Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blast From The Past! Shurshot in Portland, NH

Doc here with a first time Blast From The Past from Shurshot, and an adventure in Portland, NH.
Take it away, Shurshot!
Ray's post reminds of an encounter that I had in Portland, NH in the '70s.
"I was living in Plattsburgh, NY and sang in a Barbershop Chorus. The barbershop annual regional competition was held in Portland. 3 day, 2 night deal. On the second night, when we did not perform, I snuck off from the auditorium and went to the seedy part of town. Entered a shop and started dropping quarters to watch peep porn, on 8mm film loops. You old-timers will remember. Malfunctions were common.
After only a few minutes I heard a female voice. Left the booth and went to the magazine rack where a very young (about 20) chunky woman was also browsing. Seemed friendly. I asked her if she'd like to watch a movie with me - to my delight she said yes. She was wearing a mini skirt and button up blouse. After only a minute or so we made initial "accidental" body contact and I started squeezing her ample ass. Tits (probably 38 D's) got my attention next - young and firm, almost no sag, at all. Went in under the front of the skirt and found crotch less panties - remember those?? Pussies had hair in those days, but finding her wet slit was no problem. Somewhere along the way, I pulled out my cock and she immediately grabbed it. So we enjoyed mutual masturbation for several minutes, with lots of ass and tit squeezing and sucking. She was as much into it as I. which was lots!! 
Next thing blew my mind and almost my semen load... She said she was from a small town about 50 miles away and she and her boyfriend had come to Portland to find a guy for a threesome. I smelled "Bait and Switch", but went to their car and they satisfied me that that they were what they said and that he wasn't looking for a wanker. He and his wife were 30 somethings, both worked and had 2-3 small children - the young chunk was their live-in nanny. Said that he snuck off from work once or twice a week to go home and fuck her. They had talked about doing a threesome for quite a while and finally decided to do it; and came to the "big city" to look for a dude. Don't know how they got away from the old lady. But, there they (especially she) were!!!
They had no room so we went to mine that, for economic reasons I shared with another singer, and hoped to finish before the concert was over and he came back. I took some pictures of her stripping and them doing preliminaries. Had to get with it. He did her anally while she sucked my dick and I finger fucked her. Really weird to feel his cock bumping around her ass, while I was working her clit and G spot. And licked juices from her lips, even in those days before pussy shaving was common; she was luscious.  
He came in her ass and then we did a lot of other stuff - he did a second load. Even though she gave great head I wanted to come in that tight, but wet and slick, cunt - which I did.
That's really all the juicy stuff. Given the distance between us and their situation trying to stay in touch wasn't practical; so I never saw them again. One Helluva one night stand!!!""
Doc, that's my story. Hope you and others enjoy.
Doc here again... Congrats to Shurshot for an excellent report... Keep 'em coming, sir.

Flash Report! Southsuburbanguy @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a Flash Report from 2nd time contributor, Southsurburbanguy.  SSG ventured into 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL, and got an eyeful.  And in return, he gave a mouthful... But let's have him tell his story.

Here is Southsurburbanguy and his Flash Report from 15th Avenue in Chicago's western burbs.


Dr. Lizardo, I don't know if you remember me, but I wrote you an article (and you published it) about The Asian Couple at CT's. I have been really busy with work and kids lately, so I have not been able to get out to play. Until this last week! Let me tell you what happened Wednesday night two weeks back.

"A" from The Asian Couple
I was on my way back from a meeting for work. It was about 9:45pm so I decided to stop at 15th Avenue. The lot was full, which is a good sign for a Wednesday night. As I was walking in the door, a guy walked out the door and told me about a hot woman who had just done a dozen or so guys. I went in, but unfortunately, the woman was in the bathroom cleaning up. When she came out, I saw that it was A (from M&A, The Asian Couple). They talked to some guy for a few minutes, then left.

I walked into the theater, and there was a hispanic couple in there. I have seen them in there before, and they don't do anything, not even play with each other. I was about to leave, a hot blond in a skin tight skirt and halter top walked in with her man. They sat in the couples section, in the second to the back row. I sat down and decided to wait.

Soon after, another older couple came in and sat in the back row. The woman was a hot, rubenesque beautiful woman! After a few minutes, her male companion got up and left. About that time, the blond began giving her man a blow job. IT was HOT!! Guys started to gather around, stroking and watching. The woman who was by herself now, at first told the guys to back off and give her some room. They did, and watched the blond. Soon, however, the single woman parted her legs and started fingering herself. She pulled out her breasts and started rubbing them with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other. IT was hot!

