Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flash Report! Darknight Hits The Jolar Theater in San Diego

Doc here with a great new Flash Report from senior reporter Darknight. Once again, he hits pay dirt in San Diego, and this is web to guide you through


Hi Doc,

It's been awhile!

I stoped by the Jolar Theater and Barnett Ave Superstore on March 22 on the way back from a friends birthday celebration trip across the Mexican border in Rosarito the previous day.

I first hit the Jolar at 8pm, paid my $10 bucks and got buzzed in to the theater. There were 2 guys in the first theater, and 1 latin couple I recognized from a past encounter: I called them the Jose Coseco / Courtney Cox couple.  They were seated in the center left row of seats with her on the wall side.

Jose remembered me and gave me a nod that says "I remember you", then he whispered to Courtney and she looked over and smiled at me. They then got up and walked out so I followed after a minute. However, they did not leave but were standing by the exit hallway door watching the movie through the glass partition. She was in front, leaning against him. I said hi and she waved me over, as he then raised he skirt and showed me she wasn't wearing panties and started playing with her pussy.

I asked permission to touch and started playing with her tits, and she then asked to see my cock. So being a gentleman, I unleashed it and she began to stroke me while Jose and I continued playing with her as she got more turned on.

It was then that 2 other guys from the theatre came in the hallway and they stopped and asked me to follow them to their car which was parked in a vacant parking lot across the street south of The Jolar. We went to the back seat of their Volvo, with her between us. Immediately she unleashed her C cup tits from her top so I could suck and play with them while Jose watched.

Courtney stroked my hard full attention bronze cock she , then bowed her head and took the German helmet in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it before taking as much as she could in the back of her throat. I was now in perv heaven as Jose now started performing a 3 finger bang on her now sopping pussy.

I asked if she wanted to sit on my cock but she just wanted me to fill her mouth with come. I was close enough, so I blasted my cum down her throat and some landed on her upper lip (Got Milk)?. we said our good byes and I headed towards the area of the superstore to find a hotel for the night before my next encounter stay tuned for the cumming attraction,

Until then,
Later Doc


Doc here again... Many thanks to Darknight and his latest report. Keep up the great work, sir!