Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flash Report! POLD Hits The Akron Adult Theater

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from POLD.  His focus is Akron, OH's Downtown Adult Cinema, a theater that I have had close to no reports from over the years.

So kids, grab a popcorn at the concession stand along with a soda, and enjoy POLD's report from the Rubber City.


Hi Doc,
I've been reading your blog for sometime and this past summer got brave enough to join in this thing of ours.  I've debated off and on submitting a report of it to you and finally decided what the hell.
We'll see where the rest of my adventures go.
I’ve never shared this, and it’s from about 6 months ago, so I’m not sure it’ll catch anyone’s interest, but what the heck, why not, right?
Downtown Adult Cinema
Akron, OH
I’ve not seen anyone review the Akron Adult Theater in Akron, Ohio often referred to as the Downtown Adult Cinema, which I believe is it’s actual name as it was at one time located downtown.  Maybe there is a good reason, but it was my first foray into this thing of ours, so I thought I’d share it.
Back in June of ’12 I worked up the nerve to go to an adult theater.  I had heard the rumors of some very promising and fun adventures, but figured it was all BS.  I had also been forewarned to be cautious going to the AAT, that it was generally a crowd of older, gay men, to which I felt wasn’t the biggest deal breaker, even though that’s not the side of the plate I swing from; apparently several patrons wander over to AAT from Akron Steam and Sauna as it is across the street.  I was advised to keep an eye on CL and BP for postings from couples that might be attending.  I was also warned not to loiter outside of the theater, though nobody ever gave a reason why.
So, for about a week prior, I start keeping an eye on CL and see a post from a couple that they were going to be at AAT on a Friday evening that I didn’t have any plans for.  Excellent.  I send a response to their CL ad to which I get no response, though I completely understand as they were probably pounded with responses and working your way through the BS can be frustrating and tedious.  Do I risk going though?  After deciding to not go, then go, then not go, then go about 50 times, I finally convince myself to go.  I make the drive over to AAT and soon realize it’s not in the greatest part of Akron, so I drive by a few times, before parking.
I’m nervous as hell.
I rapidly enter the theater, go into the video section, pay my entrance fee, which I believe was $10.  I leave the video section, make the left turn to head down the hall, I’m so nervous that that 50 foot walk seems like a football field in length and seems to shrink as I’m walking down it.  As I get closer to the theater, I can hear the moaning of the on screen porn.  Now I’m nervous and excited.  I enter the theater and it’s black, I mean pitch black, minus the light from the movie.  As my eyes adjust, I see a few folks seated throughout and the occasional head bobbing up and down from someone’s lap.  There are a couple of other guys standing at the back of the theater, more or less lingering around.
The set-up of AAT is more or less one of a very run down, old theater.  The seats are probably 50 years old, the projection unit kind of sucks, it’s kind of dank, dingy and seedy.  It smells of raw sex.  I sit down in an empty row I spotted as my eyes adjusted.  One of the guys who was standing in back comes up and stands next to me, rubs his cock and is seemingly asking without using any words if I would blow him, sorry mate, not my bag.  He walks down toward the screen, there is a gap of about 15 – 20 feet between the screen and the first row of seats, I expect him to cop a squat in the front row, but he continues past the front row and disappears behind the screen. 
WTF?  A few minutes later he wanders back to where he was standing earlier at the back of the theater.  Shortly thereafter some dude and some gal make their way from behind the screen and take some seats in the front row. 
Hmmm.  Could this be the CL couple?  And what the heck is going on behind the screen? Can I do this?  I’m so charged up, I have to do this!  I leave my seat and make my way down past the front row and into the black.  Again, I wait for my eyes to adjust.  As I wait for my eyes to adjust I can hear the slurping and moaning only a few feet from me, this isn’t from the movie, is the first thought I have, and as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I confirm that it’s not the movie.  There were 5 guys behind the screen.  Not my bag, but now I know what goes on behind the screen.  I decide to make my way back to my seat, as I exit from behind the screen, I notice that the male/female couple are still seated in the front row, well sort of.  The gent is seated in the front row, the gal is on her knees, topless, blowing him.  Interesting!  I figure, why no,t and take an empty seat next to him.  He gives me a quick nod, which seemed to indicate it was cool for me to sit, so I do.  I watch his gal continue to blow him. 
At some point 2 other guys sit to the left of the guy getting the bj and start jerking off.  He motions to his gal in my direction.  She reaches over and starts rubbing my cock through my shorts.  So this is how it starts?  Cool.  After a few minutes of her rubbing my now throbbing and very hard cock, she stops, completely undresses then unzips my shorts and pulls them down to my ankles.  Then she proceeds to give her guy a blow job and me a hand job, I ask him if it is okay for me to play with her very ample, firm and perky tits.  He says sure.  Goddamn, these tits are like rocks and her nipples could have cut glass. 
As I’m concentrating on her tits and the hand job she is giving me I feel a second hand on my cock, hey, wait a second, it’s her dude’s hand.  I politely tell him that’s not really my scene and he seems cool with it.  He then motions to her and she moves over in front of me and begins giving me a blow job while he and I play with her tits.  After a few minutes, he leaves his seat and begins fingering her while she is still blowing me, her soft moans from him fingering her, while she is blowing me are working as I am getting closer and closer to cumming. 
A few minutes more and I’m doing all I can to hold off, but can’t.  I do my best to bend down and let her know I’m about to blow and ask where she wants it, she moans a bit more and it felt like an mmm-hmmmm, I look to her guy and try to motion that I’m about to blow, he nods and motions to drop my load in her mouth.  I explode in her mouth, she tightens her mouth around my cock and starts sucking a bit harder, urging every drop she can get down her throat and continues to suck me until I begin to quiver, her tongue working the head of my cock has my knees shaking. 

