Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Darkangel Digest: 3 NEW Gloryhole Videos from Darkangel

Doc here with an update from Darkangel (and her hubby, Mike), along with 3 short gloryhole videos starring Darkangel herself!

Here is the update:


Hello Good Doctor ,

Mike here writing to let you know Darkangel has been delayed in writing her story from Las Vegas as she has been occupied with an illness in the family and has been out of town. She asked me to try to provide you with something that would help fill the void.

I found a video that we made back when Love Stuff, 105 Floyd Rd, Cordele, GA had their theater open. Unfortunately in this day and age, people and our governing bodies believe they have a right to control every aspect of our lives with what they believe is best for us as consenting adults. Thus LE raided Love Stuff and now the theater is closed.

When is our government going to learn that we the people have a right to do as we wish inside an establishment where adults of age and consent are only admitted and never in public view? Where those that wish to play and or watch can and those that don't STAY THE HELL OUT. Sorry Doc for the soap box but it is disturbing to see freedoms taken away by an ever controlling government of the self-deemed righteous who are irresponsible with OUR tax dollars and push their views down our throats.

Now speaking of throats, her is my sexy Darkangel with a hard cock from the gloryhole down hers.


The Videos:


Thanks Darkangel and Mike for the update and the videos!  We are standing by for the Vegas report, and your findings from Sin City.

The Good Doctor is still in dire need of reports, pics, and videos.  Why?  The viewership of The Journal has taken off, and the demand for content continues to rise.  This is your opportunity to present yourself and your reports to the tens of thousands of readers who each month visit The Journal. Just e-mail your favorite resort waiter at, and I will do the rest. 


Flash Report: The Strand Theater in Kansas City by professor 7x6

Doc here with a brand new reporter here at the Journal, covering the Kansas City adult theater scene: professor 7x6.  His first report is an excellent accounting of a productive afternoon at the old Strand Theater in Kansas City.

Here is Professor 7x6 (where's Maryann?) and his report...


The Good Doctor has expressed interest in another contribution from  a potential new reporter.  I should qualify my reports by the fact  that I am a stealthy participant in this thing of ours, and seek the non-vanilla adventures not available at home.  If a vagina isn't available, I will cross over the gender divide for other experiences.  No chance of me changing sides, but once the wood is standing up, might as well use it.  I am self titled as professor7x6, which indicates my length and girth, if not my intellect.  Funny how we all come up with honorarium titles.

The Strand Theater
Kansas City, MO
The Strand Theater (3544 Troost Avenue) in Kansas City, MO is an old school relic with a stage and a balcony.  In the past, it could of reek of piss and worse, but was cleaned up a few months ago at least in the olfactory department. The competition in KC is Bazooka's (1717 Main St., Kansas City, MO), which is a strip club with an arcade and two mini-theaters upstairs.  They are owned by the same company, and mostly draw the same clients.  Bazooka's is somewhat cleaner and in a safer downtown neighborhood, and attracts the milder crowd for couples.

The KC scene is nothing like Melrose, CT's, or our other hot locations.  Now and then there are still busts, because there is no other crime in KC I guess.  

I was free to find adventure on Friday afternoon, hoping to catch  some noon crowds.  After 2 round trips between venues, my last attempt was at the Strand at about 3:30pm.  This was when a 30ish couple came in the lobby. 
Kansas City, MO

To borrow from Brent (I've read too many of Brent's reports here, LOL) we'll call her Sissy Spacek,    and he was closer to Bruce Willis.  She was short, petite, and cute.  They went in the downstairs main theater and were loud and somewhat argumentative.  They went right down front to the stage and  the attendant came in and told them they couldn't use the stage today because of too many people.  This attendant is a 50's gay guy that likes to get in on the man action when a hot stud comes in and he just tolerates the heteros.

I tried to get the skinny from him and he wouldn't say what they do, just that they were drunk.  I was out of time and would not wait if they were the typical KC couple that sits stone faced for an hour    while they build their courage.  I took a seat across the aisle, and Bruce was already working inside her clothes.  Some giggling, some arguing, some pouting, then some giggling.  I hadn't decided whether to try to play and then she mooned me with her pajama bottoms pulled down. 

Her butt was very sexy, and I took the seat next to them.  He kept playing and working on disrobing her and I asked if I could join. It was no, maybe, yes, no, and so on and I kept hands off the    merchandise.  Her pants were off for a vigorous finger banging and I asked if I could lick her pussy.  I was already topless and had my hard dick out stroking so it seemed like a polite thing to do.

Permission was granted and I dove in.  There was a slight urine    taste/smell which I just dispatch with extra saliva.  I proceeded to    dine for about ten minutes - which is a LONG time.  She squealed and    they both commented and flattered my skill.  I love to use fingers and work the taint ant the clit.  I'm not big on deep finger banging and fisting but of course it isn't about my preferences.  Whenever a    female tells me how good I am down there I just tell them I'm just following directions.  The spasms, contractions and tensions tell you where to lick next.

Her pussy was clean shaved and almost in a prolapse state.  I love having all that wet red rosebud inviting you in.  I had asked about fucking a couple of times, and she said "not you", then 5 seconds    later would be spread again. I had a condom peeled and ready, but after the third time I came up for air, I just eased up to position and thumped it a couple of times and slid it in. 

