Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Saturday Night Fever in Portland and Chicago

Doc here, live from Portland, Oregon. I hope everyone's Saturday was a lot of fun...Mine has been pretty f-ing fantastic so far.

Fantastic how? one might ask.

This morning and continuing into the early afternoon, The Good Doctor had a fun and extensive photo shoot with the legendary Hawaiian Eyeful (with pics from this shoot published exclusively soon here at The Journal).  We got some incredible images today, and they will be worth the wait while they are edited and Photoshopped prior to publishing.

Picture this... Hawaiian Eyeful, wearing nothing a black see-through body stocking, a trench coat, and bright red fuck me heels, posing on the ladder of the hotel leading up to the roof. 

Or this... Flashing inside the public elevator of the hotel...

Or this... Hawaiian Eyeful's flawless body silhouetted against a translucent screen in The Good Doctor's suite, every curve shown almost like a ghostly apparition. 

Many, many thanks to Hawaiin Eyeful & her great hubby S for helping make this shoot one for the ages. 

So kids, my last night in Portland for 2014 is kicking off with a bump in the road, but I just fixed the tire and reset the GPS. 

FYI... If you follow me on Twitter, you got a live glimpse of the shoot this morning. You can still check it out @Lizardojournal on Twitter. 

Talk to you next from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.