Her man returns to his seat and without missing a beat, she goes back to sucking him off.  I lean down and thank her and lean over and thank him, no shit, mid blow job, without looking up, she gives a thumbs up and he says ‘No Problem’.  I pull up my shorts, and hang out for a few minutes longer, shortly after which he blows his load in her mouth as well.  I was still fairly charged up and hoping for more, but after he blew his load, they both dressed and left.   I gave it a bit longer to see if they came back, but they didn’t so I left, quite happy.
Kind of a lucky first night into this.  I’ve been back to AAT a few times since, but haven’t seen any couples.  Writing this makes me want to recreate most of that first night, so I suppose I’m going to have to make the trip out to the Summit News Theater, since it isn’t much further from me that AAT.
Thanks, Doc for giving us this forum.



Doc here again... Many thanks to POLD for a fantastic first time report!  Keep up the great work!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flash Report! The Big Shield @ Fantasyland II

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from The Big Shield.  He is a coast to coast traveler, so his reports may come from anywhere.

In this report, The Big Shield hits Fantasyland I and II in Tampa, Florida's Drew Park area.

Take it away, TBS!


Hey Doc,

This is the man previously known in this thing of ours as "Well Dressed #1" from the Koral Conquers APV stories back in early November. As announced in the comments of story #1, I would be traveling to Fantasyland I and II and I would spin off a story or two depending on whether or not they were as hot as the "Conquer" stories were. Unfortunately, they were not as smoking and I deferred until feeling an obligation to the readers after peeking at the playoff Sunday Smut picture #1....LOL.

Fantasyland II - The Librarian

The Big Shield touched down at Tampa Intl Airport early Sunday morning Dec 2nd from parts unknown. Deciding that I was there for work first, work second, and play third, I immediately jumped into my work with a fervor that I am rarely able to achieve in the home office, just so that I could hurry up and find out what all the hype was about surrounding the famed Fantasyland establishments.

Having cranked out a solid 9 hours of work on a non-business day, I decided it was time to see if I could participate in or make someone's fantasy come true at the famed place. I have to first say that without question the people that work at the Fantasyland playgrounds are some of the nicest folks running an establishment in this thing of ours, second only to Eric at the Summit News in Warren, Ohio (more on that in a subsequent story).

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Arriving at FL1 just before 5:30 pm, I felt my hopes as well as the Big Shield rise at the sight of a dozen or so cars in the parking lot. I entered FL1, the clerk and I exchanged greetings, and I asked the typical questions of a first time visitor to a particular establishment of this kind and he proceeded to give me the 10 minute rundown of the FL1 set-up and the connection to FL2.

Equipped with logistical knowledge of the place, I proceeded to the booth area to find that there was a Sunday sausage-fest taking place, AND DOWN WENT the shield and my hopes. Nothing that I haven't seen before frequenting theaters, just not my thing. So I decided to venture into the theater and seeing nothing but guys with shields out stroking in the presence of not women the first, I thought there is no freaking way that this could be happening based on all of the hoopla. But after all, it was a Sunday evening so I figured the FL was kind of like all other establishments that I've been in. Hope and shield at their lowest point on the trip, I decide to catch a bite to eat and post on the FL site that "Well Dressed #1 from Koral Conquers story on Dr Lizardo Blog would be at FL1 at 9pm, and I attach a link to the the good doctors blog and the flash report.

Arriving back at FL at the announced time, the parking lot again somewhat full. However, this time I let neither my hopes or shield rise much. As soon as I entered I caught notice of a couple with a scorching hot MILF shopping for toys in the store; I casually looked through some items for sale and searched for any inkling that they were there to play, but with a second look at this beautiful blonde, hopes and shield rising fast, it suddenly appeared and proved to be correct that this couple was only here for purchasing merchandise and taking their party elsewhere.

I entered the theater and immediately noticed an older couple in their mid 50s playing. The husband was playing with the wife's b-e-a-utiful jugs. I swear they looked like they were natural and from the body of a 25 year old not the 50ish old body that they were attached to. I said to myself "this is more like it!". There were a few guys scattered about but none next to the couple so I took up residence at a respectful distant on the couch next to them just to get a good look-see of the tits and offer any assistance that the husband might need or the wife might want. After about 10 minutes of sucking on her nipples like he was a baby's receiving his first taste of milk, she had him stand in front of her and she proceeded to give him some head. The hubby lasted a mere 2 minutes before he blew his entire wad in her mouth, on her face, and on her tits; NICE with an exclamation point. Cum dribbling from her chin, they retreated to the rest room in the back to clean up and then they left.

So I'm sitting on the couch and taking in a few minutes of the flick which was itself uninspiring, and then the door flung open. She did not walk; she stormed in with a blur following her like a woman on a mission. She paced the hallway looking into each of the mini theaters and then in the main theater. She looked at the guys inside each room and the main theater up and down. My first thought was that she was looking for her mate and that she was pissed off. She stared at me several times without the slightest hint that she was looking for "Well Dressed". With Under Armour sweats on (which is my preferred attire for ease of play and revealing the Big Shield without having to undress), she was clearly thrown and did not consider me the target and she moved on to the booths. Wanting to see if there was drama unfolding I casually followed her and watched her leave the sausage party to itself in the booths and leave FL1 altogether. Again, I found myself surrounded by nothing but men so I decided to have a go at FL2.

Fantasyland II
Tampa, FL

Arriving at FL2 a few minutes later, I was discouraged to see only 4 cars in the parking lot as I surmised that at least one was connected to whoever was working. However, just as my hopes started to sink lower, I noticed that one car appeared to be occupied ......and it was a woman. Taking my chances at disappointment, I slid my 6'5" body out of the small rental car and went in. A cursory search of the theater proved to be another all-male revue, but as I was leaving the theater, in walks the Librarian - that had moments before stormed through FL1.

