Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flash Report! Boatload at Berlin News Agency 1/11 & 1/12/13

Doc here with a detail filled and entertaining report from Boatload. Mr. Boatload visited the Berlin News Agency, and apparently received the proper medical attention needed by one in his condition.

LizardoCare. Catch it!


My Good Doctor,
I have followed your prescription and finally visited the Berlin News Agency this weekend (Friday, Jan. 11 and Saturday, Jan 12).  My body’s need of a great blowjob has been met and I am well on my way to complete recovery of Blue Ball Distress or Vasocongestion (which I believe you can bill for since I am cured).  But enough of this medical stuff…lets get down to what interests us all---SEX and who did what to whom and for how long. 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Friday about 8pm I entered the beloved Berlin News Agency.  At the time there was a transvestite giving a blow job to a young man standing by her side.  Soon after I started watching, he finished with a sigh and she kindly reached into her bag and pulled out several wet wipes and cleaned him up nicely.  She got up and walked around the rest of the evening but apparently didn’t find anyone else that she was interested in assisting.

Soon thereafter, Cindy, a nice looking blond and her escort came in and immediately undressed and started a blowjob on him.  Then he pulled out a condom and entered her in mish position.  That was followed by at least an hour and a half of sucking, fucking, sweating, big Os and a bit of “Oh my Gods”.  My cock found its way into her hand and mouth as others crowded around her and fucked her, fisted her and played on end with her great breasts.  I had to leave before she was finished and I wondered if she could walk out under her own power, or it they had to carry her out.  She didn’t cure my blue balls, and in fact through no fault of hers, perhaps made it worse.  I really did enjoy several face fucks with her.  Since my condition remained I felt it necessary to return the following night.
On Saturday, following several posts from the BNA advising of couples coming into the theatre, I once again visited. about 8:30 and found 20 or so guys watching a guy named Sam assisting a dark haired girl putting on a strap-on.  She then proceeded to fuck another woman in mish to the delight of both women and the mass of men watching. 

Following that exhibition, Sam, who brought two of the ladies with him and is their Master, started playing the trumpet on his two ladies.  The audience never heard a sweeter sound than his mouth or their cunts.  The high notes were hit and were only exceeded by the screams of the ladies in their glory.  Half the crowd dispersed to follow another young couple who decided to play.  I also went to see what action there was, but quickly returned to the room with Sam and his women.   That’s were I was cured.  I suggested to Sam that one of the ladies should suck me dry.  And one of them did!  Spent, I needed to leave and get back to Atlantic City.
I should mention that I have visited three of your top five spots.  Before I found your great site, I had visited 15th Avenue and CTs.  Both of those places have given me fond memories too. 
Thanks Doc!


Doc here again...Many thanks to Boatload for an entertaining look at a weekend at Berlin News, one of the hottest locations for this thing of ours in the country.

Keep sending in reports, Boatload!  The Good Doctor is in need of them.

Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is in need of reports! You know the deal: Email me your report at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will edit and format your report, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the pen name (for first timers) and we are off and running.
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