Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini's Hot Weathered Wednesday on 8/7 @ The Paris Theatre in Portland (w/PIC)

Doc here, the kaiju Gotham needs, but not right now, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from my good friend Gemini.
Gemini has been on a roll, and last Wednesday at Portlandia's Paris Theatre, she did it again: Turned the Paris on it's ear.
Here is the insatiable Gemini and her latest report...
Hot Weathered Wednesday
As the summer winds down, our sexcursions will become less frequent.  Knowing this, I am cramming in all I can. (No pun intended.) Wednesday was set up to be a great evening of debauchery at the Paris.  We posted the date/time, and emailed a couple guys we knew to let them know we would be there. 

When we arrived, there were a handful of gents in attendance.  We gathered all our necessities from Ray, the owner, and brought them into the Oasis.  I decided to have a quick cigarette before the fun began.  While standing out front, a very familiar guy, R, strode up.  He is a young army man whom I have played with a few times outside of the Paris.  I didn’t think he was coming, but it turns out he and Jordan secretly planned this surprise for me. 

Paris Theatre
Portloand, OR
We quickly headed into the Oasis, spread out the sheet and sat down.  He immediately began to caress my breasts as the other men crowded by the rail to see the show that was beginning.  As R got into my blouse, I reached down to feel him through his jeans.  He was already hard as a rock.  In fact, he is ALWAYS hard as a rock – even after a few rounds.  It’s pretty amazing.  Of course, I am salivating by now and had him stand up so we could remove the obstructive clothing.  I wanted to wrap my breasts around him…. Wrap my lips around him… run my tongue all over him.  The few seconds of waiting for his trousers and shoes to come off were agonizing.  Finally, with him free and his cock standing straight at attention for me, I put my wet mouth over him and began to do my thing.  I wanted to do everything at once. 
I put his cock between my breasts and spit a little to lube them up.  Stroking up and down, both our heads leaned back as we enjoyed the feeling. I went back to sucking him as he sat on the bench in front of me.  I absolutely enjoy exploring all of R with my tongue and today was no exception.  After running it all over his shaft and head, I moved to his balls to fondle, suck and lick them in every way I knew how. 

Back up to sucking his cock now, R asked if he could please go down on me.  With the jeans off but the heels still on, I laid back as he began to lick and finger my already wet and swollen pussy.  It felt so good – like back in the teenage years when guys could not get enough of it.  I closed my eyes and reveled in the bliss.  He took a breather and I could hear a condom wrapper.  “Do you want me to fuck you now?” he asked.  “Yes, of course!”  I answered.  He entered me rock hard with my heels in the air.  He moved my feet to the top of his shoulders and grabbed my ankles as he thrust into me over and over.  He was moving in good rhythm and beads of his sweet sweat started to drip on me.
He stopped for a moment and without a word, moved me so he could take me from behind.  (I love when men position me how they want me.) I was now standing facing the rail, breasts out, bent over to the other bench. R began to pound into me as I let out moans and then screams as the fucking became more and more intense.  My hands found their way to the floor and I was now fully bent over as I began to come. He never broke stride and continued to pound me in this intense work out. 

The Real
With both of us sweating, he fucked me hard as my breast swung freely near the rail.  I wondered how long he could do this with the heat and humidity building so dramatically and just then he stopped for a break.  A quick drink water to hydrate and I was back on my knees jamming as much of his cock as I could down my throat.  I went down to suck on his balls, and he began to stroke himself.  A couple minutes later he shot his load all over my breasts.  My back was still to the rail, so I turned a bit so the choir boys could see.

R was still hard as always and usually we would go another round, but we were both feeling a little heat exhaustion so we could not continue.  We cleaned up and Jordan and I went around the corner to grab a bite to eat and hydrate in an air conditioned building.
When we stepped back into the Paris, the heat was stifling.  It was unfortunate because I actually had the entire evening I could have played and there was an awesome group of men in attendance.  There was one man there that I HAD to have, so I continued in the heat.  I had met “T” twice before, but never had an encounter with him.  The last time we met was at Ms. Fullswing and Candy’s evening at the Paris.  T sat on the stage next to me as we watched the ladies take on all cummers at the Area Table.  The whole theater was alive with debauchery in every corner, but the night was meant for these two legends and I didn’t want to do anything to distract from their enjoyment.  The only thing I did was take out my breasts while T fondled them.  I felt his hardness through the outside of his jeans, and then it was his turn to please Ms. Fullswing.  In addition to him being such a gentleman, this dark young stud was certainly packing the heat and I knew I would have to have a go with him someday. Today was that day.

Jordan, T and I headed for the Annex.  (Dumb me!  I should have gone down to the Arena Table where there is a big fan!  It may have been cooler.  The other men could have enjoyed a closer show and I could have seen their faces better.  I love seeing men’s faces when they are watching me put on a show.)

