Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - 2nd Week of February

When we last left the Good Doctor, he was stuck in a snowdrift and was losing the feeling in his cocktail...

Doc here with this week's "A Few Minutes...".  You know the drill: A few observations, several adult theater nuggets from across the country, and a few shameless plugs.  Let's get started:

Looking at the past few week's of postings on Yahoo and CL (for cities like Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas), there seems to be a trend developing.  That trend is daytime adult theater visits by couples. Reports include multiple daytime visits at The Paris and Oregon Theaters in Portland, in Melrose Park, IL @ 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, as well as the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Doraville, GA and the Lido in Dallas. 

Why is this?

Maybe it's a scheduling thing.  Maybe it's a winter doldrums thing. My gut feeling is that it may be a crowd control thing.  Daytime = smaller and more manageable crowds. Over-anxious single guys in adult theaters have been an issue in this thing of ours' for as long as I can remember.  I'm sure we have dozens of stories of a guy "messing it up" for everyone else. Bob in Biloxi runs into one of these guys once a week for crying out loud.

Remember, for every Daisy Train in Portland or Tina at CTs (thank God for these girls, btw), there are dozens of first time couples venturing into adult theaters.  Not every couple wants a 20 man gang bang.  Remember gents, for many couples, this is a slow process of warming up to this thing of our's.  And smaller crowds are a great way to dip a toe into our pool and see if it's the right temperature for them.

Adult Theater Visits by Appointment
Many of us in this scene wax nostalgic for the good old days of large adult theaters and the couples who pop in off the street for some XXX (or maybe hard R) public fun.  This was before the internet and social media.  Part of the thrill was the unknown; Will it be busy tonight? I heard from a friend of a friend that he "Farmer's Daughter" was coming in tonight.  It's Friday, so it must be a good night.

Complain as we do about the changing face of adult theaters and the scene, the internet has provided some distinct advantages.  The first way the net has improved elements of this thing of ours' are Yahoo Groups and Craigslist, where couples more than ever are posting the whens, the wheres, and the what they are looking fors prior to venturing to their adult theater of choice.  Some may argue that these posts take the mystery out of who might be walking through the door or curtain.  The Good Doctor says nonsense.

Sure, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but the hits outweigh the misses by a long shot.

My personal Golden Rule of Adult Theaters: Go for the Sure Thing.

The second way the net has provided advantages is the adult theater who will post via their Yahoo Groups that a couple, a single woman, or a TV/TG has walked in their doors. 

The Paris Theater in Portland's Flag System is the gold standard for adult theater alerts (thanks to the intellectual property of Big T (aka Caesar) in PDX).  CTs in Gary, IN takes it one step further.  The owner Pete will either post on Yahoo in advance of the couple visiting, or will post when they come in and what they are looking for.  Pete sets the table for you, and it's up to you as to whether to take advantage of the situation.  15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park is now using an alert notice in their Yahoo Group as well.

The Good Doctor (when I can), will Tweet the couples notices from CTs, 15th Ave., and St. Louis (re-Tweeting notices via my good friend Major Voyeur).  Any Tweet starting with "The Clicker" is a re-posting of sorts about an adult theater visit.  It's my duty to provide this service to you, the good readers of The Journal.  So follow me on Twitter. Pretty please. With sugar on top.  Sign up HERE.

What is the only real adult theater that has been featured in a video game?

Well, it's the venerable and really scary Tiki Adult Theater in Los Angeles.  The video game developers even copied over the gang symbols on the outside of the theater.  Here is your proof:

The Real Tiki Theater
Santa Monica Blvd, LA

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Screen Cap

I Need Your Reports!
The Lifeblood of The Journal is your Flash and Field Reports.  While omnipresent, The Good Doctor cannot be everywhere.  You are the eyes and ears of The Journal, and your intel is vital.

I am not looking for War & Peace with your reports... A paragraph or three would be great.  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and join the growing ranks of field reporters contributing to The Journal.  Or you can just click here.

Shameless Plugs
Please take time to visit two of my favorite adult theater blogs:
  • The World of Major Voyeur:  My good friend and colleague MV has a great content packed blog with adult theater related content, along with similar themed articles. 
  • Sex in Porn Theaters Blog: This blog, recently moved over from another host, is just now getting it's traction on it's look and feel.  Great stories from a contributing reporter to The Journal.
Have a great weekend everyone!  The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) looks forward to your field reports from this first post football weekend of the year.  So grab your composition book, a #2 pencil, your press card tucked into the band of your fedora, and do us proud.