Mid 40's, 5'5" or so, average body, sandy blonde hair pinned up....with just a few strings hanging around the temple of her Librarian like glasses; she gave me just the slightest wink and made a beeline for the completely empty booth area. Without hesitation, Big Shield rising and pointing the way, I followed her and went into the booth next to hers. Upon request I slid her the Big Shield through the Gloryhole and she proceeded suck and stroke, first slowly, and gradually increasing her suction and stroke speed to the intensity of which she stormed through the hall and theater of FL1. She stopped and looked through the gloryhole and said "you are Well Dress #1 afterall, why don't you come over to my booth". All of the banging of her hand against the booth wall while stroking the Shield as she sucked on it must have brought out the masses as there were about a dozen guys looming in the booth area by this time.

As I left my original booth there was a hurried attempt by several others to get into the booth. I went next door and by the time that I entered the lucky (or unlucky in this instance) winner of the "get to the booth next" race already had his shield at attention and through the hole. Unfortunately for him and the masses, she was fully occupied and never so much as touched him or anyone else on this visit. After about another 5 minutes of sucking and stroking, complaining of a sore jaw, she begged for the protective liquid of the Shield, which I happily shared; coating her entire oral tract from her lips to her stomach, she consumed it all and filed it away in her dewey decimal system. She licked her lips and thanked me......while I should have been thanking her, which I did. I asked her if she would like to play the following day but she declined saying that she wasn't sure she could get away or that her jaws wouldn't be sore, but if ever in Tampa again to post on the FL site. What a woman?

Well Doc, that's all I have for my first Flash Report. Until next time May the BIG SHIELD be with her - whomever she is.


Doc here again... Now that is a fantastic report!  The Big Shield has done a great job of describing the vibe at both FL I and II, theaters I have been in more than a few times over the years.  There is another Big Shield report in the hopper...Look for it soon at The Journal.


Couple's Flash Report! Chrissy & Mike @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (3 Nights!)

Doc here again with the second report from Hartford's Art Cinema by Chrissy and Mike. Their first report last Saturday was a page turner, with more than 9,000 pageviews.

In this follow-up report, Chrissy is back on the main floor of The Art Cinema, and it's about to get wet and wild!

Without further delay, please enjoy the lovely Chrissy and her guy, Mike.


Hello again Doc!

I have to say the weekend of the Valentines Event has made us totally addicted to the Art Cinema in Hartford. Not only did we attend that Friday and Saturday night but we also went again Tuesday as well as Friday and Saturday night!

Tuesday night didn't really produce anything worth reporting but I will say that the past two nights were beyond amazing. We showed up Friday night with a male friend for this report I will call him "J" he is an older gentleman that knew how to take things slow but also when to make the fun unbelievably enjoyable. We checked out the main floor at first, but Mike and I were really curious if there was anyone in the balcony so we decided to check it out. To our surprise there were no couples there! How can this be when just a week ago there was a record breaking amount of couples there?

The Main Floor at The Art Cinema

Well with that being said you can probably guess this attention whore went back down stairs to the barrage of men that were waiting for this one woman in the whole theater. We sat down to the left side of the theater, in the row that I had partied in just 6 days earlier. Again I was wearing a nice skirt with no panties for the ease of access. It wasn't long before J had his hand on my leg rubbing it slowly and of course that is one of my sweet spots so of course I let out a few quiet moans. Like a homing beacon the crowd of men came closer for a look. One joked and said he didn't want to be in anyone's view of the movie where I replied "yeah, like anyone is watching that lol"

A few came over and asked if they could touch or fuck where I expressed that I only fuck with condoms and it seemed like a few went running within seconds of that statement cumming out of my mouth. I was nice and wet from J fingering and eating my tight pussy when this young black man with a southern accent came over with a condom, he couldn't believe how sloppy wet I was from all of J's hard work.

Within about a minute I had gone from the seat to laying on the floor, this guy was awesome. If I had any reason to think I needed to go to the gym he put the kabosh to that. Matter of fact he kept saying "Nope, she don't need to go to the gym this one is nice and firm!" I was fucked missionary and doggy and while doing doggy had another cock in my mouth. Oh my god it felt so good, but I had to back off the cock in my mouth because when I cum I tend to clench down (don't want to hurt anyone).

The Real Chrissy!
After he satisfied his craving for nice wet, tight pussy it was time for more fingering. I really enjoyed the hands all over me and I even had one nice older man say that he really wished he had taken or at least brought one of his little blue pills lol.

He claimed to be an old man and if he was 18 I would have been in trouble, I replied back, well if you were 18 I would be the old fart but next time bring the pill with you and we will have some fun! He was a very sweet guy and he took great care of my pussy as well as everyone else who fingered, licked and fucked it.

I think it was around 10pm when another couple (Newbies) showed up, I was pretty surprised when they came directly to the main floor in the row we were in. I even heard the female "D"  say "maybe we should have sat closer to them" within a few minutes she had her own little crowd including my hubby. She is also a bigger gal like me but very cute. Mike had a good time with "D" he got her bent over the seats and gave it to her hard! (this was the first time I had seen Mike with another girl and I loved it) She also had about 4 or 5 men including her S/O around her as she blew them.

We both talked for a few minutes and her and I both wanted to meet up again and give the guys some girl/girl action live!  Unfortunately she had to leave for the night for a party but we made sure to give her our number. As she was getting ready to leave we saw the house lights come on and knew we had closed the place out. Ernie, the owner saw all of us walk out and smiled and said to me and "D" "it sounded like you both had a good time tonight, here have a free pass and please come back again!"

I was smiling ear to ear and Mike and I sat there another good 20 minutes talking with Ernie and another frequenter. We finished off at a nearby hotel with our friend J and by the time we went to sleep (3:30am) I was sore and swollen from the multiple fingerings and poundings I had received throughout the night! Well even though I was still swollen and a tad sore we went back to the Art Cinema Saturday night. I have to say there were more couples there in the balcony and even some freaky ones. The freaky couple we saw was an older man with a younger woman, as she had a dog collar and leash on and they both had fun going to the bottom lit corner of the balcony and showing off how he took control of her. He even used the Cat-o-nine tails on her demanding that she tell him she wanted more. From what we could hear they had started their fun around noon and it was about 9pm when they started their fun at the cinema. At one point she was laughing as he whipped her. Not my cup of tea but to each their own.

