a different view.  Maybe it was the crowd that filled up the theater like ants to a picnic.  Whatever it was, there was certainly an unprecedented atmosphere that made me both excited and a little nervous at the same time.
Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The evening started around 9pm, with Ms. Fullswing, KC, and Candi and her husband coming into the theater.  Jordan and I had gotten there a few minutes before.  With these two legends headlining the marquee, I knew it would be quite a night.  I was astonished as they immediately made their way down to the front of the theater.  
The vibe from the crowd was already dense with anticipation.  I've never felt that much energy at the theater.  I wanted to get a front row seat and be available for the ladies' needs, so I sat myself on the edge of the stage, straddling Jordan who sat beneath me on the bench in front of the Arena table.  Have you ever fed hungry Koi at a pond?  This was the scene as the ladies began to disrobe and the gallery surrounded them in a feeding frenzy.  I must admit I was a bit relieved to sit on the sidelines and asked a couple men I had met there before to flank my sides.
Candi and her husband stood near the lockers as she began to gratify the men around her.  I could not see the particulars from where I sat.  Ms. Fullswing laid back on the Arena table and instantly had a veritable smorgasbord of cocks to choose from.   One by one, they began to penetrate her.  First on her back, then on her stomach and every which way in between.  She impulsively grabbed another near her face and began to suck what would be the first of many.  By this time, Candi and her husband made their way over to the table too.  Someone grabbed a pillow for her, which was placed on the ground as she joined Ms. Fullswing in the blow job buffet.
At this point, I counted about 40 to 50 men in the place.  The air was thick with animalistic lust. I looked around the theater to see the Oasis packed with couples.  Some must have been playing because there were plenty of men watching and stroking themselves at the rail.  There was another couple playing with one man in the Exam area, which was roped off.  Again, the rail packed full of onlookers. The general seating still had occupants, but the majority of the crowd was at the front vying for a chance with Candi and Ms. Fullswing.
The Real Gemini
By now, both lovely ladies were really taking on the troops.  The man on my left, B, went down to take his turn with Candi.  He was eager, well-endowed, and energetic as he fucked her with a hard, steady rhythm until he came.  He resumed his place next to me. I was getting a little hot and bothered watching the floorshow display.  Even though I wasn't getting fully involved, I needed a bit of fun.
Sitting on the edge of the stage with the glare of the movie light in my face, I was reminded of our very first visit to the Paris where sat in the same place and let a line of men fondle and kiss by breasts. I could hardly see the men's faces as the "spotlight" both blinded and illuminated me.  It was such a rush!  I re-lived this by asking the men at my sides if they would like to play with my breasts.  Affirmative. 
The Real Candi O'Leary
I unbuttoned my blouse as they each took one out of my bra.  My nipples were sensitive to the touch as they began to caress and lick them.  It was such pleasure for me as the light gleamed across us and the crowd watched these two men devour my ladies.  When they came up for air, I grabbed my cold water bottle and touched it on each nipple.  I loved the cold sensation and rolled the bottle across them again.  The men went back down to find my nipples at attention and continued to tease them with their tongues.  It was then that Ms. Fullswing asked if the man on my right, T, was ready to fuck her.  I reached my hand to his jeans. Yes. He was ready.
He jumped down from the stage, discarded his jeans, and suited up for play.  His back was to me as he stood in front of the Arena table and entered Fullswing with his monster BBC.  He started slow and steady and kept that pace for a few minutes.  This was probably the moment I wished I was playing tonight.  Not able to take it anymore, I stepped onto the bench in front of me and pressed my breasts against his back as he continued to fuck Fullswing nice and easy. 
I put my right foot on the Arena table where my boot could help me balance and put my hands on his shoulders.   My breathing became heavier as I was captured in this moment of this lust.  I ran my hands and fingernails lightly over his head, around his ears and down his neck and back.  I whispered quietly how I loved watching him fuck her.  "That's it", I told him, "Fuck her harder…"  I talked low and soft in his ear as my eyes met the onlookers who could only guess what I must be saying.  My heart was racing as the adrenaline flowed through me.  I knew, though, that he was not for me tonight, and I sat back on the stage before I lost all control.  He continued to please Fullswing and when he was done, made his way back to the stage next to me. 
Candi and Fullswing carried on as sex permeated every corner of the theater.  We must have been at or near fire code as the crowd swelled to maximum capacity.  The Oasis was still packed.  I think there were 10 couples in all.  A couple made their way up near the Arena table and I could see her lift her sweatshirt for KC to enjoy as her husband went over to fuck Ms. Fullswing. 
The Real Bambi
Another couple came up to the front to watch, and I invited them to sit on the edge of the stage for a better view.  Soon after, we decided to go out front where we could talk and I could smoke.  As we passed the Exam area the couple was still playing and I learned they were Bambi and her husband Thumper.  This was fantastic!  What an unexpected treat to have them grace our theater.  I met the husband who was super nice.  Bambi was, ahem, occupied, but I could see she was beautiful and I wish I had more time to get to know her.  They seem like a wonderful pair.   The couple and I went outside to chat, and the streets were alive with nightlife. 
You could hear the band from the bar across the street.  The line for Voodoo Donuts was wrapped around the block.  A couple hung their heads out of the window above us and shouted "Whoo Hoo!!" as they dropped a dollar bill down to us.  I laughed and put it in my cleavage.  My new friends and I talked about the adult scene and she remarked how many times she gets to play, but he does not because of the ratio of men to women.  I replied that I understood it can be more difficult for men to find partners in the lifestyle.  I filed that away.  They were a great couple – good looking and nice as hell – so I planned to change the scenario for them tonight. 
We went back into the theater where I asked Jordan for the ok.  I asked the wife if it would be ok too.  I was granted permission by all and we all headed down to the now clear Exam area.  The husband sat down as I pulled up a pillow and helped unbuckle his belt.  He lowered his jeans, exposing his cock for my pleasure.  I licked and sucked him like there was no tomorrow.  I bobbed up and down until I was drenched in sweat.  I looked up at him as he moaned, "Damn, Gemini!  Feels so good!" and I continued to gratify him. 
His wife came down to join me as we used our tongues, lips and mouths to make him feel as good as possible.  He eventually stood up and came on me, squirting his load on my face and my breasts.  He fell back into his seat with a satiated sigh.  And I sat back where he could see his work all over me before cleaning up.  By this time, it was time for them to go home, and time for Jordan and I to get to our prior engagement – I couldn't believe we had already been there three hours!  We said our goodbyes to everyone and were on our way.
What an unbelievable night!
Doc here again... Wow, where to start on this awesome report? Many, many thanks to Gemini and the rest of the great ladies who were at The Paris Saturday night.  It was one of those "nights of the ages" that we encounter from time to time, and luckily this was captured by Gemini.  And, there is another report on the way...