Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Berlin News Agency in NJ and Puts One on the Board

Doc here, a man who some say taught at a summer yoga retreat, specializing in summoning of the elusive succo di signora for it's members, with a Flash Report from regular contributor Anaconda.

Anaconda traveled to the legendary Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ and has filed this report with The Good Doctor.  It's a good one folks...

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

Wanted to drop a line with a report from the Berlin news Agency. I was supposed to have a "date" tonight with a gal from SLS, but she stood me up. GRRRRR. Anyway, I figured since I was in South Jersey I would head over to BNA and see if anything was happening, and maybe I'd get lucky. 

This is about 10PM on a Thursday night, so my expectations were not too high. I get to the Philly/S. Jersey area a lot and always head into BNA and I have not had any luck there which has always shocked me. So, imagine my great surprise when I didn't even have to WAIT for something to happen, I walked right into it!!! 

Couple's Flash Report! International Correspondents Hotwife and Squidly Check In with Major Developments and 3 HOT New Pics

Doc here, a man who some say was once deep undercover in Busan, going by the alias of Derek Puma, a ski instructor with shaky credentials.

It has been a long time since we have heard from Hotwife and Squidly.  You see, they lived and worked in South Korea (at least, until recently), and they would report in on their efforts to find a lifestyle scene in South Korea. 

Imagine The Good Doctor's surprise when he received this terrific report and pics this morning. And ladies and gentlemen, this report is all sorts of awesomeness. This report illustrates the value of taking one's time diving deeper into the lifestyle. And in this case, Hotwife and Squidly are now reaping the benefits of this patience. 

And the pics with this report? Brand new, and our first glimpse of the lovely Hotwife.

Here we go...Enjoy!


Hey Doc, 

Hotwife and Squidly checking in!  A lot's changed since we last contacted you. As you may remember, we used to be your Far East correspondents, reporting on the swingers' club scene in Korea (no adult theaters there, unfortunately). 

Well, since that time, we've now moved to southern Italy. We haven't found any adult theaters (or other swingers for that matter), but we've heard there are some clubs up north in Rome. We'll eventually make it up there and let you know what we find.