Monday, September 27, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut, Part 16

Doc here with Part 16 of Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, Nina works over the boys at Airport Video in Everett, WA, as well as entertaining a couple back at their hotel.  There is a moral to this story, but you'll have to read through to the end to appreciate it.

Thanks again to "B" for this tale of debauchery...
Airport Video
Everett, WA

We arrived at the Airport video around midnight. Nina wearing her usual short skirt, no panties, stockings, garter belt and low cut blouse. She was looking hot as hell.

We ventured on in, as I paid the tariff Nina went on back to the room where the videos are for rent. She had her tits out and dropping porno videos so she had to bend over to pick them up showing her pretty little pussy. I always get a kick out of the guys that act like they are not paying any attention to her, but not missing any move she makes. I caught up with her and we went into the theater and found a place to sit. Of course she still had her lovely breast hanging out of her blouse for all to see. That’s Nina’s way of making a grand entrance, and it is always grand and always causes quite a stir in the room. If we were on a boat it would quickly attain a leeward list with all the guys moving to Nina’s side of the room.

We settled in and let our eyes get adjusted to the dark room. A couple of guys quickly moved in front of her in the row ahead of us and a guy moved into the vacant chair next to her. After a few minutes he got brave and slowly moved his hand up her leg, this action broke the ice and one of the guys in front reached over the seat and started fondling one of Nina’s breasts then the guy setting behind her started fondling Nina’s other breast. The guy sitting next to her found her G spot thus making her all the more naughty. Of course they all ask if they could fuck her, she always politely says no because it is just too uncomfortable on account of the tacky plastic lawn chairs and it is pretty risky in case the boys in blue should happen to drop in.

When someone new comes into the theater a buzzer warns the theater goers of the approaching lurker. When this happens everything stops and anyone who needs to covers up. Nina was getting thoroughly molested and really into it, when the buzzer sounded and a couple came in. They chose a seat across the aisle, but positioned where they could watch the molestation. They were a nice looking couple but she was dressed in jeans and running shoes so I didn’t think she came to play and they didn’t, they just watched Nina. The scene heated up with Nina giving blowjobs and getting her pussy eaten several times. After a couple of hours we decided to discreetly ask a couple of the guys if they would like to come back to the motel with us and of course they excitedly agreed to do so.

As we left the theater I noticed the couple that was so intently watching Nina’s performance following us out to the parking lot. The women got Nina’s attention wanting to talk to her. She wanted to know if Nina would give her husband a blowjob, she made it clear that’s all she wanted. Nina agreed and told her what room we were in. I usually shy away from these kinds of situations because we are out here to play, not try to school beginners of the fine art of playing in Porn theaters.

Before we pulled out of the parking lot I explained to her that we had invited a couple of guys over and they could either wait until they were through or could come in and watch if they so chose. They chose to come in and watch. The guys followed us down to the motel as well as the other couple. Nina gave them a good show fucking and sucking both guys sending them on their way happy thoughts and big smiles on their faces. Then it was the couples turn, he quickly took of his pants and got onto the already well used bed and Nina went to him and gave him a spectacular blowjob. This made the wife so horny she got naked and jumped on top of him and fucked the hell out of him.  It was getting late and he had to get to work so they packed up and left.

Now it is my turn to get kinky with the notorious Nina. I got some of Nina’s favorite toys out of her now famous toy bag and proceeded to commit all kinds of acts of sodomy on her, when someone was knocked on the door. I opened the door just far enough to see who it was, it was the male half of the couple who had left about a half hour ago. He wanted to know if he could fuck Nina because his wife would not let him while he was here before. When we are in playing mode Nina is pretty promiscuous but she does have her standards, one of which is if she knows the guys wife and he does not have permission, no pussy for him. He understood and left disappointed. It just goes to show you theater sluts have a strong set of standards, at least mine does.
Another great tale from Nina!  Thanks again to "B"...Keep up the great work.


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