As we were down on the main floor once again listening to their escapade I could hear the single guys saying "bring her down here and we will show her who's boss!" lol They did come down while I was being pleased by the wonderful single men but they just seemed to like to give a show and not share. Mike and I go by the saying that sharing is caring so we not only like to give a good show but let others participate as well.

The Art Cinema
As the night went on with the multiple men sucking on my tits and fingering my pussy Mike decided to warn this group of men about my squirting abilities. One guy was very happy that he was warned since he had somewhere to be and was already dressed up! It didn't take long for these guys to take Mike's warning as a challenge and before long I was showering the floor and seats with my gushing squirts. I had literally become Old Faithful! One awesome guy had me squirting so much that it felt like it was raining in the cinema and people that were 3ft away were getting wet! This apparently turned everyone on because I had to have had about 6 different guys get me to squirt about a dozen times!  During one of the squirt sessions I yelled out "I fucking love this place!"

As I had that action going on below the waist I had multiple cocks in my hands and mouth and about 4 or 6 loads of cum dumped on my tits! I was soaked from the neck down and I wasn't complaining! I eventually ended the night with my top off and my skirt hiked up since I didn't want my shirt being stretched from everyone trying to grab a tittie out!

Once again I left the Art Cinema in Hartford with a smile on my face! Mike and I have labeled ourselves on CL as the Art Cinema Addicts! Were already anxious for next weekend so we can have fun with the guys again! (hopefully couples too!)Well Doc, hope you and all the readers enjoyed this report, I see us writing many more for you in the future! Let us know when your gonna be stopping into the Art Cinema again as I would love to show you and all the others how much fun I can be! Thank you for informing us about the Valentines Event, it has really helped me dive into this lifestyle with an open mind!

-Chrissy and Mike!


Doc here again... It is quite clear you love The Art Cinema, Chrissy and Mike!  But the patrons of the arts also on the main floor are also having the time of their lives!  A true win/win.

Keep the reports and pics coming in Chrissy!

Also, remember to check out The Art Cinema's new website:


Monday, February 25, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #8: Paul & Wife Soak It In

Doc here with a quick report from the Valentine's Event last Saturday at the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford.. First time reporters Paul n Wife were kind enough to give their POV on the evening.

Here is their no-nonsense review of their trip to The Art Cinema...


We went there Saturday night, for the Valentine's Day Party. We arrived around 8:30. Lot's of sex going on in the balcony and a gangbang going on downstairs. The gangbang was already underway when we arrived - I think she took at least 10. She was then joined by a second woman who took at least five. Most couples in the balcony were naked and having sex of some type. This was my wife and I's first visit here.

We will be going back.

Paul n Wife


Doc here again... Many thanks to Paul n Wife for their report.  I am looking forward to your next one when you return back to The Art Cinema.


Flash Report! Cini Mini I and II in Grand Rapids, MI by ChromeTool

Doc here with a great first time report from our newest contributor to The Journal, ChromeTool.
Mr. Tool has not only provided us with an update on the Cina Mini I and Cina Mini II in Grand Rapids, MI, he has supplied one hell of a report from an encounter in December at CMI.
Enjoy this terrific report...

Cina-Mini I and II Field Reports

Well Doc, you've gone and done it now...

The Cina-Mini II in Grand Rapids, MI is officially closed, kaput, goners. Good riddance! It's quite the coincidence that only weeks after you rated this pit as the #1 Worst Theater in the Country, it disappears. Word on the street indicates that it will be turned into a restaurant. Can you imagine having dinner at the former scene of a million Homo Hummer and Fudge Packing events? Oh yeah, just what I want to do, NOT....

Meanwhile, the original Cina-Mini I has temporarily closed also while undergoing some reconstruction, as evidenced by the building permit prominently displayed on the entrance door. It would appear that my little town might still provide future opportunities for this thing of ours.

R.I.P. Cina Mini II  2013
Grand Rapids, MI

Couples activity at the Mini I has slowed considerably in the last few years, however I did have an very enjoyable meetup in December there. It was a Friday evening and I arrived about 6pm to find a completely empty theater. Alrighty then, at least I get the best seating pick. The movie was decent and I commenced to fire up the man unit by myself. Yep, still works good!

Ten minutes later, I hear the sounds of company arriving. MOTHER FUCKER! It's the 60 something couple I've seen there a few times in the last year. They've always been warm with each other, but quite reserved and not ready for a prime-time crowd. He's a big guy and looks, well... old. However, as always she's looking great, with swept back salon styled hair and tight facial features including that super model type cheek and jaw bone structure. Add some super breasts that look great even inside her winter jacket, wide hips that make her sheer knee length skirt sway perfectly when she walks, and a complimentary waistline to round off the package. It wasn't too long ago, that she was a stunner for any age group to gawk at (think Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched, only at age 60).

My soon to be new friends take up residence 1 row up in front and 1 seat over with her on the aisle side and they're being quiet. Within a few minutes, Eliz extends here arm across the seat back directly in front of me and the games afoot! I scrunch down in my seat with just the right amount of chair squeaking and clothes rustling to allow her sonar to home in on the target. And without a glance, shes on it in a flash with her warm, small delicate hand jacking my semi-hard to full-hard. We're both digging it and getting sexed up nicely.

