Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Flash Report! The Black Hat @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicagoland

Doc here with an outstanding Flash Report from one of the top adult theater complexes in the country, 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Melrose Park, IL. Senior reporter The Black Hat visited last week, and this is his detailed and action-packed report.
Thursdays can be a lot of fun @ 15th Avenue...
Take it away, sir.
The Black Hat at 15th Ave

Good times this past week at 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL.  I made my first ever visit on Tuesday night and while no females or couples showed, I enjoyed getting into the vibe and checked out the Theater, Booths and Spa.  After a few hours of milling about, I retreated to the dark room behind the theater screen and started working on my tool, soon there was a group of about 5 stroking and firing off.  While couples and single gals are my thing, I will admit it was a pretty hot vibe and was good to clear the pipes so to speak. 
15th Avenue
Main Entrance
Wednesday night was another slow night and there was one couple late 50's who had ventured to a room back in the spa.  They kept to themselves and left in different cars which got me wondering that this was a clandestine meeting between two lovers and not husband and wife. I mean, why else would you venture to 15th if you were not going to exhibit or play unless you were just looking for a discrete hook up spot?  Just my theory.  I left by midnight and noticed no other activity.
Thursday night was a much different.  I counted 6 couples over the course of the evening!  Couple 1 were late 40's, he was a stocky build, shaved head and she was a curvaceous beauty. They began in the theater with some necking and light cock/titty sucking and moved later to the spa area where they entered a room.  I struck up a conversation in the spa with a big guy I'll call "Moose".  We chatted about theater adventures and he filled me in on the local scene, then we he heard very vocal sounds from couple 1's room.  
We ventured down the hallway and could tell they were really going at it and were having a ball. The door peaks open and the guy surveys the lineup that was quickly gathering.  Moose was invited in, quickly suited up and started giving this gal a great pounding.  After about 10 minutes he finished and I was given the go ahead after I suited up.  Now the Black Hat must confess, that all did not go well with my equipment this round.  Not sure if it was the wrap or stage fright from the huddle forming behind me so I tapped out.  Next was a well hung African American gentleman who told me he's a regular.  He put on a clinic that lasted 10-15 minutes and evoked some very loud pleasure from this lovely lady.  Bravo!  They left a short while later.
Theater Entrance - 15th Avenue
Next up, couple 2 enters the spa area.  A late 40's brunette and a mid 50's gentleman wearing, of all things, a Black Hat!  She entered the locker area, stripped down, showered, dressed and they retreated to the couples section of the theater.  A while later, they returned to the spa area bleacher section, where she promptly dropped her skirt and bent over offering her pussy to any takers.  The team didn't have much time to assemble, and there really was not much going on prior to that to get the guys into a frenzy, so no one was really ready to go.  A Mexican gentleman stepped up and began putting on not one, but two condoms.  The man with the hat told him to only use one, Mexican guy was confused, Hat guy lost his patience and banished him.  Again, no one else was ready to go, so they left for the theater.  
Here things got more interesting.  Cocks were now out in full force.  After a while she motioned for Mexican guys older buddy to come over and sit with them.  He wrapped and she began sucking him and then stood up and bent over while he fucked her hard from behind.  Meanwhile, a few more Mexicans entered the theater including one female I will refer to them as Couple 3; she had a fabulously large and sexy ass.  They took up seats right in front of couple 2 and began to watch the action.  Meanwhile, I and a few others were positioned around couple 2 with cocks out.  
Now I was really digging this vibe, a good fucking going on in front of me while couple 3's gal was turned around watching, I caught eye contact with her several times watching my now rock hard 7 inches as I stroked.  So couple 2's brunette and the 2nd Mexican guy are about to finish when couple 4 enters the theater, another curvy blonde and big dude I'll call biker man.  Couple 2's brunette thanks the Mexican guy for the fuck and takes her seat next to her man.  Couple 4 takes seats in the couples section and begins kissing but before too long, she is sucking his cock.  Next couple 5 enters and takes up residence in the couples section, she is pretty with a large rack and a few tattoos, he is handsome and reserved.  The team of guys makes the usual trips between the theater and spa trying to anticipate any couples next move. 
Private Rooms - 15th Avenue
Couple 2 hangs around a bit longer, but hat guy is now outside the theater where he has a view of his gal every time the door opens.  I'm not sure what the play was, maybe he wanted somebody to approach her, maybe he was just taking a short break.  In any event, not I, nor the team was ready to make a move given his stern demeanor (better to error on the side of caution!).  She was lovely however, and I am appreciative that they were present and that she put on a show. They retreated to the spa area and left a short time later. 
Couple 4 (curvy and the biker man) by now has retreated to the spa area along with couple 3 ( the Mexican contingent now numbering 1 female and 3 guys).  All are stripping down preparing to enter the sauna.  Yours truly and a few other guys follow suit.  Now this was the most fun I had all evening.  It seemed like something out of Caligula!  Couple 4 got into it with each other sucking and fingering with biker guy bringing her to a very vocal orgasm while the Mexican contingent and the rest of us were seated or standing and stroking.  Again, I enjoyed Mexican gal eyeing my cock but it was clear that she is more of a voyeur, I suspect she was anxious to see her guy with another woman. At one point,  a tall fully dressed Latino guy entered the sauna and was quickly told to leave and come back naked.  Dude, WTF?
Next, Couple 4, makes a retreat for the showers, as does the bullpen and then back tot he theater to check on Couple 5 (big rack and Mr. reserved).  Couple 5 leaves to check out the booth area while couple 4 enters the theater again and gets into another session of grinding and fingering/fisting.  Now this was really hot and again, a bunch of us were huddled about watching with cocks out.  One douche reached in and touched her ass without asking and was quickly rebuked by her. The show continued with a highly vocal and squirting orgasm!  
By now Couple 5 had hooked up with the tall Latino guy who came into the sauna fully dressed and retreated to a private room for about a good hour while a gang of about 4 or 5 held vigil in towels waiting for an invite.  I didn't waste my time.  It was clear they came for a very specific mission, which did not include a big public show.
Couple 4 is now stepping up to the plate for the third time, this time, back in the spa bleachers where the lovely blonde is bent over while biker dude is power fucking her from behind. This was clearly about his pleasure and they put on a great show for us all, including the Mexican contingent.  If couple 4 had invited anyone to play along I would have said they hit for the cycle but never the less, they get The Black Hat's MVP award for couple of the night.  They made another pass in the theater, returned to the spa area and left.  Thanks guys, great show!
OK, couple 6 shows up.  Not much to report. She was a 40's Latino gal, dressed in sweats and he looked about 50, white. They entered the spa and came back to the bleachers where some guy just said hello and the guy gave the greeter a look that could kill.  On to the theater, they made out standing in the back of the theater, went to a booth and had a very vocal time and then back to the theater for 10 minutes and then left.  What ever.
The Mexican Contingent is now back in the Theater and a shaved head guy in a sweat suit is sitting adjacent to them stroking, trying to entice our ass queen, The Mexican Gal.  She doesn't go for it, but apparently has the guy so worked up that when she finally makes eye contact, he shoots a good load like a Chicago Fire truck.  The Mexican boys now all get their cocks out and start stroking, her guy gets his cock out and she starts to suck him a bit while the remaining guys close ranks with cocks out.  He then begins grinding her ass although she still has pants on.  Then, Couple 5 (big rack Latino Gal and Mr. Reserved) re-enter the theater and watch the proceedings. I am immediately to the Mexican Couples left stroking in all my glory and keep catching big rack Latino Gal looking over her shoulder at the Mexicans and my cock. It wasn't going anywhere, but it was fun.  This went on for another 15 minutes and then the couples all called it a night.
I give 15th Ave an A+.  The facility has a lot of variety, the staff is patient and unobtrusive and the clientele is more on the friendly side rather than the creepy side. Remember guys, sometimes you just have to enjoy the show!  I'll be back. I'll be signing off for a bit as I won't be on the road for a while.  Good luck out there, have a great holiday and be cool!  
Until then, I remain,
The Black Hat.
Doc here again... Now that is a great Flash Report!  Kudos to The Black Hat for a great job on capturing the electricity perfectly at 15th Avenue last Thursday.  How do I know how he did such a great job?
I was there on Thursday night.
I had to leave early (around 9:15pm), but the early floor show from Couple #1 was nothing short of outstanding, and The Black Hat's report was spot on. 
Happy holidays to you, The Black Hat.

Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy Is Back On The Prowl (w/4 NEW EXCLUSIVE PICS!)

Doc here with a brand new report and gallery of pics of the force of nature known as Gloryhole Nancy, courtesy of her guy, T.
It's been a little while since we have had a full blown GHN Report, but we can't say that any longer.
So sit back and enjoy the latest from NW Ohio with Gloryhole Nancy.
Hi there Doc,
Hope you're having a good week so far...If not, hopefully a little Nancy will brighten you up LOL.
I took her to the bookstore late last week to satisfy her thirst for cock; due to LE presence we've been laying low but have been venturing out as of late and have had no problems.  We stopped at a bookstore right next to a strip club, but unfortunately we were not planning on stopping in the first place, so we were not dressed for the club:(  (Nancy absolutely LOVES pussy and was disappointed so I figured some gloryhole cock would cheer her up.) 
We went into a booth and waited about 5 minutes before a black cock slid thru for her to suck, and she of course dropped to her knees and sucked him like the pro she is. He was rock hard in seconds and was moaning and very vocal, just like Nancy likes it.  He must have said "thank you so much Nancy" and "suck my black cock Nancy" not to mention "I've been waiting so long to run into you Nancy" about 50 times LOL 
After a good 10 minutes of her expert slurping he came and thanked her for "making his dreams come true." Guess he's been following us online and couldn't believe his luck:)  Let this be an announcement for you hung ( 8"+) guys in the Toledo, OH and Detroit areas: if you want her to suck/fuck you through the gloryhole contact us with measured cock pics and your location. If you got what she likes you are in for the treat of your life lol  Hope you like the pics, because we have another report and more pics (vids?) to come...
Nancy and T
P.S. Thanks again Doc for not giving up on us!  We know were MIA for awhile, but something tells me Nancy is just starting to get that gloryhole hunger again!
Gloryhole Nancy's New Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, for another great report!  Between these new pics, and the new photo of her facing away from the camera with a bird's eye view of her unreal bottom, Nancy just might break the internet.
Thanks again guys!