Monday, July 18, 2011

Gloryhole Nancy: A Short Video For A Monday Evening

Doc here with a little treat for you, the Good Readers of the Journal: A short video of Gloryhole Nancy doing what she loves best - Sucking cock.

Thanks to Nancy and her guy T for letting me use the video... Also, remember to visit their great Yahoo Group HERE .

And here we go....

Flash Report! Kitty's Bukkake Blast Event @ The Oregon Theater (w/ 8 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with the payoff of the huge buildup to Kitty's Bukkake Blast Event at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR this past Friday evening.  After a hiccup or two regarding the actual event location, it came off and was a huge success by all accounts.

But the account that is most important, is the one from Kitty herself.  Our cum-drenched feline friend has a tale to tell, and here it is along with pics from the actual event.

By the way, make sure you click on the photos to enlarge them, since they are hi-res.

Here Kitty....


Yes the recap is finally here.  I have been consumed with new memberships to my Yahoo Group and lots of positive feedback messages, on the group and in my personal email.  Thank you.  The group is taking off like wild fire,  SWEET.

Soooo . . . . I arrived earlier than announced and good thing as the ‘boys’ were already gathering.  I checked in and began to introduce myself to the group and talk with everyone.  I made a conscious effort to introduce myself to everyone to the best of my ability and make them all feel welcome.

Soon T or AKA Caesar arrived and he went into set up for the event.  About 9:10 PM I went in and as I did so invited everyone in so we could get the party started.  Went over a few theater etiquette deals.  Then I got undressed.  Well at least I took the ‘vanilla’ dress off to expose the brand new outfit (just for such events) that was underneath.  It is a black sheer top with g-string panties to match.  And the fishnet stocking that had a nice red streak up the back, followed my legs all the way up to my belly.  Black fuck me pumps on and the guys were already hard, some already stroking their cocks for me.

I was blessed to have a great fluffer; I will call her Miss L (if she wishes to divulge her name, that’s up to her).  She took some of the guys on until they were ready to blast my face.  Thank you for your help Miss L.
I bet it was about 10 minutes and the first guy blew his wad all over this Kitty.  See Kitties don’t really mind getting wet; my panties were long before I arrived at the Oregon Theater anyways!  After that the first round added to my bliss by covering me with one load right after another.   After I took a little water break, because the little bit of cum is not quenching my thirst, I was quickly ready to take on round two.  And the guys were ready as well, it only took moments to get a circle jerk going on around me and the loads started flying.  I do not know how many loads I had taken up to this point but it was many, though not exceeded my personal best yet.  Had to use a cushion from the couch to kneel on and yep it needs to be cleaned, LOL, I missed some damn it.  Maybe I will just roll in it next time (Oh, new fetish, LOL).  Anyways, I continued to suck a few cocks here and there, OK REALLY anyone I could get into my mouth and milk them right onto my face.  Because, ah that’s what this cum slut wants, your load all over my face.  The night loads began to wind down, so I took one more break.  And when I came back, much to my surprise there were several more guys ready to unload some more on my already cum covered face.  By the time we wrapped it up I took 35 loads in about an hour.

I can hardly wait to do this again.  And again.  But for now I am happy to be the hostess for next month’s event, Judy is beautiful.  If you want to see her pics, join my group, she’s not on fetlife.



Doc here again... Now that looks like a party!  It reminds me a lot of Tina's last gang bang at CTs in Gary, IN last year about this time.  Lots of hard cock, and lots of loads.  Thanks for the great report Kitty, and the next Blast on 8/19 is already circled on many calendars.

I have another report on the same evening from The Duke of Pearl in the report que, and will be up in the next day or so.