I'm thinking HELL YEAH, when Tall Drunk Dude walks in and dulls the moment instantly as Elizabeth goes back to being prim and proper like. Now this is the same dumbunny that scared away the last playful couple I saw here by standing behind and spotlighting the gal with a penlight. So I decided to put the whammy on him. After a minute or so of telepathically beaming at him: "Sit the Fuck Down, Don't be a Leech, Be cool Dude", he goes for a seat 5 feet away from us and I leisurely saunter over towards Elizabeth and the big guy.
Cina Mini I
Grand Rapids, MI

A polite "May I?" from me was met with nods of approval as the couple moved over one seat towards the wall. Moments later, I'm back to enjoying a pleasant handjob and lovin' the way her small hands make my cock look enourmous. The big guy then unbuttons her jacket to reveal bare flesh as she's topless underneath. The tits are big and real, and very nice for a woman her age. He and I tongue those luscious breasts and explore her body with our free hands. The knee length skirt is traveling upwards when the big guy whips out a tube-o-lube, splashes a gob on his hand and in one quick swipe, applies it to her pink.

My hand slowly meanders toward her slit and she instantly clamps up like a good school girl, all shy like. Shes getting manhandled good and I can tell she wants to moan, breath hard and get her freak on, but all three of us are dead quiet. The big guy stands up, unleashes his unit and motions for me to do the same. Now shes got two cocks dangling in her face and she goes to work on them with both hands and a nice warm mouth. I'm thinking to myself, "This is Kick Ass" when the big guy says to me "you wanna fuck her?" as he's breaking out a condom. I say yes, she immediately says no. He reply's "you wanna have fun, don't you?" and apparently two out of three win :)

There was no more argument from her as she proceeded to suit up her new toy and slide down in the theater seat. I was in her before she placed her feet on the seat backs in front of us. Her puss swallowed my cock deep without hesitation, and it felt like warm butter. I'm giving her all I've got and nibbling her neck trying to get her to cum first. Her mouth is wide open, head bouncing around and she's staring at the ceiling, just wanting to make hot sex sounds while bucking her hips to get all the hard cock she craves.

All of the sudden, Eliz announces "he's cumming". She was right, and it was a monster cum too! I dismounted and it took me a couple minutes to catch up my normal breathing pattern while those delicate hands peeled the latex off and flung it across the theater, then double handed my meat until it was well done. She now has a beaming smile on her face and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I responded with a little lick on her neck and said "Thank you, thank you, thank you... that was wild and you're one hot woman!"

The whole encounter probably lasted only 15 minutes. It might have even been her first time as she played precocious, yet somewhat hard to get. I was cool and considerate. She wanted to make it last longer, but that wasn't going to happen. The big guy and I were just happy as hell to enjoy damn good, taboo, anonymous theater sex at it's finest.

More as it happens,

- ChromeTool


Doc here again... I laughed when ChromeTool accused me of hastening the demise of Cina Mini II, since this place seemed to doing a great job of doing it to themselves.  But I will take the assist on it in any case.  What a dump.

Thanks again to ChromeTool, and we look forward to many more reports to come!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #7: Chrissy & Mike Hit The Main Floor (w/PICS)

Doc here with report #7 from the great Valentine's Event from last Saturday at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.

In this report, I'd like to introduce you to Chrissy and Mike.  They have provided a first hand account of the fun on the Art Cinema's main floor, and their part in all that noisemaking!

Here is Chrissy and Mike!


Hi Doc,

Chrissy and Mike here. We were reading your review and figured we would give you our review of what we saw Saturday night. We were first timers Friday night, I had on some black slacks and a red and black top with along black jacket a true bbw with brown hair and eyes. My husband who is the true meaning of a bean pole weight wise, has dark hair and blue eyes was wearing blue jeans and a black coat.

The Real Chrissy & Mike
We walked in Friday not quite sure what to expect and what was allowed. I have to say we were still a little curious as to what is allowed when we left that night but when we heard from you and the owner on our way out about the event we decided to try it out on what proved to be the best night there.

We arrived around 7:30 Saturday night. I had a purple sequin shirt on black skirt and heels hubby in jeans and a T-shirt. I remember you saying "Your back" in a sound of surprise (ed. note: I was happy that you were back!). We made sure to grab our goody bag, which my husband decided he wanted to put in the car (lol). Of course I made sure he grabbed out the condoms, because you never know what might happen once your in the mood!

The Art Cinema's Lower Balcony
We started up to the balcony and couldn't believe our eyes. The balcony was pretty packed! I am pretty new to this lifestyle and being a bbw not too into being in the center of attention, but that all changed later on!

We went down the front row of the dark portion of the balcony and after a few minutes began to play a little. The atmosphere and the sounds of (I'm assuming here) Sweet Temptation getting played with on the main floor got us really going. Mike (my husband) began to take my breast out and suck on my nipples, and in reaction to his hot tongue on my nipple, I immediately began to stroke his cock. But I couldn't help feeling like there was more to be done.

The Real Chrissy
Pretty soon Mike needed a cigarette break and  came back suggesting we go on the main floor. I grabbed his hand and we were down there in a flash. When we arrived on the main floor Sweet Temptation had a crowd around her of horny men of all ages and sizes. Hubby and I got in close for a good look at the action and within seconds I had my own little crowd. (I honestly think she was happy I came along.)

With me being a bit reserved at new places, it didn't take long for me to come out of my shell. I have to say there were some really decent, well mannered men there and then there were a few others that well, lets just say they need to learn to ask before touching or trying to stick their cocks in without a rubber (big deal breaker). Anyways, as soon as I got my jacket off it was on!
The Real Chrissy & Mike

I had the crowd of men rubbing my tits, ass and then my pussy. There was one man there that really knew what he was doing when it came to fingering a pussy!  I had to have been fingered for a good 20 minutes while standing. I was soaking wet from how well this guy worked over my pussy and everyone including my husband was loving the show! I also got pretty loud with the moans and at one point I remembered screaming out "oh my fucking god!" where my husband kicked in and tried to shush me (an automatic response at home because we usually have to stay quiet). I had to laugh when one guy said to him " No, let her scream, the louder the better!"

