Sunday, August 18, 2013

House Call Report! Charlie Sends One Of His Angels, Farrah, To Meet The Good Doctor @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater

Doc here, a man who would never shoot Marvin in the face, with a House Call report for you, the good readers of The Journal.

On Wednesday of this week, The Good Doctor published the first Charlie's Angels Report.  You can read it HERE.

Details on this report have been obtained by the Journal from an anonymous source.

On the morning of Saturday August 17th, Charlie summoned only one of his angels to a conference call.  That angel was Farrah.

"Good Morning Angel" bellowed from the speaker phone.  The blonde haired Farrah replied "Good Morning Charlie."

The office was empty, with the exception of this fair haired girl.  (Jacklyn was taking a fire rescue course in the upper peninsula, and Kate was last seen in a sweat lodge in northern Utah).

A wiretap documented the following dialog that took place:

Charlie: I trust you are alone, Farrah?
Farrah: Yes Charlie. Jacklyn and Kate are not here.
Charlie: Good.  I have a special assignment for you, Farrah. It involves the character you met on Tuesday.
Farrah: Do you mean...
Charlie: Yes, The Good Doctor. Dr. Emilio Lizardo. You remember him?
Farrah: Why yes, Charlie. I know him very well.
Charlie: Good. That's why you were chosen for this assignment.
Farrah: What do you need me to do, Charlie?
Charlie: I need to you get up close and personal with him. Find out what makes him tick. Why is it him that quarterbacks all the information from adult theaters, and dispenses it free to the world. And most importantly, why does he at times smell like meatballs.
Farrah: Charlie, I am the girl for the job.
Charlie: That is why you are perfect for this assignment, angel. Arrange to meet him this afternoon at 15th Avenue Adult Theater. He will feel at home there, and his defenses may be down.  Good luck angel. CLICK.

It is here where we pick up our report...

The Good Doctor exchanged several text messages with Farrah on Saturday morning. The time was set for our meeting at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago: 2:15pm. Since we last met on Tuesday, there was an instant chemistry between your old friend in the white suit and this vivacious and naughty agent. I could not wait to see her again, and our date was set.

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
The Lizardo 3000 cruised into 15th Avenue's parking lot at the appointed time, and Farrah was already there waiting for him. We greeted each other with a hug and some soft deep kisses.
Damn, this girl can kiss.

We loaded a few items into her "naughty bag" and strode into the theater. There were only a few cars in the lot, and we knew it would be quiet inside (at least initially).  We made a quick stop in the spa to get organized, freshened up (meaning slapping on a quantity of Hai Karate on the Good Doctor), put stuff away in our lockers, and check out who was there before hitting the theater.

Upon entering the theater, there was one couple sitting in the back row, and a few guys scattered through the space. We took our seat in the row just in front of the couple's section, taking the middle seat in the 4 seat row.

In less than two minutes, I had to tell a guy who had jumped up and sat right next to Farrah to not sit there since he was not invited. He complained that "well, this is the open seating area." I had to get a little pricky with this guy and asked him to please take another seat. He complied and walked away, tail between his legs.  This wasn't the start I had hoped for, but I warned Farrah ahead of time that I like to set the rules and enforce them when escorting a lady to the theater.

Theater Entrance
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
With this now behind us, it was time to have some fun. I was rubbing Farrah's breasts through her top (as she was braless this afternoon) while we made out like teenagers. She then stood up and removed her top, being the naughty exhibitionist she is...

Farrah has remarkable boobs folks... She is a small C, with perfect nipples that beg to licked lightly. Farrah then walked in front of The Good Dr., and straddled his legs while she bent down for more deep kissing. Tongues swirling and breathing getting faster, I helped her off with her yoga pants, leaving her wearing a sexy and lacy black thong as the last garment on her. Farrah spun around, leaned over the seats in front of her, and presented her spectacular ass to your narrator.

The Good Doctor's hands we all over her buns, and she lowered herself onto my lap while still facing away, grinding into me (how did she know I love this?). I reached up and gave Farrah something we talked about on Tuesday. I wrapped my hands in and around her hair, and gave it a tug back towards me, in which she gave out a soft, sexy, yet noticeable gasp.  This was a preview of more to come.

What happened next was pretty incredible.

Wearing only her thong, Farrah turned towards The Good Doctor. With a look of lust on her face, she threw her arms on the backs of the seat in front of us, and placed her feet on the arm rests of my seat. With her wet pussy just inches from me, and armed with the knowledge what she likes, I slipped a finger inside the front of her thong. My fingertip glided across her hard clit and slid down her wet pussy. I slid my finger inside her, which was followed by a purring sound from this angel.

It was time to ramp up this party... I began to finger fuck Farrah, slowly at first, then harder. She was grinding her pussy into my hand as well, fucking me right back. The visual from my angle was pretty incredible. Our eyes were locked onto one an other's as this was going down...

