Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: New Bells and Whistles & A Request

Doc here with a Quick Note...

New Bells and Whistles
I have just finished reading "Bells and Whistles For Dummies" (from Hudson Press), so I have been motivated to add some b&w to The Journal.

First up was a weekly posting of an audio file, meant as an inspirational moment for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Well that feature last 3 weeks before my source for the audio files eliminated access to their embed codes. Thanks jerks.

I have replaced the inspirational moment audio clip with "The Journal's Weekly Motivational Speaker"  video clip, courtesy of YouTube (language may be NSFW, but so is the entire Journal).   You can find that new feature on the right hand side of The Journal right underneath the other new feature of The Journal: "Alexa Worldwide and USA Website Rankings." Thanks to my good friend and colleague Major Voyeur for the heads up on this analytical tool (Fun factoid: My nickname in high school was "analytical tool"). 

Please check out these new features of The Journal if you dare.

Request Line Is Open: "First Time" Reports Needed
The Good Doctor is still in need of your "First Time at an Adult Theater" reports.  Whether you have contributed to The Journal before or not, the staff here at The Journal (OK, me) is in dire need of more reports of your first time.

So far, we have had 5 quality First Time reports, all from regular contributors.  I really need more submissions from the other members of the senior reporting crew, as well as the other contributors to this one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  I know you are out there...

Of the good readers of The Journal, it's now time for you to submit your First Time reports. On average, there are 1,000 unique visitors to The Journal every day.  All I am asking for is a 2-4 paragraphs of what your first time at an adult theater was like.  Please include the name and location (city is fine) of the theater, as well a pen name you wish to have as your byline.

Please send your submissions to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, with "First Time" in the subject line.  You'll be glad you did!

I now return you back to your regularly scheduled programming.


First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 5 - Ray

Doc here with Chapter 5 from "First Time at an Adult Theater".  This chapter features Ray, who writes the excellent "Sex in Porn Theaters" blog, and who also is a regular contributor to The Journal.

The setting for Ray's "First Time" report is Detroit, and I will recap what theater this may have been while you read the report.

So without any further delay, here is Ray and his "First Time at an Adult Theater" report...


I believe the theater was on 8 Mile Rd. in Detroit, but I could be wrong about the specific location. It was a long time ago, but a night I will never forget since it marked a significant change in my porn theater habits. Until that night, I had been a confirmed voyeur, preferring to hang back and watch the action. I'm glad things changed.

 As I walked into the theater, I stepped into a bookstore area. Heading to the cashier I passed a petite girl in a tight denim skirt and vest. She smiled as I approached. Probably because I was checking out that vest. It highlighted her tanned tits nicely. She clearly wore no bra underneath and my cock stiffened at the thought of watching her in action in the theater. I soon realized that wasn't going to happen, as she and her escort were leaving.

I cursed my timing and paid the entry to the theater and went in and took a seat. Nothing happened for an hour or so, and I was thinking of leaving. After all, it was a week night and I had no idea if this particular theater attracted many couples.

Guild Theater
Detroit c.1982
I wandered out to the store area and browsed the selection. A couple of guys were chatting so I joined them and asked about the action there. They told me that I had missed quite the show an hour or so earlier. Seems that denim girl had an audience participation marathon running for a bit. They said that couples dropped in from time to time. I realized that there are no guarantees in theater action, but the conversation encouraged me to hang out a bit longer. It was a good move.

I had no sooner found my seat when another couple came in. She was older, maybe 40, dressed conservatively in a knee-length khaki skirt and button up blouse.  She had long blonde hair and an attractive face and a tall frame with just enough curves. A sweater was draped over her shoulders, giving her the look of your best friend's mom or the neighborhood librarian.  They sat across the aisle and one row back from me. A couple of guys moved to sit in the row ahead of them. They shooed away a couple of guys who tried to sit next to her.

