Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Special Thank You!

Doc here with a special thank you to Major_Voyeur for watching my back while I was vacationing last week at The Isle of Stugots.  Much appreciated Steve!


Gulf Coast Theater Report from Bob in Biloxi

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Dr.
Biloxi, MS

Doc here with yet another outstanding report from last Saturday night by Bob in Biloxi.  The Gulf Coast Theater has provided some interesting stories in the past...Will it again?

Here's Bob!

Hey Doc.

Last night was by any stretch of the imagination the very best weekend at the Gulf Coast Theater; eight count them 8 couples showed up, and five played!
The one cute lady that really stands out in my mind was a tall slim blonde lady, dressed in a micro mini Catholic girl skirt and a tied up button down blouse, sporting high heels! She came in with her man and took a seat on one of the couches up front and immediately started playing with him. Of course that drew a crowd, she was swarmed by horny guys, some were rejected straight away but others managed to grab her attention. She got her pussy licked, sucked some more cock and finally fucked one guy. She was definitely in charge of her pleasure as the whole theater could hear her moans. This must have set off the other couples; the lady I was sitting close too asked me if she could suck my cock. She was very talented, and soon I got to fuck her!! She was a dark haired lady, wearing a short black mini and white blouse, high heels, nice rack and shaved pussy.
Meanwhile, taking in the rest of the scenes, another woman was on the front couch with her ass in the air taking all hard cocks from behind. Later on that night, two couples came in and the girls played with each other, and then started playing with what was left of the guys that could still breathe!! For a moment I thought I was back at the Paris! A very good weekend for theater play on the coast!
Doc here again...This place reminds me of CTs Theater in Gary, IN.  Small venue, unobtrusive from the outside, and hot inside.  Kind of like a Hot Pocket.
Thanks again Bob!