Friday, March 4, 2011

Flash Report: Brent's Theater Tails

Doc here with a Flash Report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours', Brent in Portland.  Things have been really popping in The Rose City as of late, and this tale from last Thursday is a prime example.

So, pop open a Fanta and enjoy Brent's report from last week...


Last Thursday an ad appeared on Craig's List that promised that a beautiful, blindfolded girl was coming to The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon in search of other beautiful couples and a few select men. Also, one of the regulars posted that she would come in for a little fun around 9PM. So I wasn't surprised when I showed up around 7PM, there were already quite a few guys waiting for the action to start.

I was sitting in the middle of the theater when I noticed a flurry of activity on the overhead monitor. The Blindfold Girl was on her way in , along with what looked like a sizable contingent of men coming in along with her. It looked like she was already surrounded. Just about everybody in the theater jumped up and ran towards her as she entered the couples section. Then she was gone. I honestly don't know what transpired, but not since The Space Shuttle Challenger took off, did things change so suddenly and rapidly.

Shortly afterwards two couples showed up at The Paris hoping that BF Girl would be there wanting to play. The two couples sat together with T in the front couples section of the theater. The first couple, Kitty and her man, put on a great show for the second couple. The second couple watched the action, talked with T and relaxed. I thought I knew the second couple but I hesitated to approach them. Then suddenly it clicked and I was 99 per cent sure it was them, but I still didn't approach, because, quite frankly, I was self conscious and besides, I believe that in an adult theater, it's always best that the couple or the woman make the first move.

This is what I wrote about her a few years ago when they visited The Paris:

" I'm not sure who came in first. It seemed like they all came in together. Suddenly, The Paris was alive with beautiful women. They weren't cookie cutter beauties like in Playboy. They were unique beauties , like diamonds. One couple was a nice looking man, G and his woman, J. He looked a little like a well heeled movie actor and she was shyly beautiful . They came in at the same time as "Brawny Scott" and his to beautiful playmates, a striking blond tall and thin with small perfect tits and a hair style reminiscent of the singer from the 80s group, Bow Wow Wow! The other girl was kind of 90210 Shannen Doherty, small and thin with dark hair and soft skin.

J was bright eyed and beautiful like Denise Richards only better The sexual tension between her and the two girls who were with Brawny Scot was electric.

T came in for a little while accompanied by his Russian beauty. They introduced themselves to the other couples in the couples section, got real close to the action that was beginning to ramp up, then politely left for another swinging engagement. . Vodka and Kahlua is a great combination.

G and J (Denise Richards) even left the couples section so they could check out the action in the annex. They watched Bend Over Girl get fucked on the exam table and they watched a pretty young woman get fucked fingered eaten caressed, the whole enchilada,on the floor of the couples' annex.. Earlier while in the couples section, she had her tits out and her legs spread and G was caressing her, getting her more and more excited. The bad boys around the couples section were falling in love, I mean lust ,with her.

Meanwhile she and G and all of the other couples in the couples section were focusing on Brawny Scot and his two playmates. The threesome. The girls were touching each other and kissing each other. They ate each others pussies. They sucked Brawn's dick in unison. He would fuck one while simultaneously eating the pussy of the other one. (Hint go down on your girl press your mouth against her clit and say "simultaneously" over and over again, or just put your lips together and blow) One of the girls would lick the other one while she was getting fucked. They tried all the combinations except the one that involved me., darn it. I think everyone in the theater wanted to join them."

That excerpt was from a story I wrote a couple of years ago. Now G and J were back at The Paris and ready to play again.

Thursday, she was dressed in jeans. She looked beautiful with open , expressive eyes that were alive with curiosity and desire. She looked like a cross between Sally Field and Denise Richards, like I wrote before. When she was naked and spread eagle on the exam table,it was a fantasy-tastic sight. She was writhing to the licks and touches of her lovers. Kitty was eating her pussy upside down. T was getting his cock sucked by her. Later he fucked her. Then he fucked her again. She also got fucked royally by Kitty's man who is so good at fucking, he should be the royal fucker.You know, like the royal taster. For example, his well paid job would be to fuck Kate Middleton to make sure that she's okay for Prince William before the royal wedding.