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrsoe Park, IL
 Soon one of the guys who was stroking came over and stood next to her while stroking. He asked if he could cum on her leg, she told him to cum on her tits. He did, and she licked it off. Soon other guys were rubbing her pussy, her tits, her body. She even gave one guy a BJ! While this was going on, the blond had stood up and was getting thoroughly fucked by her man, and was very loud about it. She came several times, and with her last time, the single woman also came loudly.

The blond then took a break, with the couple going into the spa to relax. Minutes after the blond and her man left, the single woman's male companion came in, sat down, and they started talking. I waited longer. About 20 minutes later, I was rewarded when the blond and her man came back, and started fucking again in the theater. This time, the woman in the back started giving a B to her man, then sat up and started rubbing her pussy again. The guys again gathered around both woman, stroking their cocks. I was right behind the woman in the back row, stroking my cock. After stroking her man, she turned her head and sucked me. She was great, I did not last long! After cumming in her mouth, hair, and tits, I zipped up and stood back to watch.

The woman in the back stood up, and walked over to where the blond was getting fucked. She sat on the floor, and started masturbating while watching the action close up. The blond took a break from fucking and started sucking her man. She turned and offered her man's cock to the other woman. It was obvious that they would be sharing at least one cock that night!

At that point, I had to go home. I can't tell you what happened after that, but it was certainly an interesting evening!!

Hope you enjoyed this. It is only my second article. Hopefully I will have some more!


A big thank you to Southsurburbanguy and his intrepid reporting from 15th Avenue in Chicagoland.  Keep up the fine work, sir!


Flash Report! The Boston Red Cox @ Leisuretime Cinema in Davie, FL

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend, The Boston Red Cox. 
This report comes from sunny Florida, as TBRC finds himself with some free time before jumping on a plane back to Boston.  Now how does he spend that free time? Well of course, he ventured to Leisuretime Cinema in Davie, FL.
Here is TBRC and his report...
Good Evening Good Doctor! A quick memo from the Boston Red Cox... This week's business trip turned into some pleasure!
Monday 10/1 evening found me flying down from Beantown into sweltering Fort Lauderdale, for an early Tuesday am business meeting in Boca Raton. As luck would have it, my return flight was not until Wednesday evening, so I had some free time to visit adult theater in the area: The Leisuretime Theater in Davie Fl, right near the Fort Lauderdale airport (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult theater Database).
Well not much has been written into your blogs about this place, I can understand why. The location is on S.R. 7, route 441, just a bit north of the Hard Rock Casino.  I pulled my rented Coxmobile into the small lot (which was full!) and eased my way into the last available spot on the side.
Expecting this might be a great venue, based upon the number of cars there, I skipped inside and paid my $12.00 admission to the cashier, and went inside the theater.. After 15 mins or so, my eyes finally adjusted from the bright sun outside, and I could see many figures milling about along the aisles. Scanning the small theater, I looked for the elusive couple or single gal in the seating area, but no luck, none to be found.
But wait, what lies behind those 2 closed doors, right and left?  Opened one and peeked, just a couple guys doing sausage juggling....Then opened the left door, and low and behold, about 6 guys huddled around one seat. I positioned my self to get a better view of who was the center of attention, and lo and behold it appeared to be the cutest gal of colour I have ever seen, sucking everyone around her.
Can it really be, I asked myself, before taking an empty spot beside her. Upon closer look, I found my first impression to be incorrect, as this gal had something extra between her legs sticking out...Oh well, my mistake, I excused myself and quickly moved away...
Another hour or so, playing the usual wait and see game, I stopped and talked with the cashier/owner on the way out, and he advised me to stay a while longer, as usually on Wednesday afternoons, a cougar and her man come by ...Sadly, I had a flight to catch, but when I am back own in the area on "business" I will be sure to stop in late Wednesday afternoon.
That's it from the Red Cox at this moment, as I am back in Beantown, and will hopefully report on some of the local, lesser known ABS's here in New England next week, such as Leather and Lace in Seabrook, NH, and Amazing Video in Providence RI.
Ciao Senor Lizardo, from your friend; THE BOSTON RED COX
Doc here again... Thanks to the Boston Red Cox for another terrific report.  Keep them coming!