Thursday, February 14, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Slave Mandy @ Fantasyland In Tampa (w/15 PICS!)

Doc here with a report that speaks for itself: Slave Mandy @ Fantasyland in Tampa, FL.
Hello Dr.
My Master is having submit my accounts of a recent trip we had to Fantasyland in sunny Tampa, FL. This is posted on my Fetlife account as "Memoirs of a slave girl: The Theater" attached will be some pictures.
Last weekend, Master told His little slut that she would be going to a glory hole to be used by multiple men and she was to please each as though they were her Master. No back talking or even a hint of hesitation would be tolerated, unless she wanted to be severely punished and told how she had disappointed and embarrassed her Master. Neither of which this slave girl wanted; her goal is to always be pleasing and to do everything in her power to make her Master happy and proud.

So on this particular day she was taken to get a slutty new outfit to wear to the adult theater. It was a short, hot pink dress and of course no undergarments were allow, per the usual rule. Upon arriving at the theater she was ordered to strip the dress she had been wearing to put on the new short, slutty dress. The fabric clung to her ass cheeks and as she walked you could tell she had no panties on. This pleased Master very much to see His little slave girl acting like such a whore, and this was only the beginning.

As she walked into the dimly lit theater, her slave bells jingled alerting everyone to her arrival. The men in the theater began watching her with great intensity, waiting to see what she was going to do. Master sat His little girl next to Him on a couch and softly stroked the inside of His whore's thigh, causing her to become increasingly wet. His closeness to her made her ooze with pleasure and practically melt in His strong hands. After what seemed much to brief of time, He ushered His little whore another section of the theater where the glory hole booths were. Walking silently down the hallway with only the sound of the jingle from her bells, this slave girl made her way into a booth, a trail of men following behind.

 Giving Master one last kiss she got on her knees and waited for her first cock. It took only seconds before one appeared through the hole, this was her first time ever being at a glory hole. Master pulled her dress down so that her ample breasts were hanging freely as she began to please her first Master of the day. Moans could be hear coming from the other side of the wall in gratitude as she sucked vigorously, trying her best to please him as though he were her Master. She took long, deep strokes just like Master enjoyed and when she had taken the whole cock, Master held her head in place so she would gag and choke on the cock thrusting into her mouth. His pleasure was tangible as he thrust one final time and released a nice load deep in the little whore's mouth and not withdrawing until she had swallowed the whole thing.
One Master down the slave thought, how many more will she please?

Before the thought even had a chance to leave her mind, the next cock was waiting anxiously for her to please. Again the little whore was forced to gag and choke on the next cock as her Master held her head firmly against the wall. Moans of appreciation were hear from the other side of the wall as yet another load was forced down the slave's throat. This continued until the slave had pleased six men. Each one leaving satisfied and wanting more of Master's little whore. Most pleased with His slave girl, Master decided that they would go and He would use all her holes when they arrived home. This pleased His little whore very much.

 Because Master had been most pleased with His slut, He decided to reward her by taking her back to the theater the next day for more fun. Only this time He would not take her to the glory hole booths. No, He was going to force her to pleasure men using all her holes in the middle of the theater. Being her first time in this situation, this whore was nervous and anxious, but she knew in her heart that Master knew what was best for her.

 He sat His slut next to Him on the couch. spread her legs and exposed her breasts. A man approached and asked Master if he could touch. Master nodded as He stroked His pet's head, telling her what a good girl she was. The man began groping this girl and moved her hand to his cock. How many men will use this girl today, she thought. Master wanted all her holes thoroughly used and they were not going to leave until He was satisfied.
As this girl began sucking her first Master for the day, other men began to approach to pet, prod and pleasure the little whore. She whimpered at their touch as they caressed her breasts and fingered her tight wet pussy. Master instructed His whore to get on all fours on the couch so that she could easily be accessed by multiple men, allowing them to use her pussy, ass and mouth. The mere thought of a stranger using her pussy and ass as Master watched made His whore dripping wet with anticipation. Her first Master was behind her and with no warning slammed into this whore, causing her to scream in both pain and pleasure. He fucked hard and fast while this slave girl sucked two more Masters. She was in heaven seeing the pleasure and pride on her own Master's face as she did exactly as she was instructed. One final thrust and she knew her first Master of the day had used her well. "On your back whore!"
Without a blink this girl rolled onto her back and immediately was choking on the cock being forced down her throat as another Master began roughly fingering her tight pussy and pulling on her nipple rings. Before this little whore had a chance to ask, she squirted all over the couch, her own face and her Master's face that was sitting on a different couch behind her. Body shaking still, the man forced another large squirting orgasm from her as she continued to pleasure two cocks. This slave girl was given a short break to clean her whore mouth and pussy before she was going to be used again.

Upon returning to the theater with her Master, this whore was still wet knowing she wasn't leaving until her ass was used. She knelt and began pleasuring her Master's cock as the men began to assemble to grope and pleasure His slave. Next thing this girl knew she was being passed to another man's cock to please and was being roughly fucked again. This time she could feel the stretch from his large cock as he fucked her hard and fast while a cock remained down her throat causing her to gag and choke. He finished and another man jumped right in to fuck this whore.
She was loving the attention and knew she was pleasing her Master. This man asked Master if he could use this slut's ass, which of course pleased Master a great deal seeing the size of his cock. And before this slave could prepare herself, he had entered her and began fucking with long, hard strokes. Tears began falling down this girl's face from the stretch she was feeling. A soothing pet and a "good girl" from Master calmed her. One final thrust and he had finished. Thoroughly used this slave thanked all her Masters and went to clean herself.