Kitty's Man fucked J on the exam table so hard and fast, Thursday, that it left her breathless. A few other guys got to enjoy her mouth and pussy , including one Latin Man I call Edward James Olmos, who brought her some water. It looked like she had a great time, naked body tingling like a live wire orgasm around the sun. But soon their theater play was over. Did she her man and T go somewhere else for a more intimate gathering? Just before they left, GM, J's spouse came into the theater and re-introduced himself to me. I appreciated that. I look forward to the next time he and his beautiful wife visit The Paris. All she needs to bring is her smile and her fantasies.

After they left, Kitty took over the annex and before long a mini gang bang/bukakke/naked guy lick it up orgy broke out, controlled and orchestrated by the fun loving, blog writing, big breasted, strap on wielding, up for anything, Kitty. Kitty what is the best paper towel for sopping up jizz? Housewives want to know!

There was another couple in the couples section, Thursday , a young black woman with a pretty almond face and a nice big sexy body. They stayed for quite a while and enjoyed the action and each other in a quiet , subdued manner.

All kinds of couples come to The Paris and all kinds of sexual activity takes place there. The key to a successful theater sex night at The Paris, or any other theater, is that each person finds his or her own comfort level and is able to proceed from there. It didn't happen for the blindfold girl this past Thursday unfortunately, but, in the end, the night turned out great, thanks to Kitty, her FB, T , G Man and his beautiful wife who I will just call "Ready For More."


Doc here again...Keep in mind that this was a Thursday night, and it still was a crazy scene.  Thanks again to my colleague Brent for another classic report.


A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - March 4, 2011

When we last left The Good Doctor, he had just been hit by a golf ball from Old Marine Corps Guy in the side of neck after wandering onto the 4th fairway...

Doc here with this week's installment of AFMWDE.  You know the drill...A lead story, a few adult theater nuggets, and a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.  Let's get started.

The Lead Story
The big news this week from this thing of ours' was The Journal's breaking news of Fantasyland 2 in Tampa, FL (story HERE). When The Good Doctor was in Tampa in November, the original Fantasyland was hopping that weekend.  The other theaters (Thee Love Shack, The Playhouse, and the Adult Cinema on Grady) were not at all.

In February, I published a report from a Journal reporter stating that the Adult Cinema on Grady seemed closed.  Hmm..The plot thickens.  I had not received any reports of the closing, or read any on message boards.  So what was going on here?

What was going on was that Fantasyland took over The Adult Cinema and was turning it into Fantasyland 2.  Fatasyland is only a few blocks away from FL2, so what is the business strategy?  Only time will tell once it opens, and The Journal will be on this story like hair on a goat.  Stay tuned...

The Nuggets
  • Thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  This past week saw The Journal reach 80,000 unique visitors, as well as the 250,000th page view.  Each day when reviewing the visit reports, I'm astounded that there is this much interest in this thing of ours'.  The visit map on the right hand side of The Journal shows all the different countries that have visited since December... Still waiting for Antarctica to check in however.
  • My good friend and colleague, Major Voyeur, has been keeping a close eye on the new and very restrictive Missouri adult business laws that went into effect of the last week.  One outstanding question is the status of Pure Pleasure, an ABS/adult theater complex in St. Louis that was getting quite alot of activity from couples.  When he has word on PP's status, I will get that information out to you, the good readers of The Journal.
  • Speaking of the St. Louis area, there will be a party this evening (March 4) at The Colony Adult Theater and Cocktails, 4500 Washington Blvd. in East St. Louis, IL.  Here is the nitty gritty, courtesy of Major Voyeur:

    Colony Party Posted by: "Suzanne"
    The next party at the Colony will be this Friday March 4th. Sorry I waited till the last minute to post. Prices are $40.00 a single and $60.00 a couple. Couples get $5.00 back when you return the couples only theater key. These prices include all your drinks and snacks from 8:00 p.m. till 3:00 a.m. Hope you can make it.
  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Adult Theater (& Spa) has been gaining momentum week after week with more couples attending, in particular during the week and weekdays.  If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how many couples are making their way to the western burbs of Chicago.  The address is 2125 North 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL.  Keep an eye on my Tweets for the latest from 15th Ave.
  • Brent from Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group has been publishing a few reports from the Brent Archives, and they are doosies. I will repost them when I can, because they are THAT good.  I will have an new one up by tomorrow and you should not miss.
  • I need new adult theater reports from across the country.  Whether you are in Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Warren OH, Buffalo, Tampa, Toledo, Birmingham, Atlanta, or anywhere else, we want to know what is going on in your back yard.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at Thanks!
That's it folks for this week.  I need to put some ice on this welt on my neck from that golf ball.

Have a great and safe weekend.