Monday, November 22, 2010

Flash Report: Mixed Results @ The Gulf Coast Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a Flash report from regular and prolific field reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob and I both happened to be at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR on Halloween weekend, and witnessed the poor behavior of some of the patrons there that weekend.

Did Bob's luck change? He's sounds a little cranky...  Let's find out...
Hi Doc,
Bob here with the Flash report from the Gulf Coast Adult Theater this past weekend.  Somewhat slow by your recent adventures, but any night the women show up is a great night in my book.

Started off early, (7pm) with a slim blonde lady playing with her husband. One of the regular chatty black guys sat down next to them and started talking to them. She seemed uninterested at first, then he pulled his cock out and she got really uninterested and they left. Sound familiar?
Later on that night one small BBW came in with her husband, they sat and enjoyed the show for awhile, when another regular went and sat down beside them. His approach was a little different, as he seemed to just say hello and complement her on the dress she was wearing. After a about a half hour, her husband unleashed what could be the most perfect size G tits on this planet at least! While she was average in looks, her tits were perfect and had the nipples to match those huge orbs.  She spread her legs and was finger fucked by her husband for a while, when two young Hispanic dudes came between the two rows of seats they were occupying, yep you guessed it. That shut down the show.

WTF is wrong with these assholes?? No fucking sense, no fucking class and don’t speak the fucking language??? Believe me, after the couple left, these two were escorted to the door. Fucking dipshits!

Later on that night, the chick that dresses in the Catholic school girl outfit came in, her skirt doesn’t even cover the bottom part of her ass!!!! White button down blouse, half tied around her midriff, no bra, high fuck me heels rounded out her ensemble!  She curled up on the couch with her old man for a while, then some more Hispanic guys (different from the other assholes) came in and started talking loudly in Spanish. 

One left and went to the back couch and starting blowing some other guy, all the while his buddy was standing close to the couple shouting something to him in Spanish.  So that little gay parade killed it for them, and she will usually fuck the whole theater if her master tells her too. Again WTF!!!
So I went down the street to the ABS, it in itself is turning into a gay social club, what with all the happy fellows conversing about the latest fashion, who’s who and whatever the fuck else they can find to chat about.  (Reminds of the guys at the Paris talking about fucking basketball while a couple was in the Oasis)  Annoying at best, but at least they weren’t in their normal cock-blocking -mode, and in the first booth was a couple.  I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a guy with the door open, just looking in the hole! WTF!  When he saw me come up to the booth, she/he scrammed and I was able to secure the adjoining booth. And yes, she was talented and got covered with Bob’s baby batter. Thank you madam!

In closing, I know the readers of your column are not guilty of the sins of bad etiquette, dumb ass behavior and probably speak English, nor do they act like they are right out of the hood, so my rant will fall on the wrong ears and probably be viewed as racist. If so, that is not my intent, but merely part of the report.  So in the immortal words of John Wayne, “Life’s tough, it’s a lot tougher if you’re stupid!"

Or whoever the fuck said it !!
Guess we have our answer... The epidemic of bad adult theater behavior is not limited to Portland and Dallas.  I read a report from Buffalo that was almost identical to Bob's experience last weekend.

What can we do?  I published a Guide to Adult Theater Etiquette on Sunday.  Maybe posting it inside the theaters (which has been proposed by other readers) might help.  In my opinion, better policing of the theaters by the staff might help. 

In the meantime, let's keep our fingers crossed that this problematic issue eventually goes away.


Kneelin With Nancy: Chapter 2 - "Break Out The Ruler", Plus New HOT Pics!

We all have a lot to be thankful this Thanksgiving week.  Most of all, I am thankful for Gloryhole Nancy.

Doc here with Chapter 2 of Kneelin' With Nancy.  In this chapter, Nancy runs across a monster of a member poking through a gloryhole in Toledo.  What happens next? 

Note: Remember to click on the pics to enlarge and enhance your viewing experience!