You all can make your own judgments, but this was a very healthy looking pussy and I really wanted to feel it skin on skin.  They were indifferent about my offer of a condom and it wasn't just the    alcohol impairment so I justified it.  And baby, did she justify it...

We fucked and tried to raise an audience and maybe some more assistance, but the few gay guys ran away in fear and the straight guys were kind of intimidated.  I love fucking like a porn star and me and Bruce kept up a dialog of who was fucking whose brains out, and so on.  I have a hard lean body and like to show the contrast of my 7" thick dick being pulled horizontally.

Sissy had nice little boobs, a little roll around the middle but beautiful hips, ass and legs.  A couple of times she decided to out-fuck me and rode me like a rented mule.  I edged as much as I could and had to sneak out of her wetness at one point to keep from busting completely.  I would not have cock blocked if there was anyone waiting, but since there wasn't, I took that velvety pussy as long as I could.  We flipped over for some doggy style, and then she turned cold again.  I didn't want to nut in her because they hadn't requested it, so I offered to finish off wanking on her tits or wherever. 

Two mood changes later, she was helping me wank and encouraging me on.  When I finished, I sat and chatted a minute, offered to get a soda, and rejoined them.  Since nobody else was joining, Bruce asked me if I wanted to fist Sissy, but I begged off saying I had to go home.  They were disappointed to lose their new best friend, but before I left he showed me how much she likes it and worked several fingers into her.  She squirted all over as he worked it, for the so-called female ejaculation. 

Anyway, field reports will be infrequent from me, and hopefully briefer.  Thanks to The Good Doctor for the forum.



Thanks again to professor 7x6 for a great first report for The Journal.  And keep the reports just as they are, sir.  The more information, the better for the editor and the better for the reader.  We are looking forward to your next report, and the latest from the KC scene.

Do you have an adult theater report, just like professor 7x6 had?  Just e-mail Hank Stram The Good Doctor at, and I will edit, format, and drop in a photo or two.  You get the byline and the glory.


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 9/24/11

Doc here... I am late on getting Bob's report up, so forgive me sir!  I hate it when my practice gets in the way of the internet's #1 adult theater blog run by a Sicilian.

Without further delay, here is Bob and his weekly report...


Hi Doc,

This weekend started great on Friday evening, a couple that are friends with me dropped by my home. The lady of the pair is 5’4 blonde, 34yrs old and 36Ds with a killer ass took her time both draining me and using my Sybian!
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Saturday I took the trip to our beautiful Gulf Coast, when I arrived at the Gulf Coast Theater there were no couples and the clerk informed me none had been in all day. I headed down to the ABS, same story there. About 8:45 a couple showed at the ABS, but they took a booth by themselves, that’s the second time I’ve seen this dude, but with a different woman? And he did the same thing, something is up with that?  

Meanwhile, down at the theater, two couples arrived, I checked in, so not my idea of playmates. So back to my perch, while sitting in the new HD listening to the ball game two couples pulled up. Both very striking, one redhead the other brunette, the redhead had on a black dress with platforms, the brunette had see through white pants!, both ladies were primo excel lento! But alias, they were toy shopping and or meeting each other, and soon they left. By the way, the holes at the ABS have not been converted to user friendly status yet, I will keep you posted.

Bob in Biloxi
Another couple arrived at the theater, she had on pants, but she was cute, around 40, they just watched the movie for awhile until a TV on the back row was breaking his neck trying to get to a dick and fell over a row of seats. That spooked them and they left. But I think the TV got the dick he was looking for, as I exited I saw he was on his knees.

A little later down at the ABS the same couple pulled in the lot, they were followed by another car, driven by a guy I call the “Google eyed” dude, he’s young and can’t be still, he always hovers over a couple and/or tries to push things too fast. They saw him and selected “R” on the vehicle transmission and left. He’s one of the “pain-in-the-ass” people that shows up from time to time, seems to have a lot of nervous energy and just tends to give off an uneasy vibe. He’s somewhat on the goofy side as well.
Bob's New Ride

LSU did beat WVU 47-21, so I guess some good came out of the night on the Coast. I was pleased to see at least some couples migrating out and about, the number needs to pick up and it will as the weather changes some more. Last winter was the bomb if you recall and it’s getting here day by day.

Still not shit on TV Saturday’s nights, come to think about it, there’s not shit on TV any night? But there’s always “this thing of ours”, thumbs up to a long life!


Doc here again... Not every Saturday night can be a home run at an adult theater.  Sometimes it is a rain-out, sometimes it is a weak dribbler down the left field line, but there are times it is a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th.  You just never know.

And is probably why we keep coming back.

Thanks again Bob for another great report!


Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Catch Up Mode

Doc here... I have been tied up with NLPs (Non-Lizardo Projects) since Monday, thus I have many reports to catch up on.  Well, today is that day.

Keep checking back throughout today and tomorrow for some great stuff that is in the pipeline.  To the awesome reporters that have submitted reports, your efforts will be up shortly.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, here is a video you might find entertaining...