 Master and this slave girl walked out of the theater once she was clean from her whore bath. Pride, love and arousal lingered in His eyes... "when we get home you have one more Master to please My little theater whore!" And with that Master and His slave were off with promises of more fun in the future.

Such a dirty little whore this slave is, but Master loves her for it and wouldn't have her any other way!
Slave Mandy

The Slave Mandy Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Slave Mandy for the excellent report and all the pics. Wow!  It certainly looks like you put a hurtin' on the Tampa guys during your visit. Keep on cranking out the reports...


Couple's Flash Report! Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh Hit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicagoland (w/8 HOT Pics!)

Happy Valentine's Day from The Good Doctor.  I thought that we would celebrate Cupid's favorite day with this OUTSTANDING Couple's Flash Report from first-time reporters Mr. and Mrs. Slaneesh.
Their first trip to Chicagoland's 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa this past Saturday was a hot one, and they have been nice enough to share their report along with 8 incredible pics of the very hot Mrs. Slaneesh.
Hang onto your hats kids...This is a good one.
Hey Doc,
On 2/9 the wife and I heard about the special 15th Ave Theater and Spa was having from your blog (ed. note: couples free through this coming Sunday 2/17), so we decided to check the place out for the 1st time.  My wife puts on her kinky black slutwear along with her knee-high leather boots and we head off to see what trouble we can get into. 
15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
My wife has beautiful black hair and a great figure.  Her breasts are amazing.  I was certain we'd be having fun tonight.  Sure enough, the guy behind the counter offers us wristbands into the spa free of charge and we head back to get a locker as well as check the layout.  We tour the place and eventually end up in the theater itself.  Now it's early (6:30ish) so we are the only couple in the place and there are maybe 4 guys there as well.
Needless to say the wife is the center of attention with several gentlemen moving closer to us with their cocks out and stroking.  Watching the porn combined with the attention she's getting obviously was exciting her as she reaches over and unbuttons my pants, then leans over to give me a long, slow, sucking.  I begin to fondle her breasts and move to finger her pussy, sure enough she's wet and turned on.  As this is going on more guys enter the theater and even another couple or 2.  My wife whispers to me that she wants to go check out the booths and naturally several guys follow us out.
The Real Mrs. Slaneesh
We pick a booth and she sits me down so she can kneel in front of me and suck my cock.  About 6 guys are trying to crowd into the booth to watch my wife in action.  One of the 1st in the booth (a gentleman who had been watching her in the theater longingly) asks for permission to touch her, which she gives.

Gentleman #1 fondles her breasts, rubs her back,and gets permission to rub her wet pussy, fingering her hard.  As my wife can only take so much of this she stops him, but immediately switches from sucking me, to taking his cock into her mouth. 
While other guys in range are feeling her body, she goes back and forth switching between us until he blows his cum all over her face and breasts.  After a polite thank you, Gentleman #2 steps forward, but the wifey wants me in her mouth, so after a few minutes of gentle caressing and jerking from her, gentleman #2 drips his cum onto her breasts.  At this point my wife wants to take a break and we wander back into the spa to sit in the lounge and hang out. 
By this point the place is crowded and I count at least 5 other couples.  As this is our 1st visit, we decide to head back into the steam room to relax.  It's actually more crowded then I thought it would be and in no time we are sweating up a storm!  Thankfully there is a cool shower in the steam room which we begin to use. 
As I'm standing under the shower, my wife drops to her knees and begins to suck on me, this gets the attention of all the men in the room (she was the only female) and she is quickly surrounded by guys watching the action.  Unfortunately it's hot in there and my wife didn't feel like playing so we move to the showers for some cooling off.  A little teasing play in the showers with the 4 men in there and my wife says she wants to go back into the theater. 
She lasted maybe 10 minutes in the theater before suggesting going back to the booths.  Again a gentleman from the theater who had been sitting close and watching her, follows us to the booth and as soon as he pulls his cock out, she has it in her mouth, again my wife is switching between me and Gentleman #3 when he finishes all over her face and breasts.  By this point, seeing my wife in action for so long has me ready to pop!  I shift position, bend her over facing all the guys in the booth and proceed to pound her from behind while every guy that can reach is rubbing and feeling her all over.  Watching all this, it didn't take me long to blast my load deep inside her wet pussy.  
That was the end of the night for us and as we gathered our things, several guys went out of their way to thank us for coming.  Of course the instant we got home I gave her a long slow pussy licking which gave her a hell of a orgasm (she had held out all night till that point)!!!
We'll definitely see about getting back out to the theater (checking out the private rooms?)
Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh 
Mrs. Slaneesh Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE!)

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Slaneesh for a great Couple's Flash Report!  We are looking forward to your next 15th Avenue adventure, and of course more pics of the sexy Mrs!  I think you will enjoy the private rooms in the spa area... They will allow you more crowd control options, and they compliment the theater and booth area scene nicely.
Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Slaneesh, and Happy Valentine's Day to all!