Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flash Report! Beard of Power Gets Black & Blue at the Fulton Avenue Theater in Evansville, IN

Doc here with a terrific first time report from the Beard of Power.  he visited Evanville, Indiana's Fulton Avenue Books and Theater, and has filed the following detail-filled report.

Take it away, BOP!


Hey Doc,

Beard of Power here with a quick report on a visit to Fulton Ave Books and Theater in Evansville, IN.

I decided since I had no plans for my Saturday night I would give the lounge at the Fulton Avenue Books and Theater a shot. I've had mixed luck with this location on past visits so I wasn't expecting much.

I go in and pay my money for the combo deal ($10 for lounge and $3 worth of tokens for the booths) and as with my usual visits I checked for couples in the lounge and sure enough we had two couples. The couples were a large white woman (we will call her white) with a black man and a thick white woman (we will call her blue) with a white man, both were giving their men blowjobs while most of the other guys were sitting back and stroking, the only one who wasn't was a regular visitor who was busy fingering blue's pussy.

After a few minutes of watching white and blue suck their men another couple came in, this couple was an older (probably late 40s or early 50s) white couple and we will call her black. They sat in the corner and it wasn't long before black's man was reaching down between her legs making it difficult to decide who I wanted to watch then black asked blue's man if she could help blue out. I took this moment while black and blue where positioning themselves to ask blue's man if it was ok to touch her and when I recieved the ok I began playing with blue's very firm breasts while she and black joined forces to give blue's man a double blowjob.

Fulton Avenue Books & Theater
Evansville, IN
A few moments later black's man walks around and blue sits up to suck his cock while black continued with blue's man. The two of them eventually ended up side by side on the couch while black's man began to fuck blue and black began sucking everyone who lined up. The first guy in line took his turn and was having to grab the back of the couch to keep from falling over as black finished him off and swallowed his load, my turn was next and all I could say is "wow"! I am sure I went cross-eyed at some point because black was talented, I unloaded in her mouth and she made sure to get every drop before she stopped and let the next guy take his turn.

As I was recovering from the amazing blowjob I noticed white was now getting her tits and pussy played with by some of the other guys though I don't believe she did much more than that with anyone but her man. Black kept requesting that someone fuck her and a couple guys tried but no luck, meanwhile black's man was still fucking blue and blue was moaning and clearly enjoying it. I was ready for a second go and was going to see how blue compared to black but white's man beat me to the position and she sucked him to completion.

After she got herself a drink she began sucking her own man while black's man went back to fucking her until he came inside her. A couple minutes later black sits on the floor and begins eating blue out. White and her man at this point were ready to go and said their farewells and headed out. I sat next to blue's guy and watched her work and played with her tits, I am not sure if he finished in her mouth or not but they said they were going out for some air and left.

Black and her man sat on one of the couches and one of the other guys was there too, they fingered her pussy and played with her tits until she came then black got dressed and they left as well. I stuck around for a while to see if blue would return or any new couples would arrive but none did by the time I left. I sure hope I run into black and blue again on a future visit.


Doc here again... Many thanks to the Beard of Power for a terrific first time report!  Keep up the great work, sir.


Couple's Flash Report! Gemini @ The Paris Theatre in Portland on 7/29/13

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the sexy and sultry Gemini.  Her visit to Portland, Oregon's Paris Theatre this past Monday still has people talking, and this report from her is the cherry on top.
This is a two cans of Fresca report...
Fasten your seatbelts!
After posting that we would be at the Paris yesterday between 5 and 6pm, I was relieved that we were able to show up during our designated time. 
We made our way into the lobby.  Jordan and Ray (the awesome owner) gathered the usual water, sheets and towels while I freshened up in the ladies room.  Once in the theater, I walked over to the stage to grab a couple pillows and turned on the big fan, then joined Jordan in the Oasis.  The fan was already on in there, but I couldn’t figure out the air conditioner.  A nice gentleman who was seated near the rail overheard us and said he would have Ray turn it on, which he graciously did.  I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name, but Thank You!
We relaxed for a few minutes to watch the movie and wait for the flag to take effect.  On a previous visit, we met a man named Bob who caught my interest.  He is a good looking man with sparkling blue eyes and an infectious smile.  His hair is white like a young Steve Martin and he sports a very nice mustache. We didn’t get to play during that visit, but instead introduced ourselves.  Jordan and I had a nice conversation with him. Bob stood near me as Koral and I played alongside each other with two of her gentlemen friends in the bedroom. He seemed fascinated with me, and I was flattered.  I was fascinated as well as I watched his senses seem to heighten with every moan of pleasure coming from me.