As I worked to get the jeans off T, I knew he had a very large cock, but had never seen it up close.  I gasped as it sprang out of its coverings. Oh my god!  Not only was it all of 10”, but the girth was dumbfounding.  Other than pornos or toys, I have never seen such a specimen of manhood.  I was excited and a bit nervous all at the same time.  I couldn’t tell if my lightheadedness was the heat or the prospect of this gigantic cock penetrating me.
I started licking the head and tried to work my mouth as far down as I could.  I’ll be damned if I couldn’t fit but just a fraction of that beast in my mouth.  I licked my hands and wrapped BOTH around him and sucked him as best as I could.  With my mouth stretched to capacity, my jaw was tiring quickly so I moved down to his balls.  Then I introduced his large cock to my large breasts, and they had a helluva time together. 

T then had me lie back on the bench and proceeded to work his tongue and fingers on me.  After a few minutes, he asked if I was ready.  Yes, I was.  I asked him if he brought his own condoms. “No, but the ones here will fit me.”  I laughed out loud.  “Are you kidding me?!  Hang on.”  I reached into my bag to pull out the black box.  “Here”, I said, “try this”.  He put it on and I swear it hardly reached halfway down and was threatening to pop off at any second.  But it would have to do.  Jordan handed us a bottle of lube.  No doubt it would be needed.  A few drops and we were ready.
I closed my eyes and tried to relax my muscles as T entered me.  He slowly worked his way in as I could feel the walls of my pussy being stretched. He got deeper and deeper until he got almost all the way in.  But that last inch or so was a bit more than I could take.  I’m sure he was used to doing the slow dance first, building the tempo until a faster pace could take place. Once again, my feet were in the air as the crescendo built and I was screaming.  It hurt so good!  I thought at one point he was going to make my belly button and outie!  I came and he slowed down.  We took a break for some water. We were sweltering hot. 

T then had me position myself doggy style on the bench.  “Slowly” I begged him as he penetrated me from behind.  The crowd watched at the rail as T slid his massive cock in and out of my pussy.  Again, he quickened the pace - stuffing as much cock into my hole as it would allow.  He then turned me onto my back again and began thrusting into me.  The heat was so intense, we were completely drenched in sweat and he had to take momentary pauses so we both didn’t pass out. 

He slid into me again and I took the chance to massage my clit at the same time.  As you probably know, an internal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm are two very different things.  But when you can experience them at the same time it is absolutely mind blowing.  I was not going to miss my chance with this hung man at this experience.  As far as I was concerned, this may be once in a lifetime.  T rode me harder and harder as I worked my clit faster and faster.  My face contorted as the orgasm built and rocketed me into thunderous ecstasy.  With a fury of screams, I exploded into ultimate mind blowing, earth shattering heights. I swear I felt a blood vessel burst in my head.
I tried to quickly catch my breath as T pulled out and I sat up.  He ripped the condom off and I sucked him and licked all my lasting juices off the area the condom hadn’t covered near the base.  He grabbed his cock and started stroking furiously until he exploded all over my breasts, neck and face.  He slumped back into a chair as I turned to show the crowd, massaging the cum into my breasts.

By now the heat was too much to bear.  We cleaned up, drank water and tried to cool off.  I so wish it had been cooler!  There were so many other nice men there!  But I guess it was not to be.
With no other couples or women in the theater, I brought T into the Oasis so we could cool off by the little air conditioner.  I took my pants off and put one leg up on top of the wood box encasing the unit and casually talked with the guys at the rail as they enjoyed the view.  However, one jerk who had apparently been doing some building maintenance at the other corner of the theater decided he was going to shine a very bright flashlight right on me and then sit in the Annex.  A few seconds later, Jordan came in from the lobby and I let him know.  He resolved the issue swiftly. The guy left, and I am sure he will not do that again. I am very fortunate to have such a great “gate-keeper”.

So anyway, even with the heat, I had a very memorable experience.  I will probably forgo the theater until the weather cools off.  Maybe we’ll hit Peeps, Fantasy or the like sometime.  Until then, thanks for letting me be a part of this thing of ours and take care of your selves!
Much love,


P.S.  Buy the way, it was great to meet Eric who is a Dr. Lizardo blog reader and introduced himself to me at the Paris Wednesday night.  Thank you for reading my posts.
Doc here again... Many thanks as always to the awesome Gemini for the great report and new pic.  My heart always skips a beat when a new report of hers hits my in-box.  It's like opening a present of Christmas morning to your old friend in the white suit.
And Eric, glad you enjoy reading The Journal and hope in someway it helped facilitate you meeting the lovely Gemini.