Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flash Report: Brent's Theater Tails Presents "Sunday Surprise"

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours', Brent in Portland.  Sunday evening at The Paris Theater in Portland provided a noteworthy event, and here is Brent to give us the details.

Maestro, if you please...


Around 8 PM this past Sunday there was a couple in the couples section at The Paris Theater, just hanging out. He looked like one of those British actors in the movie, Snatch. She wore glasses. She looked like Tempest Bledsoe from The Cosby Show. She was dressed in jeans and T shirt, round the way kickin' it threads.

I thought they were leaving but instead they first checked out the gay theater for a minute. Then they came back to the main theater and sat on the couch closest to the bedroom.

Before I knew it she was taking her clothes off and The Paris Volunteer Fire Brigade was rushing towards her smoking body. Theater sex adrenaline rushed through The Paris like lightning . Her strip tease caught most of us by surprise. Guys were all over her, feeling her tits, stroking her ass, fingering her pussy engulfing her with their love. She was really getting into it. She arched her back and put her arms around one guy while he reached around and caressed her pussy. She sucked on her man's cock while she took dick after solid dick into her wet pussy. One young guy was so horny he lasted about a minute before coming into his condom . A few more guys fucked her.

When she wasn't getting fucked, she still stayed bent over with her ass in the air, greedily waiting for the next hard dick. Two guys fingered her while she was like this and it brought her to a rip roaring orgasm. I'm not sure if anyone went down on her. They may have. I don't remember if she sucked anyone besides her old man but she was passionate about getting fucked and that was fine with everybody there.


One thing that we have all learned this week, is that spontaneous adult theater sex can occur at any time (and not just Friday and Saturday nights). 

Thanks for the report, Brent!