Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing JaxBchBum, The Good Dr.'s Newest Field Reporter - Florida and the Southeast Overview

Buford Twin Highway Theater
Doraville, GA
Circa 2006

The good Doctor here... Introducing our newest field reporter, JaxBchBum, with a terrific overview of the past and present adult theaters in Gainesville, FL, Atlanta/Doraville, GA, along with a eye-opening report on an event at The Lido in Dallas.

Take it away JaxBchBum...

Just discovered your website and have enjoyed your theatre posts / reports. As I travel frequently, I have seen the gradual demise of the adult theatres across this great country of ours. It is reassuring to see that some of the oldies but goodies are still in business as well as some new ones popping up from time to time. We used to have 2 good theatres in Atlanta GA area. Tragically, the Belvedere in Decatur closed after the female owner was accosted one evening in the parking lot by a robber trying to steal the night's receipts and when her adult son who was inside closing up saw what was happening ran out to help her, the robber shot and killed her son. The Buford Highway Twin which had become a couple's haven also shut down earlier this year. There are reports that a new owner is trying to reopen but having considerable problems with DeKalb County officials getting a permit.

I wanted to put you onto the Pure Pleasures Megacenter located east of Gainesville FL. Complex contains a DVD rental area, usual adult novelties, a small theatre and an arcade. Theatre is located at the intersection of FL 26 and US 301, about 8 miles east of downtown Gainesville FL. Complete address is 6810 NE US Highway 301, Hawthorne FL 32640 Phone number is 352-468-2746.

Theatre is $20 for single guys to get in and free for m/f couples. High admission price serves to keep out all but the serious players as the theatre can only seat about 30 people. Last two rows are 2-person couches, two couches across. Just put couches in again after earlier replacing them with chairs; but due to customer complaints was able to get some form of couches back in. The front two rows are standard meeting room type chairs. Most couple activity takes place on Saturday evenings, but like most any adult theatre, action can happen almost any time. I have been there on weekend nights when no couples came in to play; although some would look in out of curiosity and leave in a couple of minutes. Have been there other times when as many as 5 couples were in there and the place was rocking. Management is extremely couple friendly and in the 4 years they have been open, have never had any police action. Guys are generally well behaved and only pet peeve is that sometimes the guys that are cruising for other guys will come in and out so often it completely destroys the hot atmosphere that a couple might be developing. Once entering the theatre, there is a short walk past a partition to see into the theatre, so a little bit of privacy and warning time.

Complex also has an arcade of about a dozen booths, but understand there is a g/hole only between two of the booths. Have never seen any couples in there, but I am normally in the theatre waiting for a couple to come in and play.

So sad to hear about the enforcement action being taken over in Tampa. Used to get over there on business quite frequently and the Adult Video Center on N. Grady Ave. was the best place. Immaculate theatre with designated couples only area, but area could usually be viewed from other areas. On a weekend night, and even on a weekday night during the summer, would generally have numerous couples come in with about half putting on a good show and another 10% wanting some audience participation.

I was in the Lido Theatre in Dallas once when Vice officer made his appearance. Was in the upstairs theatre and there was a m/f couple where she was jacking him off and he had her shirt unbuttoned and was playing with her tits. A Hispanic guy was seated two seats down from the lady and was stroking. Tall, lean guy walks up pulls out a badge and hauls off the Hispanic guy and does nothing to the couple. New Fine Art, back when it was the original theatre with the stadium seating, was one of my first adult theatre voyeur experiences and hated to see it go.

Hope this informaiton is helpful and look forward to other reports.

JaxBchBum, very nice job on your first submission to The Journal.  Speaking for the group, we are looking forward to your next report.

Thank you,