Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Sam & Dee @ The Green Door in Las Vegas

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report, this time from an on-premises sex club.  In this case, it's The Green Door in Las Vegas, and our reporters are my good friends Sam & Dee.

Let me set the stage here for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Sam is a gorgeous brunette, with long sexy legs, an incredible ass, and a very dirty mind.  Her guy, Dee, is a terrific guy and together they make a great team. The Good Doctor met them for the first time at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and since then I consider them good friends.

During one of our conversations, I recommended that if they ever got to Vegas, that The Green Door was right up their alley. Of the main Vegas on-premises clubs, I like the Green Door best.  And apparently, Sam & Dee did too!

This is a two cans of Fresca report kids... Pop open can #1 and enjoy the ride with Sam & Dee.


Hi Doc,
Sam here... Our recent trip to Las Vegas brought us to the front door of the World Famous Green Door. We were in town for 6 nights and visited The Green Door each of the 6 nights. For the most part, the busiest days were Friday and Saturday, however we ended up having the hottest time on Wednesday.

The club is two floors of different themes rooms, lots of stripper poles and plenty of padded play areas with pillows and the obligatory box of tissues. Many nights we found ourselves watching other couples in the couples areas playing together where the only thing between us and the playing couples were many strands of beaded curtains.
One particular evening we saw a couple playing by themselves in one of the areas. We stood and watched and soon I was rubbing on Dee's cock, which was rock hard at this point, and my pussy was dripping wet. The playing couple we were watching invited us into their room where I immediately fell to my knees and took the other man's and Dee's cock in my mouth, while Dee placed his fingers on the other woman's wet and swollen clit. Before I knew it this other man was close to exploding to I removed his cock from the throat and he came all over my face and tits. I rubbed his cum in and turned to see Dee reaching the point of exploding and he did, cumming all over the other woman's tits.

The Real Sam
We ended up seeing this couple several more nights that we visited The Green Door and played with them each time. They were a great couple from Vancouver who had convinced their families that the reason they travel so much to Vegas was for the gambling, when in fact it was The Green Door that brought them back time and time again.

Another night  we were there, I believe it was Sunday ( all the nights start to run together when you're on a Green Door binge!), we found ourselves just relaxin in a different couples area. This area is almost "fenced in" with area around the outside for single men and women to watch the couples as they play. At the time we were the only couple in the area so we thought "Why not start it off?"  I began giving Dee head, taking his cock all the way down my throat, balls deep. Licking his balls and sucking him must have done a number on him because before I knew it he had me on my back, licking my pussy until I came twice in his mouth.

The Real Sam & Dee
After I gathered my senses again after that exhilaration I sat up and looked around. Four other couples had come into the play area, two of which were watching us and the other two playing together on one of the many beds. And then I saw all the shadowy figures surrounding the fenced in area that had to be single men. I hadn't heard anyone come into the areas in all of our play but it was a huge turn on to know we were being watched by many unknown shadowy figures while I moaned and groaned with pleasure.

The final night we attended the Green Door, Wednesday, we had only been in the club for about 30 minutes when in walked a beautiful, bodacious female and her sexy male counterpart. We later learned their names to be Jessica and Carlos. Dee and I continued to search out a few secluded areas together, me giving head any chance I could. We eventually made it into one of the couple areas where we sat to just relax and watch a threesome that was happening. Soon Carlos and Jessica entered. Dee had spotted her as soon as she had walked in and I knew he wanted to play with her. She was exactly his type and that turned me on to see him so excited.

We began playing with Dee jumping right into licking my pussy. Carlos and Jessica were partaking in their own oral sex. Eventually one thing lead to another and soon Jessica and I were both laying on our backs, out legs facing different directions, our heads right next to each other. Dee was pounding me with Carlos pounding Jessica while she and I played with each other's hard nipples and let our tongues lick each other.

Soon both guys flipped us over and were drilling us doggy style. Jessica and I were now licking each other's nipples and smacking each other's asses. Dee even maneuvered himself so he could join in on the nipple and ass play. Then Carlos flipped Jessica over into her back as she neared orgasam. He began to finger fuck her and soon she squirted all over my hand, which Carlos had placed there when she began cumming. I then turned so I could see Dee and licked her squirt off of my fingers. This drove Dee crazy and be began pounding me with an intensity an passion I hadn't seen from him in a long time.

We continued our fucking near each other hands roaming everywhere and then Carlos blew his load inside Jessica. It was an amazing finale to our week at The Green Door. Since we've returned the stories and experiences we had at in Vegas at the GD continue to keep us sexually charged. 

Sam (& Dee)


Doc hee again... Many thanks goes out to Sam & Dee for this fantastic report.  I am very glad that The Green Door did not disappoint them, as it is a great place to play and highly recommended by The Good Doctor. Keep the reports coming!


A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Report Parameters

Doc here with a Quick Note...

I feel as though I need to remind you, the good readers of The Journal, of the parameters of submitting a report for publication.

Over the last several weeks, I have been getting 1-2 reports per week that do not fit into what we are doing here at The Journal.  Thus, a few guidelines are in order to be discussed to ensure you are not barking up the wrong tree when it comes to adult theater reports.

It's as simple as 1-2-3. Let's get started, shall we?

#1 - Content
The Journal of Adult Theaters is focused on the straight adult theater scene, from either a M/F, single F, or a single male perspective. Please note: I do not publish reports that include gay male, or bi-male activity. There are plenty of blogs and web sites out there that do, however mine isn't one of them.

#2 - Writing a Report
Please write your reports using a computer, a laptop or tablet.  Please do not write your reports on a phone. 

#3 - New reporters must include a Pen Name with their first reports.
Self explanatory.

That's it folks... Follow those simple guidelines, and we will be golden.


A Velvet Skye Flash Report - Tampa - Final Round (w/15 PICS!)

Doc here... We all know Canada's greatest natural resource is none other than the lovely Velvet Skye. In this final round, V and her best guy, Mr. V, have provided another huge gallery of pics to enjoy from their visit to Fantasyland I.

Representing the true north strong and free, her recent trip to Tampa is sure to be remembered by the folks there who encountered Ms. Skye at FLI (and other venues).

That's great news for us, as Velvet has provided a huge gallery of pics for us to enjoy.  Remember to also visit her web site for even more naughty stuff at www.velvetskye.com .


Final Round - Velvet Skye Takes Tampa
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)