Here's is Nancy and T's account...Enjoy!
Nancy was feeling extremely horny Friday night, probably because I intentionally did not fuck her all day as I know that makes her VERY horny...and when she's aroused watch out, she'll suck your cock right off! 

We show up at Adult Pleasures to a small crowd of guys in the booth area, pretty slow for a Friday night.  We are in a booth for no longer than 5 seconds before we hear that familiar sound of scurrying feet and booth doors opening and shutting as the guys made a mad dash for that booth next to ours.  The lucky guy has his cock through the hole so fast Nancy hadn't even had a chance to kneel yet, so we couldn't help but laugh (we hope he didn't think we were laughing at his cock.)  She got down on her knees and devoured him with one stroke, her lips were touching the wall she had him so deep.  She then began to deliver one of her cum draining blowjobs, where she goes from the tip down to the base of your cock in long, deliberate sucks, humming the whole time so your cock vibrates.  Needless to say, he only lasted about one minute before he groaned that he was cumming and covered her tits with a nice load.  Nancy made a joke about me not even having enough time to get the camera out, he came so fast LOL.

  So I got the camera out only to discover it was not charged, which we regret because the next cock that came through the hole she absolutely devoured because it was a fucking giant one.  After the first guy left the booth, there was again a mad scramble to get in there and the lucky guy that got it made Nancy giggle at first. She was looking through the hole and told me he was a young nerdy looking guy, she said he probably wouldn't last as long as the first one did.  After she sticks her fingers through the hole and asks him if he wants his cock sucked, she turned to look at me and began to say something about him probably being too shy but then stopped silent: Through the hole slid the longest and fattest cock she's ever seen, hands down.  Her eyes were popping out of her head and her mouth was hanging wide open as it kept coming through, when it finally stopped it was hanging down the wall, completely soft yet already about 7 inches long and thick as hell.

  Nancy IMMEDIATELY goes to her purse to grab her ruler ( I told you she's a size queen, didn't I?) and is about to measure it when he starts to slide his balls through too.  It took him about a minute, as each one was bigger than a golf ball, almost raquet ball size...when he finally got it through all the way she began to lick it all over as it grew instantly into a fucking monstercock, she was licking it like a lollipop and fluffing it to get it completely rock solid. She layed the ruler on it and whipers "oh my god, it's eleven and a half fuckin inches" then began to suck like her life depended on it. She could only get about 3 inches down, and even that looked difficult!  She power sucked the head, slurping and slobbering on it, popping her mouth off it making loud noises...she was totally enjoying this one. She had both hands pumping the shaft, her fingers not even close to fitting around his cock, and she could've even fit a third hand on it easily.

  I told her to titfuck him and she told me no way, this cock was staying in her mouth! After about 15 minutes of her totally milking it, his cock finally erupted and absolutely drenched both of her tits with his cum. She slapped her tits all over with it, and then held it along her head to show me how big it was (it was long as her whole face from chin to past her forehead!) only then to call me a dumb-ass for not charging the camera LOL.  She could not believe she finally got one that big, and was even more amazed when he had to wait to go completely limp before he could pull it back through as his cock and balls were to big to pull out unless he was totally soft. It didn't help him that she kept licking and kissing it, so she finally had to stop. 

After that cock, she was done for the night as her mouth was killing her!  I can't believe I didn't charge the camera, of all nights. But we have a feeling we'll be seeing him again, as he was very gracious and wanted to know when we'll be back.  The rest of the guys were bummed we were leaving, but as Nancy told them: "Trust me gentlemen, you don't want to follow that guy!" a couple got a good laugh. We got home and I fucked Nancy so hard she wouldn't stop cumming, so it was a great night indeed.  We will do our best to do a photo set with him at the hole soon, as we can promise you guys will want to see her work that monster. 

We returned the next night but it was slow: she drained a couple guys and had fun, AND I charged the camera this time so I was able to snap some pics.  A good weekend overall we must say, especially Nancy enjoying that hung "nerd." To give you an idea of what she handled that night, do a google search for the pornstar Mandingo. It was THAT big! 

