Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flash Reports! GentleTongue on Theataire X and The Metro

Doc here with a follow-up Flash Report from our good friend, GentleTongue

Here is GT and his review of two different theaters...


Dearest Dr. Lizardo,

To close out a pre-summer week, where the action started hot and heavy and slowed a bit, I would like to provide a little of updates.

On this past "SHIT" day "Sure Happy it's Thursday", I hope to offense taken, I first stopped in to Theater X in Clarksville, IN, just across the river from Louisville.

The parking lot indicated it was or might be a slow time, around 7:00pm.  On one truck was parked in the rear, as was a pickup driven into the bush to hide it from those passing by.  The scene has not changed much, the 2 theaters and peeps are still the same.

Theater 1 features straight movies and theater 2 features gay movies, Sunday through Thursday.  The entry fee is $10.00 for you theater of choice and you will be promptly buzzed in.  This evening only had a few gents in attendance and it was good to see that the theater is ADA compliant, as there was a wheel chair viewer.  The screen is large and very clear.  The typical movie seat set up exists and maybe having couches added might help the theater a bit more.  The Peeps require a $5.00 purchase of tokens as a minimum starting point.  The large number of booths with GH's is still a big draw and very dark.  No noticeable activity was happening there.

After only about an hour I decided to travel across the river and to see what the Metro might have to offer.  This is about a 20 minute ride from Clarksville.

Upon arriving around 8:15pm there was a good sign with the number of cars in the front parking area.  A couple, a Rosanne and hubby type, exited the building.  Disappointing to see that they were leaving.  She had a nice halter type shirt on which held a nice set breasts.  We gave each other a pleasant glance and acknowledgement.  For those not familiar with the Metro, you must ring a bell and be buzzed in and upon entering will be greeted with a large store area, great selection.  Being buzzed in took a bit longer, it appears there was an issue with the peeps area from a wax job gone bad, not to be confused or mis-interpreted as a woman wax job, this was the floor.  Another hopeful sign was the presence of another couple, a Farah Facet type with her man.  Beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous bright yellow top and a Farah figure.  One of Charlie's Angels.

They were reviewing the peep's movie selection but shortly thereafter exited out into the rear parking lot, sad face.  I paid the customary $10 for entry into the theater, filled with vinyl chairs and a couple of couches.  The audio is of good quality and the picture also is good.  There is the Grotto theater in the front of the store, available for the enjoyment of gay movies.  The nice thing here is that you can go between theaters.  The peeps are large rooms with locks on the doors and a number of glory holes in some of them.  Should be nice and comfortable for a couple to share and enjoy.  The staff is down to earth and friendly, much more so than other locations.  The action here, especially on a Friday or Saturday, should be good.  The theater seating is much better for couples or action with ladies.

On this evening I was later for dinner so I went hungry.  I would encourage some other investigative work for a couple of places on Highway 31W, up near Ft Knox, KY.  They both have peeps and theaters and one is located to the south and one just north of Ft Knox.

This report is lacking a bit of meat but the potatoes have been served and should encourage some follow-up visits with more tails or tales to come.

GT - working to re-earn my press credentials


Thank you GT!  Your renewed credentials can be picked up at the front desk.  ;o)