Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flash Report! JustJim Hits CTs Adult Theater in Gary - 7/9/12

Doc here with a terrific first-time report from our newest contributor, JustJim. JJ hits one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country, CTs in Gary, IN, but on an "off" night - Monday 7/9.

Now, things have been hopping at CTs the past two months, so I like JustJim's timing.  There have been significant visits by couples on both weekends, but on some weekdays as well.  But does it pay off for JustJim?

Here is JustJim and his report...


Evening Doc,

I've been working myself up to go to CT's for quite some time now. Today, I decided even if it wasn't the best time I'd head over there at least to verify a good route to the place and give it the ol' once over. I walked into the rather unassuming building, and was quick to realize that the seemingly ordinary adult bookstore facade is just that, a facade.
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN

The select few racks of DVDs did little to fool me. After a brief peek into the theater I saw that it was all men watching. It looked as though they were awaiting a flight in the world's tiniest airport terminal. None particularly happy to be there, all of them wanting the damn player, pussy, to arrive already. I opted for a dance to bide my time. At this point, it was painfully clear that the "dance" was simply a front for what they were actually selling (which doesn't offend me, mind you.) The beautiful black body that gyrated over me spent all of the 3 minutes telling me the prices for their various services. I decided to take her up on that, as a taking a nice round black ass has always occupied a lofty slot on my sexual bucket list. So off to the ATM I went.

Upon my return, I saw a new car in the parking lot. A woman, perhaps? I figured I'd take a chance at saving myself $50. A quick peak into the theater and I saw a nice thick woman with dark black hair laying on the table with her legs spread. She had an elderly hand fondling each of her dinner plate nipples and another inside of her. She clearly meant business, and I hoped she wouldn't be opposed to pleasuring this 23 year CT's virgin. But I sat back and watched the feverish hands work her over. Before long, she invited the surrounding cocks to fuck her, provided they wore condoms. As the first man slid into her and laid into her dripping cunt, the old man that she apparently came with was egging on the man, telling him to "pound her good." Another man slapped on a condom for a blowjob, but was drained about as quickly as he entered. I decided that enough was enough, and got myself a condom from the counter outside.

As I came back in, she was being furiously pounded by a younger looking black guy. She was moaning and clawing at the table as the group looked on. I wrestled the condom onto my eager hard on, and took place before the table just as the black man was finishing up. After a quick flashlight check for my condom, I slid into the tight pussy and the woman threw her head back and let out a moan. I quickly put her legs over my shoulders and laid into this sweet, strange pussy with all I had. The old man encouraged me as she splayed and spasmed on the table, her legs bouncing around my shoulders and gripping my neck. Between her moaning and grunting and the sound of my balls slapping into  her asshole, it only took a few minutes for my orgasm to build. As I pounded her even harder and with the back of my legs beginning to burn, she lifted herself off the table and looked at me with the absence in her eyes of woman losing all reasonable sensation to sexual pleasure. It was all I could take, and I released my load that had been waiting to escape.

I made my way to a seat in pleasently dizzy state as the next comer took his place and picked up right where I left off. This gentleman continued the group assault on her womanhood while the ever present men around the table fondled her bouncing tits. After several more minutes, the gentleman also climaxed and retreaded from the table. After a few minutes of recovery and some additional fingering, the woman got up from the table and said she was taking a break. The man she came with whispered in her ear and they looked as though they were preparing to leave. However, upon realizing this, the other men in the room quickly came to her and gave her two cocks with which to occupy herself.

She sucked on the cock in the row behind her, her ass was simply up in the air and just asking to be taken. Another condom-covered shaft went inside her and suddenly she was being fucked doggystyle over the seat while she feasted on a cock that only minutes ago was plowing her. I sat back and happily watched the gangbang while sipping my water, the weary woman being absolutely fucked silly. This lasted an additional 5 minutes or so until both men had finished. The woman was still being fingered as she sorted through her things and found her thong. She was sliding it on as I made my exit. As I made my way to the car, the man who had just been fucking her looked to me and said "Not bad for 8 bucks, eh?"

If this was Monday evening at CT's, I eagerly anticipate a Friday or Saturday night.



Doc here again... Nice job JustJim on your first Flash Report!  JJ did a great job caturing the vibe at CTs, and what you may encounter walking through the doors of Pete's establishment (Hi Pete!). When the action is on at CTs, it is REALLY on.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports... Just e-mail your reports to Boris Badenov The Good Doctor at I will edit, tidey up, spiff up, and maybe even drop in a pic or two.  You get the glory and the byline.

It's fun. It's educational. It may even get you laid. That's what being a reporter at The Journal is all about.

Well, that and the cocktails at the end of a long day...