Monday, June 10, 2013

House Call! The Art Cinema's Mardi Gras Event by The Good Doctor, Part 1

Doc here with Part 1 of my HartfordHouse Call Report from the June 1st Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema event. 

It has taken me a few days to wrap my sizable dome around the weekend and the huge success it became, and be able to lay it down for you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Pop open a Fanta and let’s get started, shall we?

Going into the event, we had two weeks of promotion to drum up interest in Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema. This was less then what we had for the very successful Valentine’s event, from which we were working on a five week lead up time.  The extra time gave us the opportunity to advertise in the regional adult entertainment magazine Xcitement.

Our goal leading into the event was 35 couples, which I even thought was very aggressive.  We had 27 couples for the February event, which was tremendous considering it was a week after “Snowmageddon” in Hartford.  Hopes were high, as were the temperatures.

Hartford that weekend felt more like Cancun than Connecticut.  Mid-90’s temperatures Friday and Saturday put Ernie’s air conditioning at the Art Cinema to it’s ultimate task. However, high temps mean creative solutions to keeping cool.

Like nudity.

The curve ball thrown at The Good Doctor was that at the last minute, I found out that I’d be working without a medical assistant for the weekend.  She was called away to assist in an operation, and had to see the patient through recovery.

With the speed and determination of the Underpants Gnomes (of South Parkfame), I put the gift bags together solo and got my cheeks to The Art Cinema at 5:45 Saturday afternoon.  Decoration were hung the night before, so all we had to do (a big shout out to Ernie, Nick, and Tosho for all their help) was drop in some condoms and we were ready to rock & roll.

A few of the couples I met during the event in February were not available this weekend, which was a bit of a bummer.  The awesome Sweet Temptation was out west, the very naughty Sam and Deewere in Sin City, and the insatiable Chrissy & Mike were tied up with other plans.  While I knew we’d have a pretty full balcony, having these folks also on hand would have been icing on a very good cake.

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
Couples started to arrive early to take advantage of the gift bags (which contained candy, Mardi Gras masks and beads, glow sticks, condoms, and a free VIP admission to the Couple’s Balcony all inside a vintage looking Coke fountain glass).  Couple #1 arrived at 6:20, and the first gift bag found it’s way up to the balcony.

By 7:25pm, there were 22 couples in the house.  Over the course of the evening, another 12 couples arrived, bringing the grand total for the evening at 34. 34! I have never seen that many couples in an adult theater at one time. Ever. In over 31 years observing this thing of ours, nothing even close.

Side note: I received an e-mail from my good friends Velvet Skye and her guy, Mr. Vthe other day.  They stated that they were planning on a surprise unannounced visit to The Art Cinema for the event, but ran into a complication at the last minute which prevented the surprise trip.  How cool would that have been, kids? Canada’s greatest natural resource @ The Art!

The Good Doctor met some great couples this weekend as they checked in, paid their fee, and drifted up into the balcony.  A few (in no particular order) that I recall (and have been assigned nicknames which will come in handy later. Take note.):

