Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Kinkybicpl @ Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Doc here with another great report from Kinkybicpl from north of the border in the Toronto area.



Stop 2 - Swing Shift Theatre

After day 1 @ The Metro Theatre and the great turn out, we are really excited about this adventure especially knowing some friends of ours....another m/f couple will be joining us.

We arrive a bit early to check out the action and who is there ready to play. Only about 5 guys so far but we have a feeling many more will be there shortly. Our friends arrive right on time. She is wearing a tight short skirt and a tight low cut top...nipples showing through. We make small talk then proceed to the bi-theater. The girls sit in the front row and without hesitation start to play with each other tits are out...both girls have great tits with sensitive nipples....more guys start cumming in.

The crowd is gathering as the girls neck, suck each others tits and playing with each others cunt. Cocks are now out and the girls start sucking everyone that cums near. Each guy tries to get in to get sucked. The first load gets blown on our lady friends big tits then as my lady takes a hot load on her face and tongue. They take 3 or 4 loads as us proud hubbies watch the action. My lady sees a young guy at the back...kinda shy...she says out load " want some candy little boy" . He wasted no time cumming to her and giving her a hot load in her mouth and face. She let it drip down all over her sexy tits.
I am playing and getting sucked by my friends lady, while mine sees her hubby against the wall she gets up fully exposed and drops to her knees in front of him and starts sucking his cock. He facefucks her and he moves each of her hands to a cock on each side of her. More cum is given to both hungry ladies. They girls take a break then return to the theater and start going down on each other...then they decide to see how many fingers then can give each lady works in 2 then 3 then 4....she says give me lady slides her whole hand inside and starts fisting her!!!! Right in the theater...the guys are going wild...can't believe the show they are getting. The girls relax....finish off the last couple guys and we called it a night for the theater.

What a great weekend. My sexy slut is so proud...she set a new record 8 loads of strangers cum in one weekend. A record she can't wait to break.
Doc here again... Neither can we.

Flash Report! Dan Do Right in Edmonton @ Centerfolds.

Doc here with a great Flash report from Dan Do Right... Take it away sir.

Dr. here is a story - "Dan Do Right in Edmonton"
So, this story is from the summer of 2012 and a new adult bookstore for your database. 
I was on a quick business trip to Edmonton.  I drove up there despite the fact I normally fly (3 hours plus drive versus 45 minute flight) but I had read a post on Adult Friend Finder (AFF) about a couple looking to meet couples in the glory holes in Edmonton.  I was not aware of any gloryholes in Alberta so I was keen to go and have a look.  As with most visits, if you're not flexible on your schedule, you may miss something.  So, that is why I drove so I would be in control of when I would leave Edmonton.
After my meetings in the late afternoon, I drove over to Centerfolds at Stony Plain and 151st.  I drove past it the first time, the store has good signage but the parking is best accessed off 151st.  The parking around the back is good, about 10 stalls off the alley.  The entry is fairly private. So, I parked out back and walked in.   There is a long corridor that leads into the video rental and magazine area.  The video and mag area is clean, large and looks good.  They have a private preview area where you can rent a movie and watch it in private.  This area is separate from the peep area and isn't somewhere where you walk around.  I looked around the store for a little bit, they have a big selections of videos, mags, toys, etc.  The store is clean and looks well run.
I asked the clerk what the deal was and essentially you pay your $10 bucks for tokens and access to the booth area. There is no movie or theater at this store.  If you leave the store, you have to pay the $10 bucks again even if you have tokens already.  Not a big deal but some stores are good with leaving and coming back.  I tried to engage him in a brief discussion about who comes to the booth area but he was basically saying the booths are intended for one person.  Now, in all fairness, I was somewhat dressed for "work" and may have looked like an inspector-type person so I suspect he just didn't want to talk.  I had taken off the