The Real Gemini
This time we knew he would be there because he replied to my post on Brent’s Yahoo Group.  (Where would I be without Brent’s??  He is a genius to have this site!)  On the drive over, I had already told Jordan I would like to play with Bob.  He would be my ice breaker.
We sat in the Oasis for 10 or 15 minutes as the small crowd began to increase.  There were men near the rail and the Oasis in the “close, but not too close” proximity waiting to see if we would begin playing.  Then Jordan pointed out Bob.  He walked into the theater from the other aisle, crossed through the seats and over towards the Oasis doorway.  His eyes were still adjusting to the low lighting, and I don’t think he recognized us yet.  I looked at Jordan and he nodded giving me the go ahead.  I unchained the doorway with Bob just feet away on the aisle steps.  He turned to see me smiling and reaching to hug him.  As he pulled me against him I told him, “I’m so glad you are here.”  His response was to kiss me deeply and we made out right there on the steps like a couple of teenagers at prom. He is a sexy, passionate man, and I knew right then that I had chosen wisely. 

A few more minutes must have passed as the theater began filling up unnoticed by the two of us.  I heard Jordan next to me, “Do you want to use the Annex area?” I caught my breath and said yes.  There was one man already in there who kindly excused himself at our request.  Jordan brought in all our stuff and spread the sheet out on the bench.  (Jordan is the greatest husband in the world!  I know how lucky I am….)

I sat on the edge of the bench, helping Bob out of his clothes.  He had waited so long to feel his cock in my mouth, and I had waited so long to taste him.  Although I wanted to take my time, the anticipation took over and I began to suck him without thought.  With each stroke, I used my tongue to run along the underside of his shaft as he grew harder and harder.  I tried my best to lick his balls, but the height wasn’t right, so I asked him to switch places with me.  I put a pillow under my knees as he lied back on the bench and began feasting on him.  I licked my breasts and hands to lube them up a bit too as I used them along with my mouth and tongue.  I didn’t want to stop, but after a few minutes, he asked if he could go down on me.  What’s a girl to do?  I discarded my denim shorts and we exchanged places once again. 

Pleasure washed over me as he found my clit with his tongue and inserted a finger into my already wet pussy.  I turned my head to see rows of men lined up at the rail.  Many had their cocks out and were stroking them.  Some were lined up through the rail like a garden of penises ready for the picking.  Luckily, they were all extremely well behaved and did not do anything to ruin the mood.  I was very into Bob, and could not pry myself away to divide my attention.  He took turns burying his face completely between my thighs and licking all my juices, then backing off to use his fingers to bring the juices flowing again. 
The Real Gemini, Part Deaux
At one point, as he sat back plunging his fingers into me, I assisted by rubbing my clit as he rested his tongue. Waves ran though my body as I spread myself open with my fingers and the tip of his tongue found my clit once again, all the while using his fingers to find my G-spot. Juices flowed as he made me cum and I moaned loudly with the pleasure he was giving me. 
Bob stood up in front of me and I fervently sucked his cock again.  It wasn’t long before I could taste his goodness in my mouth and I swallowed it down.  With big grins on our faces, we rested a moment before heading to the restroom for some clean-up.
Timing couldn’t have been better as we re-entered the Annex.  We put the chain up and began talking as the lobby door flew open and the Mechanic bounded in, landing in front of me.  He seemed out of breath as if he had ran all the way here, not wanting to miss out.  We smiled and hugged as familiar friends do and he was reassured that he had indeed made it on time.  And although I knew we would play, my eye was also caught on a beautiful, large dark skinned man who strode in right behind him. 

He was tall, bald and athletically built with a gorgeously kind face. Still on either side of the chain, I lowered my blouse to offer my breasts to the Mechanic.  As he bent down to suck on them, I made eye contact with the other man.  He complimented my ladies and I invited him to join in.  We’ll call him “S”.  It wasn’t long before both men were entering the Annex at my request.  Jordan sat on the seat near the chain, while Bob sat in the theater chairs.  The Mechanic and S stood as I sat on the bench, working them out of their clothes. With a cock in each hand I started stroking both and taking turns sucking each one.  The Mechanic was hard as a rock as he filled my mouth. 

