Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Round 11: Blind Item! "Mystery Celebrity" - Top 3 Adult Theater Woman by Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with a different kind of nomination for a Top 3 Adult Theater Woman for Round 11: A Celebrity Blind Item.

After consulting with a few fellow bloggers, I decided to turn this tale of celebrity erotica into a blind item.

Blind items are defined as "a news story or report, usually gossip, in which the details of the matter are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed." Blogs such as Gawker make a living publishing blind items...So why not The Journal of Adult Theaters?

So fellow readers, The Good Doctor presents to you our first blind item Top 3 Adult Theater Woman report, by regular contributor (and excellent golfer) Old Marine Corps Guy:
Another contribution I will make for the Top Women Theater Slut is the Actress X. She was not necessarily what you would term a Theater Slut, but she was one of the most memorable women I’ve ever seen in a theater (maybe because she was famous, or maybe just because she turned me on).

During the early 80’s she and her husband, would come to the Pussycat Theater on Santa Monica Blvd. in W. Hollywood on weekday evenings (the crowds were thinner than on the weekends). She would always try to disguise herself (dark wig, hat, big glasses, etc.) because at that time she was fairly famous and a lot of people would recognize her. But that all came off when she was in the back row (her favorite spot).

Actress X would never have sex with anyone in the theater. She would always wear a mini-skirt (very popular in those times) but would never show anything.

Her thing was watching guys jack off. I’ve never seen a woman who loved to look at cock as much as she did. She would get super close to a guys cock (almost touching her nose) and just stare and blow on it until he shot his load. She would never say anything (except to ohh and mmmm) until after he came and then she would always say, “Thank you”.

Iran into Actress X probably 5 or 6 times, but heard stories about her quite a bit when I talked to some of the regulars, so I know she was in there fairly regularly. Each time was always the same. Come in and go directly to the back row (or wait on one of the side rows until space opened up in the middle section and then move over). They didn't have to wait very long for someone to pull out their dick and get the show going, and then she would get REAL up close and personal with whatever cock was on display. It was like she was mesmerized watching someone jack off. It was a real turn on watching her staring at whatever dick was about 2 inches from her face.

If someone was not moving in on her in the back row (which was rare), and she had worn everybody out, then they would get up and walk the isles to find other likely prospects. Like I said, this lady REALLY liked to watch.
-Old Marine Corps Guy
Doc here again... Wow, what a story from the golden age of adult theaters!  I'm be curious to see if anyone else out in Lizardoland has had an encounter with a celebrity (national or local).  I have two that one day will the light of day on these pages...
If you have a celebrity blind item, or any other variety of report, please e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.
Thanks again to Old Marine Corps Guy for a great nomination.