So, I paid my $10 bucks and went in.  There is a curtain you open and into a fairly dark space. There is a "waiting" area when you walk in that opens to the left where there is a TV showing regular TV - they had some old show on, I think it was an old star trek episode; a little odd - and there are a few chairs and tables.  To the right is the hall with a booths.  It's a tight area and frankly the booths are small, not super maintained.  There is a larger one, first on the right but I'll get to that later.  There is a sign that says not to stand and wait near the curtain area.  there is another sign down the hallway with the booths.  So basically everyone walks the line of booths, sits in the "waiting area" then walks it again. I think that is probably so guys don't just hang out and peek out non-stop into the store area and actually feed the machines.  
I did a walk down the booths, there were a few in use doors ajar just with guys.  Lots of guys looking for guys I suspect.  I went back to the "waiting area" and grabbed a chair and sat at a table watching regular TV - yes it was star trek.  I watched the guys mill around and soon enough a younger guys asked me if he could use my phone.  I asked why and he asked if I was waiting for the girl from craigslist.  Naturally I said yes I was.  He said he knew her and she had called him to say she would be there at 3.  It was almost 4.  So, I didn't have my phone but said I would pay his ten bucks if he went to his car to phone.  He agreed.
Just as he walked out to get his phone, a couple was at the clerk paying to enter.  He said it was her and a guy who brings her to the store.  He said she likes to get right to it and she likes the first booth on the right.  In she walked.  She was a little heavier set, pretty gal, about 25.  She took off her overcoat and reviled she was in a red sleeveless top, no bra, and a short skirt just below her ass.  The guy said hi and I said hi.  He was quick to open the door on the first booth to the right.  We all went in; the guy, her friend, me and her.  We all fit.  That is a good booth.  
The guy who brought her asked if taking a video was okay and I said sure, just no face.  He agreed.  The other guy had already pulled down her top exposing her nice, firm breasts.  In moments, he had his cock out and she was busy sucking him off - he was right, very little talk, just get to work! She knelt down in the area under the video unit.  It was a perfect booth for a gal to blow a few cocks at once.  There was no adjoining booth or way for anyone patrolling the booths to see what was going on...good for those exposure laws.  Great layout.  The friends iphone was out and he was taping.  I dropped my pants and was hard quick.  She grabbed my dick and I grabbed a breast.  They were really nice, firm, nice nipples, I was enjoying it.  
The friend said to me her boyfriend loves to see videos of her being a slut, he puts them on his TV while he fucks her.  They were at the booths to get some videos then going back to her place so he and the BF could do a MFM.  She stopped sucking the other guys cock and added that he loves to see her covered in cum too and to make sure he got the cum shots on video.  I laughed and said it should be no problem.  The other guy grabbed the back of her head and gently pushed her mouth over his cock again.  She was happy to keep sucking him.
She reached over and started jacking me.  Then, in one easy move, she started sucking my cock and jacking the other guy.  Wow, she was one of the best I have ever felt.  She worked between the two cocks while the friend took video.  I started to feel like I could cum.  So, I warned the friend and told her I was close.  She really went at it.  As I started to cum she pulled back and I shot a load all over her face.  The cameraman got a really good take, she looked in the camera and said she was a good little slut and wanted more.  I figured the boyfriend likes that.  She immediately went back to the other guy.  I pulled up the pants and watched for a bit.  She was working hard and putting on a good show.  The cameraman asked if I would check if there was any fun-looking guys at the door.  So, I went out.  There was a crowd hanging in the waiting area but not hovering at the door.  Very polite.  I saw a younger dude standing there, he seemed like it may have been his first time.  I asked if he wanted to go in and he shyly asked if she'd be okay with that.  I said she would and to make sure he came on her face or tits.  He smiled and I held the door for him.  She was still sucking on the other guys.  Drop the pants and join in I told the young guy.  I let the door shut, heard the lock go and figured he would have some fun.
I left the store and went to grab a bite to eat before my drive home.  I couldn't help wonder about the AFF couple.  This gal didn't seem like she was the couple from AFF.  So, I checked CL on my iphone and sure enough, there was the ad from a gal who wanted to suck cock in public that afternoon.  Plus, the AFF couple had said they would be there around 6 or 7, it was not even 5:30.  So, I went over to a mall close by and grabbed a little dinner.  I figured I would eat and drive past again on my way out of town. If there was no one there, no problem, with dinner done I'd head home.
So, around 6:45 I went back to the store.  There was a few cars in the lot so I knew people were there. I paid again and went back.  It seemed quiet.  I saw two of the further back booths were being used and a couple of guys milling around but nothing that would suggest a couple was there.  There was one guy in the "waiting area" watching the TV so I figured it was not going to happen.  Was I wrong.  I her a gal laugh a little and realized the couple had arrived and they were busy in the booth. I started to the booths.  
As I walked by one, their door was open a little, so I peaked in the crack of the door. I caught a glimpse of an older couple, maybe 50, she was in just a garter, stockings and shoes, a huge tattoo on her pussy area but I couldn't make out of what.  She had big tits and long died dark red hair.  He was to the back of the booth just watching her.  She was squatting down, face near the hole, knees up, most of her body facing the door. Wow, a bombshell of a gal - amazing tits.  She had a cock on the go so I worked towards the booth next door.  Clearly other guys were doing the same.  
As I moved past a few minutes later, I hear the lock and moved close.  As a guy in the booth next left, I grabbed my chance to jump in.  I paid the rent and a movie started up (and what was I going to do with all the tokens, may as well put them all in and let others enjoy.  I peaked in the hole and she was smiling.  Her man was just watching.  I dropped the pants and put a medium hard cock in the hole.  She went to work right away.  Wow, another great cock sucker.  I started to get hard and she started to work my cock faster.  Before I knew it, I blew another load.  She sucked the cum out then pulled away,  I saw her turn and figured she showed her guy the mouth full.  I bent down and said thanks through the hole.  She smiled and said I was welcome.

I opened the door, sure enough, there was my replacement ready to enter.  The door closed and I knew that guy was in for some fun.

I went to the car and started to drive home.  On the way back I figured Edmonton was pretty good, the only GH place in Alberta and active too.  I am keeping my eye on AFF and CL for future posts.  Even though it is a long drive for me, if I can get business and pleasure in at the same time, great.  I can't wait for another business trip to Edmonton to try centerfolds again.

Miami is still the next stop, any recommendations from your readers or the good Dr. on Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm or anywhere SE Florida would be appreciated.

Dan Do Right doing his job reporting back....
Thanks again Dan for another terrific report!