When it was S’s turn, he made the most wonderful moans as I slurped and sucked on him.  It was music to my ears.  I went back to the Mechanic who was now in front of me.  In a matter of minutes, I could feel his body tense up as I worked his cock over with my wet mouth.  “Are you going to cum already for me?” I asked.  “If that’s ok with you” he responded.  “God, yes!  Cum for me!”  It was only a couple strokes later and I could feel his warm cum slide down my throat. I took a drink of water and went back to S.  I had him lie down on the bench so I could really reach him.  I stroked his cock with my hand and ran my tongue over his balls.  Then I moved his knees up towards his chin so I could reach below his balls with my tongue.  Ahhhh…. The sweet spot!  He was squeaky clean so I continued to reach my tongue in every nook and cranny he had.  I heard that sweet moan from him again. 

The Mechanic asked if he could go down on me, so I slid off my shorts and lied back on the bench as S towered over me near the rail.  I was in heaven as the Mechanic worked his magic as I continued enjoying S orally.  As I was brought to climax, I instinctively grabbed Bob’s leg.  It wasn’t long before his cock was out again and I was enjoying three men at once.  S then wanted a turn in the Mechanic’s place and told me he was going to make me squirt.  That man did not lie.  He used his fingers on me and had me soaking the sheet within seconds.  I’m sure my moans could be heard throughout the theater.  Next thing I knew, he was getting a condom on.  This tall man did the best he could with me on this short little bench, but to no avail.  We decided to try the Exam Table. 
We gathered a fresh towel as I climbed up.  I noticed a few more couples were now in the theater playing.  Some in the Oasis and some at the Arena Table.  Not bad for a Monday evening!  I glanced over the crowd of men.  There were a few I hoped to play with later, but right now I had Bob, S, and the Mechanic who were showing me all of their attention.  It doesn’t get any better and a girl couldn’t ask for any more.
S resumed his position between my legs as the other two took turns at my head.  One at a time, they crawled on top of the table to position themselves over my face!  Wow!  From that angle they could plunge their cocks into my mouth and I could even lick their balls.  It was fantastic. The three men continued taking turns at every angle of my body.  I felt like an E-ticket ride they had waited for all day and they gave me all they had to offer.  Wave after wave of intense orgasms washed over me as S used his strong hands to make me squirt waterfalls.  I’m absolutely certain my cries of pleasure could be heard throughout the theater… and maybe the city.  By this time, my body needed a rest.  We took a break and cleaned up once again.
When I returned, S needed to head out, but the Mechanic and Bob were still up for more action.  The Mechanic politely and almost shyly asked if he could please fuck me.  I was quick to say yes, but this time wanted a different position.  I went over to face the rail near the chain and bent over for him to enter me from behind as I grabbed the rail.  He immediately thrust his hard cock into me.  I bent even further and placed my hands flat on the floor in front of my feet.  He grabbed my hips and continued to ram inside me with strength and purpose. This position gave the ultimate friction and was probably as much as I could take as he filled every millimeter of my wet pussy.  It wasn’t long before I came, with the Mechanic following close behind.

As he excused himself to the men’s room, I turned my attention back to Bob.  I placed my mouth on his cock and did my best to please him again orally.  After a couple minutes, I realized I was just too exhausted and needed a few minutes to recover.  We sat and talked for a moment while Jordan went outside to take a phone call. 
Scouting over the crowd, there were still a couple men I might want to play with once I regained my steam.  Unfortunately, Jordan came back in and said we needed to leave due to a family issue.  Even though I could have probably gone a couple more hours with proper rest breaks and hydration, I was grateful for the 3 hours of ecstasy Bob, the Mechanic and S had given me.  Any girl should be so lucky, and I would love to see any (or ALL) of them again anytime.
Until next time,

Doc here again... It was a crazy Monday night at The Paris Theatre in Portland on Monday night, and the catalyst for the evening was this appearance by the lovely Gemini. Many thanks to her for this top-shelf report!  I cannot wait for the next chapter!