Damn, this girl is naughty.

Farrah then slid off the arms of my seat, leaned forward, offering her breasts to me.  Knowing what she likes, I gently sucked and licked her light pink nipples...Getting them wet, then blowing on them, watching them harden. Then sucking them again, warming them... While this was happening, Farrah was rubbing her knee between my legs, causing me to throb even harder than I was before. 

It was time to duck behind the screen door in the theater, to Farrah's favorite place to play. The playroom room contains a single warm colored light, and holds an atmosphere akin to a back room or an alley.  It's naughty, nasty and wrong. But also very cool...

In a flash we were out of our clothes... After giving instructions to the penis gallery that this was a "show only", we began. Farrah leaned over, as just as she did on Tuesday, began to give The Doctor a soft, wet blowjob. I loved watching my cock grow with each stroke she gave, and especially when she took me from her mouth, and slapped her tongue and face with it. In the spirit of sharing, I took my cock from her at this point, and did the same right back to her, slapping her tongue and face with my throbbing cock.

I jumped up on the table, and positioned Farrah on her back.  This was the position we were in when I made her squirt on Tuesday, and it was time for an encore. After suiting up, and guided myself into Farrah, with an audible gasp as I slid inside her. With her sexy and strong legs wrapped around me, it was time to give up my state secrets to this angel.

Words cannot really describe how tight Farrah is in the department. Her pussy enveloped my hard cock as I was driving into her, picking up the pace. This was no lovey dovey love making. This was raw and intense fucking. With Farrah begging me to fuck her harder, I started really pounding her sweet innocent pussy. I held her wrists down, pinning her... Making her mine.

Damn, this girl can fuck.

And then it happened... Farrah's pussy tightened, her breathing stopped for a few seconds, and then "the gush" of her squirting all over my cock.  As she had done on Tuesday, Farrah gave me a drenching of her own. We were now slick with her juices, and that made the sex even more intense. 

I picked up the pace another notch, sweat now pouring off me and onto her. After a couple of minutes of this raw and intense, I flipped Farrah on her side to try a position she had never tried: The Crossbow. Straddling her lower leg, I slipped into her wet pussy at first, drilling her.  I then called an audible... Farrah had confided her love of anal sex to me, and was wanting to eventually try it with me. 

Even though the planets were aligned, and the stage was set, anal sex was not happening today for whatever reason. We will be saving it for next time.

It was time for a lunch break, so Farrah dressed and snuck into the ladies room to freshen up while I was trying to find my shorts. Our original plan was to call it a day at this point, but you know that didn't happen...

Returning back to 15th Avenue after lunch, I escorted Farrah back to her vehicle, and she sat in her drivers seat while checking with someone (I later discovered this was Charlie). Being one of those "all hands" guys, I was lightly stroking her neck and down to her chest. Playing with her nipples at first through her cute green top, and eventually underneath, she was breathing faster. My other hand was buried between her legs...

But the real "tell" was Farrah's eyes... She was getting excited, and wanted more of me. We decided it was time for Round 2, and this time it was going to faster and more intense since Farrah mentioned something about a "conference call". Hmmm...

We walked directly back behind the screen, disrobed, and got to business. Farrah leaned length-wise on the aforementioned sex table, turning towards The Doctor. With her hand wrapped around my waist, she drew me in and into her mouth. This time, I was driving... I grabbed Farrah's head, and started fucking her mouth. It wasn't long before it was time to take Farrah again.

Sliding into Farrah in an incredible experience... She is very tight. As a matter of fact, so tight that you want to tell her all of one's secrets when driving into her. After a few minutes of missionary, it was time for doggie style sexy time. Ms. Farrah has a fantastic ass my friends, and with her on all four's, the view was awesome.  I slid into her, and grabbed her hips while pounding her.  My thumb made it's way down for a little ass play while continuing to fuck her. With my right hand I reach up, wrapped her thick blonde hair in my fist, and pulled her head back towards me. This got more than few comments from our penis gallery audience, and I know Farrah was digging the attention.

At this point, The Good Doctor could stand it no longer. I flipped Farrah back over so I could see her pretty face while feeling her cum all over me again while I came inside my trusty condom. And again, as we reached that point of no return, Farrah gave me the gift that keeps giving...The warm splash of her squirting on me again. I unloaded at just about that same moment, and slid down the front of Farrah in exhaustion. Who knows what I said or told her during this experience, as my head was swimming with endorphins.

Damn this girl is insatiable.

Our time was up as it seems... I needed to get back to The Valley to judge a blueberry pie cook-off, and Farrah had to take that "conference call".

We walked to our respective vehicles, and I kissed Farrah long and softly. She told me to get going, as she getting turned on again and it was late.

With good-byes said, we were off in opposite directions.  An incredible 4 hours together, and it flew right by.  I confided many things to her, but her questions seemed so innocent. I hope she didn't miss her conference call.

Until next time, angel...