Hope you like the update, and we'll be sure to keep you posted on the fun we have on our trip to Chicago...We hope there are some good places there that would welcome Nancy and I....
Thanks Nancy and T for another great chapter of "Kneelin' With Nancy"!  And to thank you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters, here are 4 more pics from the sexiest gloryhole girl you will ever come across... Enjoy, and feel free to come back for seconds.


House Call: Last Week's Grand Slam Visits, Part 2 - Tampa Strikes Back!

Doc here with Part 2 of the Grand Slam Visits - Tampa.  This trip to Tampa has been on The Good Doctor's radar for the past year.  The timing finally worked, and I was able to tag the Tampa trip onto my Dallas trip.  Thus the "Grand Slam" moniker. 

Right from the start... I love Tampa as a city.  I like it's pace (much slower than The Valley's), the people are laid back, and the weather is great.  Plus, the area is loaded with more gorgeous blonde women than anywhere on God's green earth.

So here was the plan:
  1. Fly into Tampa Friday morning.
  2. Check in early at my hotel a scant 3 miles from the Drew Park area of Tampa (the location of almost all of Tampa's adult businesses) and right by Raymond James Stadium and George Steinbrenner Field (spring training home for my beloved Yankees). 
  3. Visit and take new photos of the 4 adult theaters that will be the focus of this trip.
  4. Rest up for a long evening Friday night.
  5. Start at Fantasyland, and work my way around the circuit of theaters (all within 2 miles of each other).
I will not go into all the legal issues the adult theaters in Tampa have had in the last 2 years.  I have written about them twice on the past year, so I feel that dead horse has been beaten enough.

The Tampa Adult Theater Batting Order and Bullet Points

4715 N. Lois, Tampa

  • Most couples friendly of the Tampa Theaters
  • Cleanest of the Tampa Theaters
  • Remodeled interior
  • Open 24/7
  • Super clean restrooms
  • Awesome pool room with 4 pool tables and a quasi-buffet of snacks.
  • Huge video arcade with gloryholes
  • 7 Private play rooms in theater area in addition to the main theater
  • Main theater has 17 leatherette couches

The Playhouse
4421 N. Hubert, Tampa

  • Possibly the darkest place on earth (to be verified by Chilean miners).
  • Dirtiest theater in Tampa
  • Awful arcade area and maze
  • Awful restrooms
  • Not couples friendly, due to scuzzy atmosphere
  • Waste of time
  • In other words, no different than my visit in 2007
Thee Love Shack
3910 W. Osborne, Tampa

  • Convenient location off of Dale Mabry
  • Secure parking
  • Open 24/7
  • Much dirtier than my last visit 8 years ago
  • Very little traffic
  • More gay-oriented than Fantasyland or Adult Cinema on Grady
Adult Cinema & Video
5006 N. Grady, Tampa

  • Well lit parking
  • Clean interior
  • Couples Friendly (2nd to Fantasyland)
  • Clean restrooms
  • Not much customer traffic for some reason

You know how some nights you will have your mojo, and some nights you might not?  Friday night 11/ 12 was a "Have".  I even made a strategic mistake, and still had an incredible adult theater evening.  That's how good The Good Doctor's mojo was that night...

Dinner that night with a business associate ran very long.  So long in fact that I didn't get to Fantasyland until 12:45am.  Too many strip clubs, and a bad case a blue ball later, I arrive at Fantasyland.  The staff there is very friendly, and as with every Tampa theater, you get your receipt, your ticket, and a stamp on your forearm.  My number for the evening is #26.

As I was buzzed in to the theater area, I caught out of the corner of my eye a couple entering the store proper.  Will they shop the ABS?  Will they enter the theater? Will they cruise the video arcade?
The Real Chloe Sevigny

 If you answered "B" (enter the theater, you get 10 points and a free spin of the prize wheel).  I walked around to the back of the theater and stood against the expanse of the back wall area.  The couple entered and she was stunning.  5'6" in heels, maybe 115 lbs, small B-cup boobs, and wearing a TINY black cocktail dress.  Celebrity look-a-like is Chloe Sevigny with slightly smaller breasts and a shaved pussy.

