Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Reports on Fantasyland I in Tampa

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from adult theater veteran, Professor 7x6. The Prof has ventured down to the Sunshine State, and even had an opportunity to peek up Cinderella's dress before hitting Tampa.

This is his story.  And it's all sorts of awesome. Enjoy Professor 7x6's report!


Hello Doc,

Sorry your gymnast career didn't work out.  This is kind of long-ish for a single vagina sighting...

The Professor was traveling to Orlando with co-workers and managed to get off the clock for a day of R&R.  First thing on the agenda is to leave the pretend Disneyland and head to the real Happiest Place on Earth, the porn theaters of Tampa. I only had Thursday evening and Good Friday (April 5-6) before my flight.

The first couple of passes through Fantasyland I were vagina free.  I  explored other venues, like Thee Love Shack and Adult World with the expected non-results. The professor could never be a nature photographer because I don't have the superpower to stand around for eternity like the species "homo trollus", frequently seen at all arcades and theaters.

I had not even checked the last of the small rooms when a couple came in and plopped on the couch, with the lady leaning against hubby.  It was so sudden there were only three members of the penis    brigade following her in.  They must have just walked straight into the theater from the parking lot.

Fantasyland I
Tamps, FL

She was wearing a low cut red mini-dress and heels, kind of had brunette poodle hair, and appeared to be mid-50's and in denial. She was well sculpted, but not petite.  If it's  possible to say this in a good way, she looked like Nancy Pelosi, without the helmet hair.  A classy woman out indulging her dirty secret life.

She was masturbating herself before she hit the couch, and began a show.  After a minute when it became evident that this was spontaneous, and that pussy wasn't going to fuck itself, I asked hubby if I could help.  He said it's up to her and I looked for consent and started touching and soon eating her pussy.  She was wet, which belies her age as a post-menopausal slut, so she was really into it.  She limited touching of her boobs, which were perfect, plastic C-cups.

Going first isn't my thing, but nobody else was measuring up, so I gloved up and started toward the entrance.  Hubby hit us with a spotlight, which is great for me.  I always make sure to lean back and make sure everybody can see the action.  My shirt is off and shorts out of the way for maximum vision and I hold her leg out of the way.  I had a nice solid stiff one and I held her legs and fucked missionary for about 5 minutes.

She fucked and moaned good, but it was actually a better show than a fuck.  Some of her bucking and heaving made it harder to stay on target, but she had a nice body and it felt nice to have balls    against buns.  One problem was her thong which stayed on and was in the way often.

I started to sag a little and also didn't want to cock block, so I dismounted and asked to tap out.  A young black guy stepped up and fucked about 5 minutes.  He barely unzipped his pants and his    shirttail covered everything, so we don't even know if he was in her.  It was like the old softcore porn flicks we used to have to watch before the internet. 

A tall guy came up and groped on her and talked dirty about her bending over.  She played with his cock some, but it never rose and he walked away.  She was drunk or something because she kept yelling at him to come fuck her from behind.   Since he couldn't, I rubbered back up and I did.  We fucked standing up for a few minutes with her bucking and making it really hard to stay inside.

After losing connection and realizing she wasn't going to bend over soon, I stepped back and she started working on a young guy with a covered BJ.  She kept on that poor bastard ten minutes and he couldn't get wood in the condom and she didn't seem to realize you can't fuck with a softie.  I felt I had done my time and left for a few minutes to get food.

When I came back about 20 minutes later, she was riding some guy from ZZ Top in the theater seats.  A guy leaving had seen me fuck her and said he gave up on her.  She wouldn't let you nut on her and she wouldn't remove the thong.  Still, she was pretty hot and obviously worked at remaining sexy. 

I only managed a drive by on Friday and was told I just missed a couple at 2 PM.  No actual confirmation they played, and the couple I saw leave wasn't dressed to play.

The Professor's next road trip will likely be in Phoenix.  Hoping to see some advance scouting reports from the Doctor's field reporters!



Doc here again... Tampa, once the home of the top-rated adult theaters in the country, is now a one or two note song in this thing of ours.  Play there has to be calculated, and discreet.  But if exercised properly, can be an awful lot of fun.

A huge thank you to the Good Professor for his report, and we look forward to his next report from Phoenix. 

The Good Doctor still needs adult theater reports...In a bad way.  Just e-mail me what you have to  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all you get the byline.

Let's see what you got!


Flash Report! Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN by Traveling Man

Doc here with another first time reporter, taking his initial shot at reporting on this thing of ours. I'd like to introduce you to Traveling Man.

TM has filed a report on Cinema 1 in good old Chattanooga, TN (address info available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  This theater is a classic, but we don't hear much from inside it's walls.  Let's hope that changes sometime soon, and in a big way.

So without further ado, here is Traveling Man and his first Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

Went to Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN on Saturday April 7th.  Excellent location!!  There is a large theater with a smaller couples only theater.  They also have video booth area.  I mostly stayed in the large theater. 

Cinema 1
Chattanooga, TN
There were 6 couples came through while I was there.  Some of them only sat around a few minutes then left.  There were 2 couples that played around together, with others in the theater allowed to sit near them and watch.  However, there was one couple who really made the night awesome. 

She was an absolute stunner.  Very short dress and completely naked under it and she didn't mind showing that she was naked under it.  She started playing around and a crowed gathered around her to watch.  She seemed to prefer black men and started to play around with them.  Ended up totally naked in the seat and having sex with both of the black guys she was playing with.  Got the feeling that if there had been more black guys there, she would have taken them also.  Can only hope that she will show up there again.  Rare to fine a female as sexy as her at an adult theater.           



Doc here again... A big thank you to Traveling Man for his fine first report on Cinema 1.  This theater is one of the few I have not been into nationally, but has been on my radar for over 11 years.  One of these days...

I need reports folks... Flash Reports, Blasts from the Past, or Field Reports.  Please send them into me at, and I'll do the rest.  Just ask Traveling Man...