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Well, That Was Fun...

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Flash Report: "Riding The Waves with JaxBchBum" - Tampa

Doc here with a Flash Report from one of our most senior writers here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, JaxBchBum.  Searching every nook and cranny in the Southeast USA for nuggets on this thing of ours', Jax never fails to deliver.

Case in point: Jax travels to Tampa in search of a story, and finds one off the normal beaten track (away from Drew Park).  This is where our story picks up...



Glad to hear you have survived the blizzard as well as the website meltdown and sanity, peace and love is being restored to the planet.  I made a trip over to Tampa last week and wanted to provide a report.

After my meetings on Friday, I planned a visit to my favorite adult theatre in Tampa, the Adult Video Center on N. Grady Avenue.  Over the years I have come to enjoy the AVC as the theatre is clean, great video projection and a dedicated couples section on the back right side of the spacious theatre that keeps the "herds" from scaring away couples. 

Adult Video Center on Grady,
Tampa, FL

As I am driving through the Drew Park area up N. Grady from ML King Drive (noticed they changed the name of the Yankee's ballpark from Legends Field to George Steinbreiner Field - a nice touch) I see a number of police cars in the area with cars pulled over.  Ooops, major crackdown in the area I wonder??  Undaunted, I proceed up the street carefully coming to full stops at all the stop signs and pull up to the AVC. 

What is wrong with this picture?  Sign is lit up, but no cars in the parking lot.  Park and go up to the door and they are locked with no signage other than operating hours which indicate they are to be open.  Vice raid and they got shut down I wonder?  As I later found out, they had been closed as they are doing a remodeling and are schedule to reopen week of 2/7 (just in time for Valentine's Day I guess).  Hope that the remodeling will not mess up their great theatre set-up, so will have to try to get back over soon for an update.

Well, time for Plan B.  Figuring that the heat might be on in Drew Park with all the cop cars out, I decided to head to south Tampa down by the port and check out some of the theatres down there which I had not visited in quite some time. 

Passed on Tres Equis located on Brandon Highway (Rt 60) as when I visited there last year, the theatre was trashy, smelled horrible and on the weekends they only allow couples back in the private viewing rooms.  Decided to try out the Adult Movies place on South 50th Street (US 41) down by the Port for the first time.  Noticed there were about 6 cars in the parking lot.  Paid my $10 admission fee.  Quite an usual setup.  As you enter the hallway off the main store, you are forced to turn left or right.  Sign says to the right is Theatres 3 & 4 showing gay and CD/Transvestite movies and to the left is Theatres 1 & 2 showing m/f movies. 


So believing that "left is right" I head to the straight side and opened the door.  Walked around a little wall and there is a large, wide (50') but not deep (30') room with two rear projection large screen TVs.  Along the back wall are three couches each one seating two people comfortably or three close friends.  In front of this row, there are two 2-person couches, each one directly in front of one of the TVs.  Video quality on Theatre 1 is good, but Theatre 2 screen is a bit fuzzy and colors are fading out.  After my eyes adjusted to the lighting, it looks like at one time the configuration had been separate rooms but the separating wall had been torn down to accommodate more people.  Anyway, know this isn't Architectural Digest and you want me to get on to the more enlightening parts of the report.

First couch is occupied by 2 guys sitting at opposite ends and that is it.  So I sit on the far end of the middle couch and settle myself in for what I hope will be an entertaining evening.  After a few minutes, out of the corner of my eye I see the two guys have their cocks out and they are stroking.  Good, I think, don't have to worry about those guys being cops.  After about 15 minutes, I hear the door opening, the 2 guys quickly stuff their stuff and a middle-aged Hispanic couple comes into the theatre.  They stand there for a minute surveying the scene and then decide to walk past us and sit on the far couch (next to mine).  She is wearing a red blouse buttoned up the front with what looked like an ample set of breasts pushing out the front and a dark pleated skirt above her knees.  Her hair is tightly wrapped up and looks very classy.  She's no J-Lo, but looks attractive and has a great smile that shouted "fun".  He is an average looking guy, a bit on the stocky and rugged side, dressed in black jeans and black shirt.

After a little bit, the guys on my left apparently feel comfortable with the new visitors and resume their stroking activities.  The couple is sitting where she is closest to me and he is on her far side with his arm around her left shoulder.  Due to the tall arms on the sofa, I can't see where their hands are.  A bit more time passes and I notice that he is beginning to rub her left shoulder and his hand is working his way down towards her breasts. 