The couple walked around the outside of the theater and settled into the front couch in front of the bright high-fed screen in the main theater.  By the time I walked around to get a bit better look, "Chloe" was kneeling between her older boyfriend's legs, with his hard cock down her throat. 

It was also about this time we (the dozen or so other guys in the theater at the time) realized we were part of a dom/sub scenario between Chloe and her dom boyfriend.  This was no ordinary blow job her was getting, he had a handful of her long curly blonde hair and was face fucking her.  The gagging noises she was making as he was sliding his cock into her mouth we loud and graphic.  And she loved it...

The crowd of guys formed a semi-circle around her, and her guy pulled her around and had her blow the young guy at her 12 o'clock position.  As she was sucking his cock, she was jerking off the guy to her right... She then moved to her right, and starting sucking off the next guy with unbelievable energy. It was very clear that her guy was calling all the shots, as was evidenced by him pulling her off the guys cock and sliding his member into her wet pussy in the reverse cowgirl position.  And he was pounding her wet pussy... Hard.

As she was leaning backwards, a very old, very big guy came up from behind the couch and asked the guy if her could cum on Chloe's face.  The thumbs up was given as the boyfriend pushed her back so she could receive the heavy load from this guys very old, very big cock.  And the old guy delivered, as cum was dripping from Chloe's face and chin... Clean-up in aisle one.  This girl was a true cum slut, a fact I verified personally 10 minutes later.

Chloe then scooted down from her location and a younger Hispanic guy began to fuck her...While she was being fucked, her boyfriend was telling her was a naughty slut she was, and that she was going to take every cock in the room.  She whispered quietly, "yes sir...". 

The young guy fucking her stepped aside, and she sat next to her boyfriend and took another hard cock in her mouth... Her guy was finger fucking her while she was swallowing this guy's crank, and she started to squirt.  Not a lot, but it was unmistakable.

As I was taking up my position, the boyfriend told Chloe to get up on the little mini-stage. He told her to get on her hands and knees and to get ready to be fucked. She obeyed, and got into the position...A guy moved to her head and stuffed his cock into her mouth.  As I was at her "6", it was duty to step up (or in this case, kneel up) and give her my best.

Chloe's body did not have an ounce of fat on her, nor any tattoos, nor any piercings. She had a perfectly shaped ass, and just enough in the hips to provide The Good Doctor something to grab onto.

And grab he did.

I positioned myself and entered her amazingly tight pussy...She was wet, she was tight, and she was grinding onto me.  Seeing this was a dom/sub experience, and that none of the other guys jumped onto that bandwagon, The Good Doctor decided to get a little aggressive.  I grabbed a handful of that lush curly blonde hair, and fucked this girl. Hard.

After a couple minutes of this, I told her in a stern voice to spin around so I could cum on her face.  She spun around quicker, with her mouth open... I pulled my condom off, and released a heavy load of cum all over Chloe's face and chin.  I had such a case of blue ball from the strip club's earlier, my tank was topped off prior to giving her that facial.  My happy ending elicited a few "whoa's" from the gallery, and her boyfriend.

After I thanked her, I moved aside to let the next batter take his swings.  Over the course of the next 45 minutes, Chloe took on at least 10 more guys.  At one point, I moved back up and started to finger fuck her while she was again on her hands and knees.  The Boyfriend stated that she loved that, and if you hit the right spot, she would squirt.  After maybe a minutes worth of serious fingering, she tensed up and squirted all over my forearm and hand. 

The grand finale was a round of anal...With the largest black guy in the room.  This girl was fucked harder than anyone who had stepped up yet, and her screams straddled the line of pleasure and pain. 

The Good Doctor was very impressed by how quickly she got her act together, fluffed her hair, and left with her dom boyfriend.  Her performance is worthy of a top 10 experience witnessed by Dr. Emilio.

At this point, I decided to a quick drive by the other theaters.  Adult Cinema on Grady was almost empty, but it did allow me to survey the place.

