Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! The Return of Alex and Lauren and their Trip to CVE in Gastonia, NC on 8/9/14

Doc here, a man who some say under his gruff exterior, is a sentimental fool with a lovely singing voice, with a special Couple's Flash Report.

The very first Couple's Flash Report I received at The Journal five years ago came from a great couple from North Carolina, Alex and Lauren.  They detailed a trip they made to CVE in Gastonia, NC, and since then have been contributors to The Journal (albeit, unfortunately infrequently).  Their reports covered both the ascent and the unfortunate decline at CVE over the years.

Lately, things have been very good at CVE, and Alex and Lauren have submitted an update for us and it's sounding pretty good to me!

Take it away, Alex and Lauren!


Friend of The Journal! Happy 15th Anniversary to Mr. Skin from The Good Doctor!

Mr. Skin/Facebook
Doc here, a man who some say would have never fast-forwarded to the good parts if it wasn't for the legendary Mr. Skin.

This past Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of my favorite web site on the net, Mr. Skin. 15 Years of naked actresses, exact time stamps in the specific movie/TV show, and the rest is true romance.

Mr. Skin's encyclopedic knowledge of the "nude in films" industry is nothing short of amazing.  I first became aware of Mr. Skin listening to Howard Stern back in NY (my old stomping grounds), and later watching Mr. Skin's appearances on Howard's old E Network show.

Fast forwarding (get it?) to 2014, Mr. Skin is now an online entertainment juggernaut. Under his corporate umbrella resides not only Mr. Skin, but Fleshbot (formerly owned by Gawker media), Naked News, and Mr. Man.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Skin... You look great for 15!