Well after that 20 minutes we decided I needed a break and some air. Those guys had me sweating, that's how good it felt and how many times I came. When we came back in, we went back to the balcony but didn't stay up there. I have to admit I liked being the dirty little slut on the main floor, so back to the main floor we went.  ;o)

The Real Chrissy
I obviously made an impression with the guys from earlier, because they were back for more! The same guy with the magic fingers came back to please me some more. He had joked earlier that his hand needed a rest because of how tight I am and once he knew about my condom only rule, he was ready! Matter of fact I had a couple guys in line to fuck me good! In honesty I originally had an age limit of 50, but that night of fun killed all age limits I would ever think of making.

There were men of all ages fingering and licking my pussy, I had cocks of all sizes in my mouth and hands and honestly I had the time of my life. If I could put a number on how many times I came that night it would probably be well over 30. We ended the night on the main floor, just at 11pm and the few men that were left there thanked us for the show and even shook my husbands hand. I see us becoming quite the regulars there, so thank you for informing us about the event. All that fucking made us anxious for the weekend to come around so we can go back again and have fun! Although we didn't take any pictures, I figured I would offer up some of our own so you know who we are.


Chrissy and Mike


Doc here again... Many thanks to Chrissy & Mike for a Fantastic Couple's Flash Report!  This is how you do it folks... Dive right in, write it up, and send along some pics.  I'll handle the editing of the report and PhotoShopping of the pics. You supply the words, and I'll polish them up.

I hope Chrissy & Mike head back to The Art Cinema this weekend!  And if they do, I also hope they submit another fantastic report like this one!

Thanks Chrissy & Mike!

I am also still looking for more reports from last weekend at The Art Cinema.  Send them direct to me at First timers, pick a pen name and send it along with your report.



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Gloryhole Princess @ Tampa's Fantasyland II w/PICS and VIDEO!

Doc here with the first full length report from one of my newest colleagues here at The Journal, The Gloryhole Princess herself, the very naughty Piper.

She just got back from Tampa, and her visits to Fantasyland II ,and boy does she have a tale to tell.  Along with her report are some incredible pics and a video to boot!



Hi Doc!

I have had members and friends tell me for years that I should check out the gloryholes in Tampa. Having graduated recently, I have had a lot of time to fill and I have been filling it with non stop sex with my friends in Miami. The more sex I have, the hornier I get.  The hornier I get, the nastier I want to be.

When I think nasty, I think of being on my knees in a peepshow booth, sucking anonymous cocks that poke through the gloryhole.  As I mentioned, I was in Miami at the time and the only problem with Miami gloryholes is that scene isn’t like the reviewed gloryhole scene in Tampa. I was too horny so I decided to randomly drive 4 hours to get my quota of perverted cocksucking in a dirty porn store.

I love gloryholes.  I love the way peep booths smell.  That mix of semen and bleach turns me on for some reason.  I love when the clerks in porn stores are welcoming.   It is even hotter when they start giving me a tour of their establishments.  They know I am there to suck cock.  It is not a dirty secret. It is just dirty. It makes me comfortable knowing that some employee is not going to ruin my fun by banging on my peep booth door because there is a huge line of men in the hallway.  I can settle in, get
on my knees and suck as much cock as I can take.

This is one of the Fantasyland theaters, a totally fabulous establishment in Tampa's Drew Park area.
I went there on a Thursday night around 9pm. If it was this good on a Thursday night, I can’t wait to go back on a weekend.  I checked out the little peep booths but I have to say that I was most turned on by the rooms off the main cinemas.   They were like nothing I have ever seen
before. They had plenty of room. I could throw a party in the rooms while I sucked a bunch of strangers….that might not be a bad idea.  Invite a bunch of friends to watch me suck anonymous dick.

Half of what turns me on in these places is being watched.  It is the reason for my site.  I am a giant exhibitionist.  The idea that strangers are cumming to my pics and videos while strangers are cumming in my mouth seriously turns me on.

Piper the GloryholePrincess

 P.S.  Yes, that is dried cum on my shoes.

Piper's GloryholePrincess Gallery (Pics and Video!)


Doc here again... Make sure you check out to get more of the very naughty Piper doing her thing across the sexual landscape.  She will be a regular contributor to The Journal, and I for one can't wait to what she has up her skirt sleeve.

Thanks again Piper!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #6: M&S Check In From The Top Row (w/PICS)

Doc here with Report #6 from The Art Cinema's Valentines Event from last Saturday, 2/16.

This report is from the couple that wetted The Good Doctor's appetite about The Art Cinema, M&S. On top of being good friends with me, they are a great couple. Fun, energetic, sexy,

So without any further delay, here is M&S and their report!

Hi Doc,

Greetings everyone from the greatest adult theater in the land - The Art Cinema in Hartford.

First of all the wife and I want to thank Ernie, his staff and of course, Doc and Ernie for out-doing themselves on putting together the Valentines Event. Never could we imagine 27 couples in the balcony and 3 couples downstairs with the 30+ or more single guys.

We arrived at 6:30, paid our admission, chatted with Tosh who said there was already 4 couples in the balcony and said Ernie and Doc were still at dinner but would be back soon. We told him we would be back down to greet them but wanted to go get our favorite seats in the balcony.

The Real "S"
Being that "S" was wearing a dress that was split all the way to her ass cheeks on both sides I was able to play with her already wet pussy as soon as we sat down. A little after 7 we went back down to the lobby to see Ernie, Doc, and numerous other arriving for an evening of fun and antics.

After a bit we headed back to the balcony, and in no time it seemed the balcony was pretty full and the blowjobs and fucking had started. We had been e-mailed by 4-5 couples asking about The Art and said they would be coming to the Event, and in fact we did meet some great people. Joe and his very hot blonde lady who when she squirts you need a life jacket, J & D, a very HOT young curvy brunette who loves more than one cock and her hubby, Sam & Dee, and of course Sweet Temptation, who was making more noise than the movie from the main floor LOL.

Watching as J was sucking D's cock as another guy was fingering her then fucked her - damn she is hot! All the while I was feeding "S" cock in both ends. Damn she looked good in that pink and white!