  • The Boston Student Couple”: He was a thin good looking college student with a bit of a positive hipster vibe, and his cute young Chinese girlfriend. She was young, very pretty, full of energy, with jet black hair that ran past her shoulders.  Wearing short jean shorts, they stayed almost to the end of the evening.
  • Journal reporters “K&S Cummin” made it to the event. They were in the midst of a motorcycle tour of the northeast, and their planning was impeccable on when they would visit The Art. “K” is a great guy, and could not have been any nicer. “S”, who I had never seen a picture of beforehand, was stunning. A tall natural blonde, who after changing from her bike gear, was resplendent in a black sexy play outfit with a short skirt and tiny top. 
  • Senior Journal reporters “M&S” got to The Art early. I have titled them the “Catalyst Couple” @ The Art Cinema, as they are two Energizer Bunnies of theater sex. Their penchant for fun in the balcony rubs off on the other couples upstairs, and signals the green flag for the fun to begin.  Every adult theater deserves a “M&S”.
  •  The Tantalizing Tammy and her male friend were on hand for the evening. Tammy's adventures have been chronicled in The Journal before, but this was first time meeting her and seeing her in action.  Her male friend, a good looking black guy, showcased a cock so large that I believe Native Americans have a name for it.
  • Steve and his Girl (whose name I cannot remember - sorry). I met them in the balcony during the event, and he made a beeline for me when he heard I was lurking in the upper row of the balcony. After shaking hands, her called his girl up to meet me. She leaned in, and planted several kisses on The Good Doctor's cheek. We had made plans to rendezvous later in the evening, but somehow I missed them as the evening wore on.  Rain check?
  • Dick and Jane, the first time couple.  Could not have been any nicer, as I escorted them up to the couples balcony. Hopefully they will back again soon.
  • The Hot Young Blonde and her hubby. They arrived later in the evening, but eventually made it upstairs to the balcony. The fact she was in a wheelchair didn't deter her from lots of fun in the balcony.
  • Nurse #1: The LPN & Hubby: This sexy lady was dressed in a French maid outfit, and was very busy in the balcony showcasing her talents.
  • Nurse #2: The RN & her Male Friend: Her name was Rita, a sexy and curvy brunette. He was a good looking young black guy, who was having a blast in the balcony both with Rita and without her.
OK, now that we have our players straight, we can proceed to Part 2, hitting The Journal in the next 24 hours.




Couple's Flash Report! Koral & Ms. Fullswing @ The Paris Theatre in Portland on 6/8/13 (w/4 Exclusive Pics!)

Doc here with a great way to start your work week: A special Couple's Flash Report starring both the incredible Koral and the legendary Ms. Fullswing.  These two ladies are very known in the Portland adult theater scene, and (in Koral's case) a popular favorite here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.
This report will take you on a train ride right to Awesome Town, so sit back and enjoy.
A Night at The Paris with Koral and Ms. Fullswing

Our plans for the evening were innocent enough, dinner plans with some vanilla friends in Portland. Of course having a little adult fun (we're thinking a quick stop to the Oregon Theater) is a good idea. We were driving into town (few hours drive) with our plans pretty set, but plans do change, and the catalyst to our plans changing was a phone call from "Ms. Fullswing". She was single that night, feeling feisty and wanting a friend to join her at the Paris Theater. Needless to say, when Koralgot off the phone...she was feeling much more feisty, "let's cancel dinner plans and have some fun tonight with Ms. Fullswing at the Paris" was the first thing she said when she got off the phone. Who am I to argue. 
So we lied to our vanilla friends and told them our car was acting up and we couldn't make it.  Then we made reservations at a hotel, Whoohoo we're spending the night. We were thinking that an early night at the Paris is best (all the loads have not yet been launched), so we thought maybe we should invite some friends to the hotel for an after the Paris party. We contacted a few people we know in hopes of some late night hotel company. It wasn't long before we received  messages from  3 great guys we know and enjoy, saying "Hell Ya, count me in, when and where".  

We got to our room and as always, Koral starts getting Cum-Slut ready (a 2+ hour ordeal) while I get the evening coordinated with the other players. One of the three guys (call him "M") had to work the next day and a late night hotel meet was hard for him, so we invited him down to the Paris for some early evening fun. He had never been to an adult theater, and he always thought it was a gay guy hang woman. When he heard that not only Koral would be down there, but also our super sexy friend Ms. Fullswing, he said he'd be there.
The plan was to meet Ms. Fullswing at the bar next door and all walk into the theater together. I contacted our photographer friend "Thanatos" and told him the plan, in hopes he would like to get some sexy shots of the two woman walking down the sidewalk, stumbling upon an adult theater...and looking curious. He liked the idea and agreed to meet us down there.