Taking a bit of a risk, I begin to rub my cock through my shorts and move a bit forward on the couch so they will notice.  I see him look over towards me and whisper something in her ear.  She turns her head towards me and I see that impish smile and I smile back.  Soon, his hand is gently caressing her left breast through her blouse and she leans into him a bit harder.  One of the guys on the other couch notices the activity and gets up and sits on the couch in front of them, but sits sideways so he can not only see the other screen but can see the couple out of the corner of their eye.  When he started to move I could see the couple stiffen a little and the guy's hand went back to the top of her shoulder.  Damn, I thought, he has invaded their comfort zone and all is history. 

Fortunately the guy showed some initial restraint and didn't turn and stare at them but made a convincing attempt to be watching both movies as the guy's hand soon returned to his ladies breast.  After a few minutes, the lady reaches up and unbuttons the front of her blouse and exposes a red lacy half-bra.  Even in the dim light, I can see her nipples pointing out and screaming suck me please.  The caressing continues for a bit more and then she leans forward so he can reach under the back of her blouse and unhook the bra.  She then removes her bra puts it in her purse and settles back down with the light from the screen showcasing her D sized breasts with 1" nipples.  He starts by fondling her breasts always working down to squeezing her nipples between his fingers, a move she obviously enjoyed as a low moan would escape her lips from time to time.

He bends over so he can suck them and then I see that all this time she had her hand on his exposed cock and had been stroking it.  By this time, all pretension of watching the movie is gone.  The guy seated in front of them is watching and I have turned sideways to watch as well (the other guy had left).  The guys alternates sucking his lady's tits ending up with a loud sound when his lips break the suction from her nipple. 

In the meantime, guess the single guy in front had an orgasm as he got up and left.  The tit sucking is evidently driving the lady wild as her hands go down to her skirt and then disappear underneath.  The guy looks at me, smiles and I use hand motions to make sure it is OK to take the other guys place on the couch in front and he nods.  So I get up and go over to the couch with my cock at full attention sticking out through the zipper on my shorts.  I sit sideways and watch them getting more and more excited.  He lifts up her skirt and her fingers are feverishly rubbing her clit and pussy which is smooth with the exception of a trimmed small triangular arrow (pointed downward).  She spreads her legs and her fingers are soon replaced by his as he continues to suck her tits.  She is in a state of bliss with her head tossed backwards and her eyes closed and i just continue to pray that nobody comes in and spoils this activity.

The guy sees I am straining for a better look and motions me to come closer.  I get up and walk back standing slightly to the front and side of her.  I ask if it is OK to touch her breasts and they both say yes, so I begin to explore with one hand while stroking my cock with my other.  Having seen his technique earlier, I pay special attention to her erect and swollen nipples and my actions are rewarded with more moans.  Soon her hand comes up to replace my hand and begins stroking my cock.  WOW!!  Have I ever missed the adult theatre scene in Tampa.  He gets down on his knees in front of her and begins eating her pussy so she starts working my cock with both hands, alternating between fast strokes and slow pressure intense strokes.  She is pulling me closer so I quickly reach in my pocket and put on a non-lubricated wrapper and she starts sucking my cock.  And what a great cocksucker she was.  Her mouth was so warm and she would work her tongue on my head and under my shaft as I moved in and out.

Soon, hubby stands up, she sits up on the edge of the couch and begins sucking and stroking both of us.  This goes on for a few minutes and then we hear the door open so we all quickly sit on the couch.  The guy comes it, stands by the edge of the wall for a minute and then leaves.  Hubby and I stand up and she resumes stroking and sucking each of us.  I want to fuck her so bad and I am getting close so I ask (OK beg) "Can I fuck you?"  Hubby pulls her up and he leans up against the back of the couch in front and pulls her head down to resume sucking him.  I lower my shorts and come up behind her and entered her doggy style and start thrusting away.  She had a nice tight pussy that was quite wet and as I pushed forward, she would thrust backwards so my balls would be slapping up against her.  I reached around and began playing with her nipples and that made her thrusts even more intense.  Soon I hear Hubby tell her to suck harder and faster as he is about to cum.  Action intensifies and soon I can tell he is exploding in her mouth as she stops for a second while she swallows him.  Then she starts bucking again and I explode inside of her.  Hot damn!!!

After cleaning up a little bit we all redress, sit down and catch our breath.  Their names were Rosa and Luis and they live over towards Brandon area.  They said they come here or the theatre down the street a couple of times a month.  I thanked them for the great time and they soon departed.  I was hoping for an encore, but it was not to be; but still left a satisfied customer! 

Thank you Rosa and Luis for a great evening.


Doc here again... While the Drew Park adult theaters in Tampa are the most recognizable (Fantasyland, The Playhouse, Thee Love Shack, AVC), it is refreshing to read about the South Tampa establishments.  On the Good Doctor's next trip to Tampa, this may be well worth checking out.

Thanks to JaxBchBum for his usual outstanding work.

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