At one point "S" and I went down to the main floor to watch the action close up, and the guys were telling "S" how hot she looked which only gave me a hard on, so back upstairs we went to use it.

Around 10 or so we took a break and went to the lounge area and ran into J&D again. As we sat and chatted, Doc and the guy who was fucking "J" early and his lady also joined us. After a while we went back to the balcony for more fun. About 11 we wanted to say our good byes to J&D, .

I apologize to "S's" admirers, but only got 2 pics of her Saturday night. Was kinda busy, but feel free Doc to add more if you like from our previous visits. Looking forward to your next visit Doc. And to Ernie like I said you run one fine establishment, & hats off to you.

Doc, I read your posts about The Art, and can't wait for the rest of the stories from other folks that were there.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to M&S for a great recap of the monkey business happening at The Art Cinema on Saturday night.  "S" looked great as always! I will be talking to you soon, kids!


Flash Report! Jay @ Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter Jay. His port of call for this report is Horse Cave, KY.
Sit back and enjoy, folks!
I arrived Sat night at 930 PM. The two adjacent parking lot had 25 cars, trucks & semis. I walked in paid my $20 and went right into the larger theater (60 odd seats). It was empty. I went back to the smaller theater (20 odd seats) and came across a 40ish couple fucking with her riding him cowboy style. They were not really giving a show nor did they invite audience participation. 15 of us watched them until they were done. They spent the next hour bouncing between the hallway where the booths were and the large theater then they left. My impression was that they were there to meet someone who didn't show up. They definitely missed a good time with a sexy lady.

At 11 PM another couple came in. She was 20 ish , plaid skirt black top, shoulder length black hair and glasses. She had the college coed look to her. Her husband was senior in age to her. After 30 minutes or so to get in the mood she gave hubby a blowjob, with us watching. After a few minutes hands start exploring her ass and she showed and enjoyed it. She rode hubby reverse cowgirl  and gave some head to a couple of guys. At this point she stated she was 28 and innocent. She certainly had the age and innocent look down pat.  
After she un-mounted hubby, she invited guys with condoms to fuck her. Four guys fucked her in the large theater with her kneeling on the couch taking them doggy style. After a short cigarette break, she and hubby started playing again in the small theater. She invited another guy to fuck her and after a longer cigarette break they went back to the large theater where she blew several guys in a group frenzy.  About 1 AM they left with her waving goodbye to use. 
I left at 2 AM and no other couples had come in. Weather on Friday night in the area was snow and ice and that might have discouraged more players from coming out. My next night time foray there will probably be 16 Feb, where hopefully more then a few couples will have their raunchy celebrations.
Weather permitting.
Thanks Jay for a great!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Report Hits Circle Cinema and The Gulf Coast Theater (with PICS)

