Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Field Report! Hugh Mungus Reviews & Breaks Down Mon Chalet in Aurora, CO

Doc here, a man who some say once wrestled a tray of stuffed manicotti away from a komodo dragon sometime in early 1990, with a very cool Field Report from first time contributor Hugh Mungus

Mr. Mungus (Hugh to his friends and sex partners) has submitted a GREAT Field Report breaking down Aurora, Colorado's Mon Chalet, a legendary location in this thing of ours.  And by the sound of things, Hugh (Mr. Mungus to his H&R Block representative) has enjoyed all that Mon Chalet can offer. 

Without further ado, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the song stylings of Hugh Mungus.


MON CHALET: The Report

Dearest Doctor:

For years, your peerless posts have provided me prurient petrol with which to power my profligate penis across the 50 states in search of sex. As such, I felt it was time to return the favor. What follows is a road report — modestly submitted — as I depart Denver, Colorado:

It was the worst 26 seconds of her life…

For me, only the day I'd been born was more monumental!

Removing my turgid timber from the porn princess, I cogitated, "I can't get laid to save my soul in a singles bar…and I bartend!"

Yet, here I was ― more bare than Vin Diesel's head ― hopping from XXX actress, to horny housewife, to PTA mom, with the door to Room 8 flung wide. Outside — a mere 10 feet away — a gaggle of gorgeous gals watched. Centennial State Sun caressed my balls through the open ingress, while I humped this torrid trio — less rhythm in my motions than a dancing, obese, one-legged, white CPA seizing violently. (ed. note:  !)

"Is this really happening?!" I ruminated.