Monday, May 27, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini at The Paris Theatre in Portlandia on 5/22

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the vivacious Gemini. Gemini visited The Paris Theatre in Portland and once again let her mark with the crowd on hand.

Here she is... The force of nature known as Gemini...


Hello Doctor,

I anticipated Wednesday night to be somewhat slow at the Paris Theatre, what with the rain and all, so we decided to post early that we would be there in the hopes to find one or two men interested in some one on one time with me.

We arrived a few minutes before the scheduled time to find only a handful of men in the theater, but it was still early.  We took our time in the lobby as more arrived one by one until there was a decent crowd.  Ray gathered some towels and a sheet, and Jordan grabbed a couple pillows as we made our way to the Oasis.  He told me he had overheard a man talking to Ray, asking if Gemini was here and if she was the one he was thinking of – the one with the large breasts. J  I was excited to think someone made the trip out in this horrible weather to see me. 

As Jordan pointed him out to me, I could see a tall, blond man sitting in the first seat of the Annex.  He was good looking and fit.  We all watched the big screen to get our motors running as I saw him unzip his jeans and proceed to stroke his cock.  He glanced over at me a couple times, but was not disrespectful as some can be – boring holes in the side of my skull with their stares.  Knowing he had come to see me heightened my interest as I watched him stroke faster and faster, wondering if there would be anything left for me if he continued.  Luckily he stopped, and after a couple minutes, Jordan asked me if I wanted him to come in. 

The Real Gemini
I nodded and he eagerly entered as Jordan invited him in.  He stood in front of me as the crowd of onlookers awaited the show.  He loosened his jeans and as the fell to his knees, so did I.  This man presented to me a beautifully clean large, hard cock that I couldn’t resist.  I immediately began running my tongue around the head and down his shaft.  I felt like a kid with a new Disneyland lollipop and didn’t know where to lick first.  I wanted it all at once, but wanted to savor it at the same time.  As my tongue and lips glided back up to the top, I wondered how much of this large specimen I could get in my mouth.  I slowly lowered my mouth down as too get him as deep as possible.  Back up and back down….again and again as I tried to relax my muscles and the juices from my mouth lubed his cock until finally he hit the back of my throat as I gagged. 

There was still plenty of cock left unattended even fully inside, so I stroked him with my left hand and brought my right hand under his balls.  I continued to suck and stroke him while massaging his balls and gently running my nails under them. At one point I got a little taste preview, and I loved it. After a couple minutes of this, I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse.  He scooped by breasts out of my bra and brought his head down to suck them.  I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “Did you come to see me?”  “Yes” was all he managed to reply as he licked off all the strawberry flavor I had put on my nipples. 

More of the Real Gemini
I went back to my knees and wrapped them around his hard cock, stroking them up and down and licking the head with each pass.  He was hard as a rock and I could feel his legs start to shake. Not wanting his knees to give way, I had him discard his shoes and pants and sat him down on the sheet covered bench. I pulled up a pillow and dropped down once again.  I continued to give him my best effort as I looked up at him and he returned the look with intense pleasure on his face. He told me I needed to stop or he might come.  I was now torn between having this magnificent cock between my thighs, or continue sucking to retrieve more of the sweet appetizer he had given me. 

As much as I may have wanted him to fuck me, I couldn’t bring myself to get off my knees and deny myself the gift I was waiting for.  I fervently continued on, running my tongue from the tip to the base of his balls and stroking him, then back up for full on sucking/stroking.  With audible moans, he threw his head back and shot his cum inside my mouth.  I made sure I had every drop inside.  I sat taller on my knees and opened my mouth so he could see it all in there.  I considered letting it fall out of my mouth and onto my breasts, but the greedy girl that I am decided it tasted too good to let it go to waste, and I drank it all down.  We sat for a moment to get our bearings and Jordan said to me, “So was that fun?”  “Yes, Baby!” I said, “I want to see him again!  Please get his number.”  Off they went to the lobby.

After a few minutes in the ladies’ room, I came back to Oasis to find Jordan and the Mechanic waiting for me.  As I looked around for my water, I noticed one gentleman in the crowd who I thought had emailed me earlier in the day.  “Did I talk to you earlier today?” I asked him.  He shook his head and said no.  I thanked him for not trying to snow me.  Hmm, I thought, it’s too bad that the e-mailer didn’t show, just because I wouldn’t guarantee playing with him.  I never promise to play with someone I haven’t met, but I did look for him.  He seemed decent enough to see where it could have gone.  Oh well….                                               

I knew at this point I didn’t have much time left before we had to leave, so I turned to the trusty, lusty Mechanic who did his best to make me soak the sheets as he used his talented fingers to make me squirt.  Another couple joined us in the Oasis and began playing right away.  This must have been great for the crowd at the rail.  The Mechanic and I 69’d for a bit before I finally got down on knees and extracted his white gold.

Somehow in the process, both of us lost our pants in the shadows, which was quite comical.  We eventually found them and were able to go clean up.  It was now past time for us to leave, and we departed for home. 
I knew I would end up writing about this adventure since I was so enthralled with this new man we had met.  Finding favorites is not easy because there is no specific age, race or body type for me.  It’s all about the chemistry and it’s either there or it’s not.  You just never know who it may be.  I am hoping to find more by the end of the summer. 
Thanks again to Ray who always treats Jordan and I with such class.  I’ve said it before, but I am so grateful to have this venue available for some of my fantasies.

Have a great Memorial Weekend,