Of course we were running about a half hour late (Koral's hair and makeup). Fortunately Ms. Fullswing was running late also. But unfortunately our photographer friend Thanatos was on time and twiddling his thumbs and our fuck buddy "M" was on time and hanging out for his first time in an adult theater with a bunch of guys, waiting for the pussy (one of the few things in life worth waiting for I suppose). Although late, we eventually made it to the bar. We introduced Ms. Fullswing and Thanatos, then had a few drinks and talked. Then headed out to the theater. 
I walked ahead as the two sexy woman meandered to the Paris while Thanatos satellited around them clicking his camera. The streets and sidewalks were crowded, and as always, a line of 100 people wanting and waiting for a Voodoo Donut poured onto the sidewalk. It wasn't long before we were in the theater. Ms. Fullswing got to it first. I looked away for one second and when I looked back, she was naked and at the rail.....hands all over her. I motioned to Koral to go join her at the rail, which she motioned back to me that she wanted to wait a little. I can fix that.......
I sat next to Ms. Fullswing at the rail and I directed Koral to come sit on my lap and watch close up with me (It was a trick). As soon as she sat on my lap my hands were all over her titties. I then whipped her around placed her next to me onto the bench and against the rail, and I continued to molest her. A few of the guys on the other side of the rail gave me "THE LOOK and HAND GESTURE" asking if they can touch. Of course I said yes. That's when Koral figured out she had been duped....and she loved it.
Quickly she dropped her top and exposed her tits. Two hands on her turned to four as guys reached through. I could see Ms. Fullswing was equally entangled with hands. Both woman were loving it.  After a little foreplay at the rail, we decided it was time to head out and into the crowd. Down front by the stage is the table with a mattress, that was our destination.

When we reached the table both woman got comfortable on the table (like two peas in a pod) while I hollered out our basic rules and wishes to the crowd of anxious onlookers. It was very hot watching these two sluts with little abandon servicing a group of guys and many more guys patently waiting their turn and enjoying the show. At one point I saw our guy friend  "M" fucking on Ms. Fullswing and I could tell right away that they had some chemistry going on. I introduced them to one another while he was fucking her and I knew that they would be friends.

By now Koral had cum running down her chin and all over her tits. Two cocks by the mouth and one in the puss at all times. One of the highlights of the evening was watching Koral and Ms. Fullswing swapping cum/snowballing with one another. After a good while I noticed that "M" and Ms. Fullswing were walking together to the couples section. Right on, I thought to myself....there going to get along good. Koral continued to service all clean polite cummers for a little while more, then we noticed time was ticking and we had friends coming to the hotel to play soon. Koral and I went back to the couples section to get ready to leave and say goodbye to our friends. We headed back to the hotel, running late as usual.
We drove to the road (Burnside) that takes us out of downtown and towards the hotel, and quickly found ourselves in the middle of a traffic 10pm? As I looked around I noticed many police lights around, and people were lining the at a parade? A few minutes later I saw a few cop cars with lights on slowly driving down Burnside Rd.. Then everyone on the street began cheering, whooping, and yelling...what the hell?
Then we saw the craziest thing....a huge mass of bicycle riders following the cops and riding down the middle of the road? Then I look closer......there all NAKED.
I look up Burnside and there are bicycle lights in the road for as far as the eye can see. We left the car and walk to the roadside to get a better view...we want to see the naked people. Koral asked me how many bikes I think there will be and how long are we stuck here. I answer " 4-5 hundred probably". One of the organizers of the event (guy on a bike in a neon vest) was at his spot on the sideline (keeping people off the road) and when he heard me say 4-5 hundred he quickly corrected me. He told us that this is a worldwide event (naked bike ride) and this is the tenth year of it. They estimate that there are 13,000 naked bike riders in Portland that night. HOLY SHIT...13,000 naked bike riders, WTF. That's crazy. I love it.  We waited over an hour for the two lane road with shoulder to shoulder naked bikers to clear.
Eventually we made it to our hotel and our two guy friends quickly came over. The Paris is fun and all, but the quality Koral fucking is with friends who know how to do it. We took turns fucking her mouth and pussy for a few hours.....good times.

Sam & Koral


Doc here again... First of all, a huge thank you to Sam & Koral, as well as Ms. Fullswing, and their photographer Thanatos.  From the beginning to the bitter end, a full document of an electric evening at The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland.  The pics were outstanding as well, and the perfect compliment to this report.