Monday, April 9, 2012

Flash Report! AnExplorer Hits Adult World in Caryville, TN

Doc here with a Flash report from AnExplorer.  Jut like Lewis and Clark, The Pilgrims, and Columbus, AnExplorer is in search of the new world.  A world tucked inside an adult theater...

Tne adult complox in question here is Adult World in Caryville, TN (info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). The Exit is 137. 

Here is AnExplorer and his latest report from Tennessee.


This is not my first time at an ABS bookstore in this thing of ours, but it was the first time at the theaters in this venue.

This is a very large ABS just off the interstate located under the giant "Jesus is Watching You" cross for the neighborhood fundies.

Adult World
Carysville, TN  c.2011
You enter the store into a large video display area. The video booths are off to the left behind a buzzer door. Off to the right is another buzzer door featuring the two theaters (couples only and single male only). In that area there is also a pool table, and an area where dancers entertain.

The cost of admission was $25 for an unlimited admission ticket to the video booths and the single male theater. Couples are free into the couples only theater. There were no couples in attendance and no couples entered the theater while I was there.

The video booths have probably 30 booth setups with glory holes, plexiglass windows with curtains between some of the booths, and normal booths. They feature all the usual videos from straight to not so. There were a lot of single males trolling the glory holes. Most of them seemed to be trucker types...meaning at least 150 pounds overweight and in need of some personal hygiene attention.

Just inside the buzzer door on the theater side was an adult entertainer. I spent some time chatting her up. She was wearing a small thong and a small bra and was not shy about showing the lower goods as she tried to entice you to buy either a dance, a table dance, a massage, a topless pool game, a private dance, etc... all from a menu. She was not a 10, but probably an 8.5 with a nice slim 19 year old body. If might have helped if the spent less time smoking and texting, but she was not that interesting.

There were probably an average of 4 guys in the single male theater at any given time. While I was there, I saw the normal jacking off.  I also saw one guy come up and do some macking down with another dude, then he went down on him for a while. That guy then gloved up and took the aggressor bent over the row in front. He finished inside and they both went on to other things.

Because I was only looking for couples not much of the above was interesting to me.

I stayed about three hours and saw very little action other than sweaty, smelly truckers and a few college age couples/threesomes/foursomes (in the bad, platonic way, haha) come through the bookstore.

If this is the action on a Saturday night, I can only imagine how bad this would be any other time. Overall, a bad experience, worthy of skipping altogether.

Until the next time,



Doc here again...Thanks to AnExplorer for this detailed report from a theater not often reported on by the contributors here at The Journal. Thank you sir!


Flash Report! floyd Reports on Taboo Video in Portland

Doc here with a great report from senior reporter, floyd.  floyd covers the daytime Portlandia scene like a blanket for The Journal, and this report has a different twist.

Here is is our good friend floyd and his latest report...


Blondie Gets It Done

Glad to see you back in action , Doc.  Welcome home! Today your loyal reporter files a rare non-Paris Theater based report; it’s quick one but I think your readers will enjoy it!

First off, my report actually starts at the world famous Paris Theater here in Portland Oregon. I was over there one very rainy late afternoon last week, and it was pretty dead, with no couples or ladies over an hour and a half or so.  The movie ended and the new one was one of those ever-popular slap and spit butt fucking flicks.  This was not doing a thing for floyd,so this reporter split the scene.

Now as it turns out I was meeting a friend at a pub in the Pearl District, which is in the opposite direction of my trip home.  I was to meet him at 5:30pm and it was just 4:15, so I started walking north on Broadway, where a new ABS called Taboo Video had opened a year or so ago. I had been in there half a dozen times.  A fairly normal small store with toys and movies and mags,but with a pretty large set of movie booths behind a curtain in the back.  The left side rooms were private and the right side all had glory holes on each side so all these booths were somewhat connected.  The area was heavily used for gay cruising as well as hetero solo jacker’s like me, so I was typically in the non-GH rooms.

Well, it was pouring rain and there was not a soul in the store other than the friendly female clerk who gave me change for a ten for the booths, so for some reason I chose one of the right side booths with the GH’s.  Sure enough, about ten minutes into my solo action I hear the door open next to me. I’m prepared to bolt across the hall if it’s a dude, but to my surprise I hear an unmistakably female voice!

Peeking through the hole I see a short, chubby, forty-ish blond in tight jeans and a white blouse. Her hubby had an impressive cock sticking out of the front of his jean and Blondie was stroking it with the fingers of one hand.  They saw me watching and he positioned himself behind her and cupped her big tits.  She got the message and started unbuttoning.  Off came the blouse and he unhooked her bra from the back.  She let the bra slip off, revealing big natural hangers with wide nips.  floyd was impressed.  She got down on her knees and sucked him enthusiastically for about six or seven minutes.  Her reward was four or five big shots of his spunk all over those big jugs.  Nice!

I figured the show was over after he had cum, but I was wrong.  She slipped out of her jeans and he started rubbing her pussy through a tiny sheer white thong.  It was clear from the light-colored hair peeking out the sides that she was a natural girl.  The panties came off and he started frigging her clit with his wet finger, which made a very pleasingly sloppy sound.  She turned towards me and bent over so her could work her pussy from behind, and her mouth appeared at the GH.  A finger beckoned, and since floyd’s mom raised not a single fool, I knew my next move.

Seconds later I was receiving a spectacular BJ from this hot little tramp while her guy was no doubt finger-fucking her into a frenzy from the rear.  It didn’t take long for the familiar feeling to begin, and she could sense it, because exactly when I hit the point of no return she pulled her mouth away, grabbed my dick, and directed the second load of the afternoon onto her big hangers.

Hubby produced a small hand towel and cleaned up her tits,and she dressed quickly and left with him.  They both were wearing big smiles as we all exited the store together without a word being spoken. You can bet this reporter had a grin as big as theirs!



Thanks again to floyd and another terrific report from the Pacific Northwest.

The Good Doctor is back in form, and ready to receive your adult theater reports once again.  E-mail your reports (recent or from the past) to me at I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the byline and the glory. 

Sounds fair, right?