For a long while they just watched the movie. Then I noticed that the guys sitting in front of them had turned around completely, facing her. It seemed that she was spreading her legs, giving them a look up her long skirt. She did so very casually, still watching the film. Hell, if she was showing, I was going to watch, so I moved over to join the other guys enjoying the show.

Sure enough, her pussy was exposed. No panties. No pubic hair. This would have been sometime in the late 70's so that look was still fairly rare, especially for a woman of her age. Her legs were spread and she was sloooowly working her hem higher up her legs. At one point, hubby reached in and ran a finger through her slit, showing us how wet she was.
Sassycat Theater
Detroit c.1982

Her attention had now shifted from the film to the exposed cocks of the guys in the row with me. My own dick was uncomfortable in my pants, so I pulled my erection out as well. I figured if she liked watching and being looked at, I would participate fully! I turned so she could see and she rewarded me with a better view of her crotch.

After a few more minutes, she sat up in her seat, leaning forward to get a better look at all of our cocks. I was surprised when she suddenly reached for my dick, taking it in her soft warm hand and stroking it gently.  Her husband whispered something in her ear and she replied "Yes. But first I want to do this." She then leaned back and patted the seat next to her, indicating that I should come and sit next to her.

As I said, up until this time, I had done nothing but watch in adult theaters. But I was pretty much on the spot. What's a guy supposed to do? When a lady calls, you have to answer, right? So answer I did.
Irving Theater
Detroit, c.1983

I moved passed the guys who were bitching about my good luck and took my seat. The lady opened a the top two buttons of her blouse, turned toward me and took my cock in her hands once again. As she stroked, I reached in and found a pair of full, firm tits with hard nipples responding to my touch.

She continued jerking me while I moved down to explore her pussy. She was absolutely soaked.  I played with her slick slit and swollen nub. I worked a couple of fingers in and out as she began to pick up the pace on my dick. I heard her moaning softly and intended to bring her to orgasm, but she told me to lay back. Reluctantly, I obeyed, giving her better access to my dick. She kept stroking with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. I noticed that among the watchers was a couple. The woman's eyes were fixed on my cock.
National Theater
Detroit c.1976

Suddenly finding myself in the role of the exhibitionist was a turn on. Especially knowing that a woman was watching. I think that was the thought that brought me to the edge. When my benefactor sensed I was nearing orgasm, she bent over and took my her cock into her mouth, just in time to catch my load as my dick exploded. She sucked down every drop, swallowing my cum. I thanked her for her kindness, complemented her skill and was rewarded with a sweet kiss on my cheek.

I headed to the restroom to pull myself together and then returned, curious about the other couple. They were gone, but I watched that modestly dressed, mature woman jerk off several other men before I left.  I don't know how many of them were already experienced with adult theater sex but, as for me, I will never forget my first.



Doc here again... My best guess was that this theater may have been the Studio 8 Theater, which was located in a shopping center on the corner of 8 Mile Road and Greenfield in Oak Park (just outside of Detroit). It showed XXX fare during the late 70's before it was closed (ring a bell Ray?)  Anyone else know of an adult theater on 8 Mile Road? (please e-mail me HERE if you know of another adult theater that was on 8 Mile Road so I can update the report).  I used the other Detroit adult theaters as eye candy for the report, since there is no usable photo of the Studio 8 Theater I could find.

Great report Ray! Just about everyone in this thing of ours has had that moment when they transitioned from voyeur to participant.  And that moment for most of us is burned into our memory for the long haul. Thanks for sharing this report, Ray!

OK, senior and contributing reporters... It's time for you to step up to the plate and send in your "First Time at an Adult Theater" report!  Katie X, Brent, Alex and Lauren, Old Marine Corps Guy, and now Ray have stepped into the batters box and knocked it out of the park.  Now it is your turn!  Please send the report into me with the subject line "First Time" at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.    Remember to include the theater name and location (city is fine), so I can research any images I might have to illustrate your report.

Thanks for your help and support with this series!