Next stop, Thee Love Shack.  Lots of cars in the lots...Maybe, just maybe I might be surprised.  The bottom floor of TLS is the ABS and the dingy video arcade.  Upstairs are two main theater rooms, one of which is subdivided into 5 small viewing rooms.  The theater on the right is one larger theater room with a beat big screen TV in it. 

The good news was a couple was there, and she was a thin blonde with long straight hair.  She and her guy friend were chatting up another guy.  I was close enough to hear the gist of the conversation, and it turns out the guy was bi, and they were looking for another bi-guy.  They did indeed pick a guy, and off they went.

I then decided to go back to Fantasyland.  The theater was now quiet, but there was action in the large arcade area.  FL's arcade has at least 20 viewing booths, and they all have gloryholes on one side or the other.  They are clean, and vary in size from small to 4 that were at least 8x8 feet.

Inside one of the small booths was a couple... Evidently they had been there for an hour already by the time I discovered them.  Word from guys exiting the booth say that they would get a BJ, then she would back up against the hole for a fucking.

Being the inquisitive type, I jumped into the booth and saw for myself who was in the booth.  She was a slender dirty blonde, late 20's, fishnet stockings and a short skirt.  Her tell-tale red painted fingernails slid through the hole, and I responded by sliding through myself.

To be very honest with you, the good readers of The Journal, gloryholes can be great or they can be awkward for The Good Doctor.  This girl was very good...A soft, wet blowjob created a stiff cock for step #2.  She put the condom on me through the hole (a-thank you), and backed up against me.  I gave her my A-game, and within 2-3 minutes I was ready to unload again.  She sensed this, and sped up the back thrusting onto my cock...Until I shot my last load of the night.

Afterwards, I bent down to thank them, and off I went.  It was 4am... And I was spent.

I wish I had an eye-witness report of the next night's fun at Fantasyland, but the best I have is anecdotal. I had a very busy day on Saturday with clients, and by the time I shook off the last one, it was 11:30pm.  As I got to Fantasyland, and was walking up the long ramp outside, out the door comes not one, but two girls in school girl uniforms.  One was a smaller young BBW, the other was more shapely.

And I missed them.

In talking with one of the regulars afterwards, he told me he counted 12 couples in that night, and they all came in between 8 and 10:30.  Couple #13 was an inter-racial couple that was picking out younger black guys to join them in one of the private rooms. 

The last time I looked, I was a middle-aged Italian. 

Odds not good.

I stuck around, talked with the regulars, and people watched.  The night blew it's load early... And I was late.

One word: Fantasyland.

While FL is not like the early 2000's, it is making a nice comeback.  The cleanest adult theater in the country, bar none.  Theater, restrooms, arcade, & play rooms are as clean as it gets.  Very couples friendly. 

For my money, you can skip The Playhouse all together.  An early stop at Adult Cinema on Grady may be worth a flyer, but nothing late (they close at 3am).  Thee Love Shack is a mystery, but what I do know is that it can't compete with Fantasyland.

I can't get back to Tampa quick enough... As I relayed to my esteemed colleague, Brent from Portland, I took my eye off the ball.  The reports could have been richer should I have stayed with my game plan.  Were the client meetings worth while? Yes.  But was it worth missing the main events at the Tampa adult theaters?

Probably not.

2011's first roady will be Tampa.  It seems I am taking a mulligan on this past trip.


A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Thanksgiving Week

Doc here with this week's AFMWDE.  This week will be a short one, with Thanksgiving providing The Good Doctor with an opportunity to take a few days off and head back east.

However, that means that I have a some great stuff for you front loaded for this week.  How about the delayed Tampa House Call Report from The Good Doctor himself?  How about Chapter 2 of Kneelin' With Nancy with some incredible new pics?

Another side note...There has been a drop in the number of reports from some of our most seasoned reporters.  So pretty please, with sugar on top... We would love to see new reports from JaxBchBum, Donny Digital, OldBeatNik, and AlexandLauren.

Let's keep the momentum going guys...  Without you, I'm just another guy in a cummerbund.