Doc here with a mega-report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.  He has visited two theaters in two very different cities: Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS and the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi, MS.
Take it away, sir!
Good Dr.
This is the Oral Reporter with a couple of reports on my travels and visits to two Adult theaters.
I stared out in Wichita, KS at the Circle Cinema  Thursday January 24th and then again on Friday the 25th.  I paid my senior fee of $4.00 on Thursday night. At the Circle Cinema you never know what you will get and the condition of the theater is getting worse every time I go there. 
Circle Cinema, Wichita, KS
Very shortly after getting settled in a very lovely and young mid 20s single woman arrived.  She entered the theater and went to the second level on the left side, with her phone up to her ear.  Being the gentleman I am, and not wanting to rush things, I thought it would be nice to at least wait until she got off the phone before approaching her.  She has on the smallest and tightest shorts I think I have ever seen they looked like they were painted on.  After about 10 minutes of being on the phone, she got up and walked out.  I thought I would never see a unicorn like her in a theater again. 
About an hour later two female wanna bees (Trannies) came in.  Alas, the night did not get any better, as no couples and no additional unicorns showed up.  Left the theater at 3 AM. (they are open 24 hours a day).
Friday the 25th after my work, I decided to go to the Circle Cinema again.  Just as I was entering at 7:30PM, the unicorn I talked about previously on Thursday night was just leaving the theater.  Again she was in tight shorts hair in a pony tail, perfect young body, and very pretty.  I asked the clerk how long she had been there, he told me she had arrived less than 30 minutes ago.  I asked if she was a regular, he said yes, she lived quite close to the theater.  He told me she only picks up younger guys at the theater.  Thursday and Friday there were only us old farts in the theater.
After being in the theater for a few hours and about to leave, a late 30s couple came in and sat in the second level on the right hand side.  I was in a seat just to their right and about 10 feet away.  After they got settled I thought maybe they would start some activities.  They were not dressed for play, but you never know.  She had fairly tight jeans on so it was not looking good.  There were 5 of us guys sitting around the couple but no one was making any moves or getting too close.  I do believe all of us had our tools out and were stroking them.  After about an hour of them watching the movie they got up and left the theater.  The couple did not play with each other while they were there.  No other couples or unicorns came in so it was time to leave and get some sleep.  My next stop was going to be the Biloxi Theater on Saturday night.
One comment on the Circle Cinema in Wichita, If the management does not do something about the sad condition of the theater, I do not think anyone except the confused guys will continue to go there.  Almost all of the seating is almost unusable with springs all that are left of the seats, many of the seats either do not have backs or seats.  This theater has potential of being a great place, but needs attention.  I have seen many couples and single females in this theater in the last few years, but it is really slowing down.
Saturday I flew to New Orleans, and American lost my luggage.  I fly Delta every week, but could not get a flight to New Orleans on Delta (sold out) so I for the first time in over a year bought a ticket on American.  I will not fly them again.
Back to the story, I drove to my hotel in Biloxi changed clothes (shorts and a sweatshirt) got to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater about 7PM.  I knew that The Bayou Boudreax and lil slut were scheduled to arrive around 8PM.  The parking lot was full, so that is always a good sign.  I paid my $10.00 dollar admission and entered the theater. 
I have not been in this theater for several years.  The condition of the theater is very good, seating is in good condition and the size is just right, not too big and not too small. I took a seat in the second row from the front, looked around for any couples that may have been in already.  None were there, but there were several confused guys trying to please each other in the area where the couches are.
lil slut enjoying her favorite hobby!
About 10 minutes later a couple came in  and sat in a couch just in front of me.  They looked to be in their mid to late 30s - might have been older.  She had short brunette hair (about collar length) very nice body and very pretty.  Not dressed for play but you never know what the will get into.  He was a tall good looking guy hieght and weight proportionate.  Several guys sat around behind them and were stroking their tools, including me.  About 30 minutes later they got up and left using the back door to the parking lot.  Several guys got up and followed them out.  Eventually they all came back in through the front door.  This couple did not come back during the night. 
Shortly after they left, Bayou Boudreax and lil slut came in and sat in the front row of the couches on the right hand side.  I was not sure if that was them, but they were very close to the designated time of arrival they had posted.  Boudreax kept looking back at the back row of couches, but there were still two of the confused guys still attempting to please each other.  I decided to take a gamble and let Boudreax know that I would love to taste lil slut's pussy, he told me that when they get a better seat I could come over.  The confused guys continued to occupy the prime seats. 
I got up and asked them to either speed it up or please move since there was a couple waiting to occupy those seats.  These two guys had been at it for over 30 minutes, and they just kept on pleasing each other.  Pretty much everyone was giving these guys dirty looks which must have done the trick, they finally got up, and one of them in a loud voice said OK the area is all yours and was making a scene about it.  He was pointing to Boudreax and saying he paid his fee, and did not have to move for them.  Boudreax told him it was not him who asked him to move.  I told the guy it was me who asked him to please move.  Had he started anything I think that all the patrons of the theater would have litteraly thrown him out.  We were all waiting for lil slut to get in her favorite seat to do what she does best. 
Could This Be The Oral Reporter?
I have to be considered lucky to be the first with her that night, as you saw the first photo was of an old grey haired guy with his head between her legs licking that sweet pussy.  That is why I'm the ORAL REPORTER!  After giving her pussy a nice tongue lashing. I stood up in front of her for a wonderful blow job from this lovely lady.  After sucking me for a while and seeing a long line behind me, I asked her to lick my balls while I pumped her up a load.  In a couple of minutes I was ready to shoot a load and she took my cock in her mouth and I shot everything I had.  Thanked her and she thanked me for the pussy licking I had given her. 
I moved over to let others receive her attention.  Boudreax was taking notes as to how many guys either fucked her or she gave blow jobs to and of course how many times she got her pussy licked.  I was close enough to watch pretty much everything that happened during the night.  lil slut is amazing, and watching her take guy after guy was a real treat.  Boudreax would tell her to go very slow with the blow jobs so he could get some great photos, and these are the ones he posted in his report. 
A few more couples came and went during the night, I counted a total of 7 couples in the theater, only two played with others, and one couple sat very close to lil slut (one couch away) watching her By that time, the very slender, beautiful and sexy blond bombshell and her guy arrived.  This couple (blond bombshell) were sitting on the same couch as Boudreax and lil slut.  Blond Bombshell started playing with her guy, then Blond Bombshell and lil slut traded partners. Then after each of the lucky partners had gotten blow jobs and a great fucking the two ladies decided to focus all of their attention on each other.  In my opinion there is nothing sexier and hotter than watching two lovely ladies licking each others pussy's, sucking on each others tits, and some deep french kisses.
After all that was over with, I thought it was time for me to lick another pussy, so I asked Blond Bombshell if I could eat her pussy. I told her that lil slut enjoyed my tongue so she said yes and down I went.  Did not take long for her moaning to start and her hand was behind my head holding me in position.  She did not have to worry about me stopping until she wanted me to stop, as I love eating pussy.  The other couple that I was talking about (sitting on the next couch from lil slut and blond bombshell) was still watching the action going on, and I thought well lets see if I can eat three pussies in one night so I asked her if she would like my tongue to please her, she said no but thanked me for asking her. 
A little later this couple was standing very near me and the couch that lil slut and Blond Bombshell were on. When I looked over at them, she was giving her guy a blow job (I think they were a little shy about joining in with the girls and or other guys).  They seemed to enjoy being watched, so maybe next time they will enjoy some other people. 
All of the couples that came in the theater on Saturday night were great looking and very sexy looking.  The last couple to arrive came in shortly before closing and based on the way she was dressed, I think they came to play, but didn't realize how late it was.  They seemed to be a little surprised when the lights flashed telling everyone to zip up and leave.  
I do hope to get back to the Biloxi Theater again...The action is great, the couples in attendance all were sexy looking, and most of the guys were not pushy.  Boudreax commented on the guy who while getting a blow job from lil slut had his cell phone go off, and he actually answered it.  So he sent this guy to the back of the line.  This was also the guy who was receiving a blow job from the confused guy I asked to move early in the night.  He was truly a confused guy.  Boudreax is a real gentleman and lil slut is a very sexy wonderful woman and she lives up to her name.  All  of us guys should be so lucky to have a lady like her.
I flew out on Sunday afternoon to Buffalo, but I did not arrive until 11PM. I had planned to go to Niagara Falls and the Talk of the Town Theater, but I had to drive to Batavia NY and work the next day, so I pointed the car down the turnpike and headed to my hotel.  That would have been 4 theaters in 4 days, but I may be getting too old for that, especially after the Biloxi Theater action.  Talk of the Town is a hit or miss place so I probably did better by getting some sleep. (ed. note: I agree about TOTT. This was once my old stomping ground, and the couples traffic there is not very good right now.  Video Liquidators in Buffalo is a much better option for couples traffic).
Hope this report was not too long, but a lot happened.  Tomorrow I fly to Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't think there are any adult theaters in the area, so it may be a while until my next report.
Bye until then,
Oral Reporter
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter on this outstanding mega-report.  Keep them coming, sir!