Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dr. Lizardo's Journal of Cool Media: Time Management with "Iron Fist"

Doc here, a man who some say will yell out "Time to die" right before biting into a delicious chicken drumstick, with a little change of pace for you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Benjamin Franklin is credited with coining the phrase "Time is money". Time is a precious commodity, and should never be squandered. Thus, The Good Doctor would like to save you some time and money. 

Those of you who know The Good Doctor personally, know he loves himself some comic book-related media.  And possibly my favorite of the recent spate of comic book-related media has been Marvel's run of series on Netflix. Starting with Daredevil Season One, followed up nicely by Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season Two (with The Punisher), and then Luke Cage, these street-level heroes gave us the depth that a 13 episode season can provide. And one I would never have thought I'd see in my lifetime. 

Daredevil's two seasons have been my favorite so far on Netflix. Kevin Smith said on his "Fatman on Batman" broadcast on his Youtube Channel, that this incarnation of Daredevil "cracked the code" on how it should be done on this media platform. They were indeed 13-hour movies, and so damn good. Worth every penny you spend on Netflix every month. 

Following Daredevil (Seasons 1 & 2) in the parade of street level heroes which will lead up to The Defenders team up of all 4 (or more) heroes, each held their own. Jessica Jones was pretty damn good. Luke Cage started great, but in my opinion hobbled across the finish line by time it's last episode aired, but was still highly entertaining.

The 4th and final street-level hero to have their show premier was "Iron Fist", which started streaming 3 weeks ago.  I was really looking forward to see how Marvel and Netflix were able to crack this code on this hero that was a martial arts expert gifted with the iron fist.

Christ almighty, this show is lazy.

And this is where I will save you time, thus saving you money. 

What you just saw was an eight second clip from Season 1 Episode 10 'Black Tiger Steals Heart' that is the only thing I liked out of 13 episodes (this is from episode 10). In footage from 1948 depicting a former iron fist protecting a passage happened upon by Chinese soldiers, you have just now seen the best part of this entire seriesMove along...The show is over. 

By my calculations, I have saved you and your loved ones the equivalent of about 13 hours of quality time you could be spending doing something more constructive. 

I now take you back to your normally scheduled broadcast.