Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bob in Biloxi's Weekend Update: This Week's Episode - "More Variety Than Barker's Beauties"

Doc here with this week's weekend recap from senior reporter Bob in Biloxi.  What has Robert gotten himself into (or onto, as the case may be) this holiday weekend?  Were there Germans involved? Schoolgirls? Stock car racers?

Here is Bob with a lot of 'splaining to do...


Hi Doc,

This weekend on the beautiful Gulf Coast was not quite the tsunami last weekend turned out to be, however no money changed hands nor were any pros involved. That cleared up, five couples attended the Gulf Coast Theater at varying times, however only one played. They are the couple the locals refer to as the German Couple, I was not present for this, but word had it, they went through the boys like a hurricane!

The Real Megyn Kelly
The ABS was somewhat better on the playing side, three couples were playing, with the first one being definitely part of the A team! She was a blonde, (picture Megyn Kelly) standing around 5’5”, short skirt pullover top, baby smooth shaved pussy!! Very talented young lady, I surmise to be in her 30’s, wearing flip flops!!! Her and her man stayed the booths for over an hour and drained all that wanted to be drained. I think maybe they did 10 guys, but that’s just an estimate.

Second on the mound was a tall brunette, (picture Julia Roberts)  very shapely ass, medium rack, her and her man started out by completely undressing, she had a small tat on her ass, but I couldn’t tell what it was, again a very talented lady!! She used her ass as a demo tool on the adjoining wall, and my cock turned out to be a very happy camper as the result!!!

Bob in Biloxi

Third up, is what I will coin the “NASCAR” couple, both were very short, the lady had red hair, stood about 4’11 (maybe) he couldn’t have been over 5’0 tall himself. Both were dressed in jeans and various NASCAR logos on both shirts and hats (wtf its summertime here in the fucking 90’s at night) well each to his own I guess. I was warm dressed in shorts! They met another couple there, left and came back. In the booth I spotted a killer little ass on her. They played and left a few of the boys very happy.

Meanwhile back at the theater our Catholic School Girl came in with her man, for some reason they just watched the movie for a few minutes and left. I talked with them outside the theater; she told me the “Vulture Club” was giving her the willies, so she didn’t feel the vibe. Another couple, semi regular, that only hooks up with other couples was present and accounted for, they told me that Friday night had some couples but one was only playing with a certain group, which they enjoyed because it kept that group in another part of the theater away from them.

Those are the high spots, but I noticed from Brent’s report Portland kicked our ass again!! More power to them! I got off 3x and didn’t have to take a 6 hour plane ride! Not that it wouldn’t have been worth it to attend the Mecca in “this thing of ours” , but there’s always next weekend on the beautiful Gulf Coast!



Doc here again... Once again, Bob in Biloxi can safely take the title of the Weekly BMIB (Big Man in Biloxi) contest.  With this award, Bob gets a WWE-Style championship belt and free waxing at the Bee Zing Salon ("You say Bee, We say Zing").  Offer expires on August 31, 2011.

Biloxi has a very constant adult theater and ABS scene, and is now a permanent fixture in the weekly Power Rankings.  And we are lucky our friend Bob is there to capture those moments.

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