Friday, April 13, 2012

Flash Report! ontheroad Rolls Into The 15th Ave Adult Theater In The Chicago Burbs

Doc here with another terrific Flash Report from our newest contributor, ontheroad. This time, he visits the 15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa) in the western suburbs of Chicago, and his report is very different and awesome.  You'll see why...

Also, pay attention to the moral of this story.  I have been preaching this one thing over and over again...

Here is ontheroad and his Flash Report.


"Wednesday Night at the 15th Ave Theater"  (or how a young lady restored my faith in the ABS gods.)

The Road has not brought me back to Chicago for almost 4 years. I used to be a regular at 15th Ave. I have had dozens of sexy women there, so I was glad to back after all that time.

15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa)
Melrose Park, IL
First- the changes. The gloryholes are gone. The gyno tables, couches, and sex swing are gone.
It seems that serious play has moved from the theater to the spa area. What hasn't changed- It is still the cleanest and most couple friendly theater that I have been to. The spa area is great to take a shower and sit in the sauna.

I was there from 5-6. The theater and booths were completely empty. I went into the sauna. There was a group of gays going at it. I watched and enjoyed the sauna. It felt great to sweat for a while. The guys invited me to play and were respectful when I declined. Since nothing was going on, I left for dinner and a movie.

I returned around 9 and went back to the sauna. A Mexican BBW was playing with her man, but they didn't invite others over. They finished and I lurked for 2 hours all around the facility. 2 black couples came in, but left after only 3 minuted in the theater. Both women were clearly uncomfortable.

It was after 11 and I was thinking of leaving when I remembered the good Doctor Emilio's advice about patience in 'this thing of ours'. Time spent in an ABS waiting for couples is not time wasted - it is time invested.

So, I went into the parking lot to have a smoke and my fortunes took a sharp turn for the better.
There was a cute-as-a-button little Latina girl IN HER PAJAMAS walking up. A few guys and I started talking to her. She was staying with a relative in the area and she was walking to the drugstore a few blocks up. She wanted to see inside, but the staff wouldn't let her because she didn't have her ID and there is a 21 and up requirement to get in.

We chatted with her for a while. It was surreal because she was SO cute. It is a tribute to the guys who hang at 15th Ave that this shy and embarrassed girl was made to feel comfortable and titillated without feeling pushed. They were all charming. She said that she was going to go home and get her ID. We all rolled our eyes and didn't think she really would. But 10 minutes later she was back with her ID. She had turned 21 only a few days before!!!!

A small group of us took her on a tour. Again, the guys were gentle and before too long she was telling us her sexual fantasies and what she likes.

Another guy and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We hustled her into a booth and sat her down. She was still shy, but she started stroking both of us. The other guy spermed in no time. She said she wanted to see more cocks, so I brought another guy in. She ended up stroking off 5 guys- one after the other. (side note- I had lube in my pocket that very much came in handy. I never leave home without it)

She was clearly into it. By most ABS standards, she was pretty tame. She flashed us a few times, but was not ready for more hardcore play. The fun was bringing this young thing into the world of 15th Ave. She said that next time she will do more. For my part, when she looked at me with her big brown eyes while she stroked me and said in a little voice, "am I doing it right?", I sprayed farther than I have in a long time!

Until next time, I'll be ontheroad.


Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to ontheroad and his second terrific report.  See what happens when you exercise some patience?  You may have a 21 year old wander through your zipper.

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