Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising the Coast With Bob in Biloxi - 2/12/11

Doc here... When my e-mail alert went off at 9am this morning here in the Lizardo control room, I knew it had to be one thing: Bob in Biloxi's weekend report.  As a result of this report, you will see Biloxi jump into the Top 5 in the Power Rankings.  Consistent action gains you a place in the Top 5, and Biloxi fits the bill to a "T".

Here is Bob's Flash Report:


Morning Doc,

Five couples at the Gulf Coast Theater last night, two were playing. One new couple showed up, but only watched the action. Hey we all have to start some place.

Now on to the two couples that played...The first lady was a petite little blond, full C, maybe D cup tits, a small patch of blonde hair above her pussy. She got undressed on the front couch and was able to get her kitty licked and suck a few cocks. Then it got somewhat crowded for her and her man, they wound up leaving.

Bob in Biloxi

A friend of mine who talked to them in the parking lot came and got me after I left and went down to the ABS (down the street), & he told me they had a hotel room and was looking for a few men. So I followed him over there and met them, and as I entered the door she was in a robe on her knees in the middle of the bed. So we disrobed her and started playing, my friend starting eating her pussy while she fed on my cock. Her man was videotaping the event. After awhile, he mounted her (bagged up of course) lasted about 2 minutes then moved his ass out of the way for me. I was able to stay on the full 10mins and gave her a squirting orgasm so I think she was satisfied by the big smile on her face.

Later on during the night, 6 couples came in and out of the ABS, (not at the same time) one I was able to get next to one in the booth. They are local and somewhat regular. She is about 5’6 reddish brown hair but she was dressed in blue jeans tonight (it was somewhat chilly) but usually she wears a skirt for easy access. Anyway and was able to secure a suck and fuck from her. She is always a delight and very vocal.

Three of the six couples at the ABS were absolutely stunning women, we could hear their guys trying to talk them into a trip to the back, but to no avail. That was like losing the lottery, but sometimes it takes awhile to bring out the inner slut in ladies, so maybe they will come around and better yet come back!

I went back to the theater to check it out, & one couple brought in another lady. This couple is the one that the lady dresses most of the time in a school girl outfit, she’s about a 6ft tall blonde, very long legs, small breasts, highly vocal. They were seated on the front couch with her man, as he got her warmed up the two ladies started kissing and fondling each other.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

The other lady was dark haired and a BBW with nice tits, both ladies had on skirts, no panties!! The blonde started bucking on the couch while being licked, not to be outdone the dark haired girl was getting attention from one of the guys in the peanut gallery, she was moaning like she liked the attention. Some dude tried to stick a cock in her mouth but she refused that. On the other end of the couch the blonde was sucking a dude and finally fucked one guy. This went on until both had had enough and they left.

Meanwhile I proceeded back to the ABS and was rewarded with another awesome sight, this couple came in to the ABS, I first noticed them sitting in their truck in the parking lot. OMG she was model material, long dark hair, killer ass, couldn’t tell too much about the top, but she was absolutely beautiful! Again the man tried to talk her into the booths but she decided not too. If she had, that would have been the holy grail of glory-hole action. They left and went down to the theater, but it was closing (midnight FYI), so I don’t know what happened after that. I was beat and headed home. 

I don’t think even the warm summer nights on the coast bring out this many couples, & my brain is somewhat scrambled right now to remember, so I guess I will have to wait and see this year. But it’s been great so far.


Doc here again... Bob's Cal Ripkin-like streak of finding fun in Biloxi continues.  Since the beginning of the year, every weekend had yielded some sort of debauchery that Bob has taken full advantage of.  Kudos to you, sir.

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