Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flash Report! Longball Goes The Distance at 15th Ave with M&A (The Asian Couple)

Doc here with an insanely hot first time report from our newest field reporter, Longball.

Luck was on Longball's side, as he was lucky enough to run into the force of nature known as M&A (AKA The Asian Couple) @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL.

Being an out of towner, Longball certainly had hit the lottery on this Monday evening.  His report is a page turner, and there is no doubt he met a new best friend inside 15th Avenue's great facility in Chicagoland's western burbs.

Here is Longball and his great first-time report.



I've been reading your reports since Major Voyeur turned me onto it earlier this summer. I'm from the St. Louis area but travel for work frequently and became hooked on "this thing of ours" after a random visit last year to Tampa's Fantasyland. I've been to a couple of the St. Louis clubs but those reports will have to wait for another day.

15th Ave Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
I started reading the reports earlier this summer and the first report I read was about M & A and how she was absolutely rocking CT's in Gary. The reports were incredibly hot, perhaps only being eclipsed by the heat coming off the pictures of the delectable A. Over the next week there were a few more reports of, as you called her, "the force of nature rocking CT's". In my mind I was 300 miles northeast wishing I could bump into this angel. As luck would have it I had some business meetings conveniently scheduled in the NW Chicago burbs this week and after reading for a few months knew I'd be pretty close to 15th Ave. On my way north Monday evening I punched CT's into my GPS and saw it would only be a 25 minute detour. I daydreamed about A as I drove but finally talked myself out of heading to Gary because a Monday night isn't usually a prime time in this thing of ours.

Instead I continued NW to Melrose Park and nervously pulled into 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater. There were several cars in the lot, but as I know from Hustler and Pure Pleasure in STL that may only mean a ton of Penis Gallery members. I walked in and as I approached the door a late 30's blonde with what appeared to be an awfully nice body walked past and I thought I might have been too late. However, I went on and paid my $30, as I knew from the reports that it was worth the extra $10 for access to the spa.

I walked into the main theater and there was a crowd spread around with a couple in the general area and another in the couples section. One brunette lady with longer hair was sitting on her date's lap in the open section while I couldn't get a good look at the couple in the closed section. After a bit the brunette and her date got up and left and some of the PG'ers followed. I sat for a few minutes and watched the movie trying to catch a better look at the couple as she appeared to be nice looking with long dark hair. I had no idea just how smoking hot this lady would soon prove to be.

The Real "A"
I decided it was a good time to explore the entire place and see where the other couple went. I checked out the booth area and found nothing, then headed into the spa area to look around. I found nothing there, either, but as I was about to leave the locker room area I heard the buzzer and saw the dark haired woman and her man come through the door with what looked like the entire PG in tow. And she was SMOKING HOT! And Asian. My heart literally skipped a beat as she smiled and slipped past me with her man into one of the private rooms.

I stood and watched as the PG stopped and her man told them they needed some private time and shut the door. With that the PG was off as someone said a woman was in the booth area now and was playing. I was awestruck. Or starstruck! Was this the incredibly beautiful girl I'd read about? If it wasn't, there were TWO incredibly hot Asian girls hitting Chicago's adult theaters.

As I've learned, patience truly is a virtue in this thing of ours (ed. note: This is exactly what I keep saying) and decided to wait right there. I was rewarded shortly with the high pitched sexy squeals of this angel being thoroughly fucked by her man. It was hot! After about 15 minutes, and some PG'ers drifting back to check things out before leaving again their door suddenly popped open about 4 inches and this angel peeked out and down the hallway. I smiled. She used one finger to beckon me. I don't even remember floating to that door but I'll never forget what came next.

I was face to face with this beauty looking into those eyes as she whispered to me, "I need someone to fuck my little pussy and cum deep inside me. Can you do that for me?" ABSOLUTELY! And with that she swung the door open to reveal a completely naked body and her man sitting on the bed. I don't even remember what, if anything, he had on. I didn't care (no offense). I could only rip my clothes off as fast as possible while looking at this beauty in front of me. She grabbed my cock and stroked it as it sprang to life then sucked me deep into her mouth and I thought I felt heaven. She sucked me until I was hard and leaned back on the bed, spread that pretty little pussy and asked me to fuck her.

I slid into that tight pussy and it felt like hot, wet velvet hugging my cock as I buried myself balls deep into her and she breathed out "oh fuck yes! Fuck me deep"! And I did. Now I KNEW I felt heaven! I'd love to say I gave her a marathon of long dicking, flipping her this way and that. But I was no match for that velvet pussy. Within about 5 minutes I could feel my cum stirring in my balls and told her I was going to fill her up. I cum a lot. And I cum hard. I plunged as deep as I could go and gave her what she wanted, holding myself there wishing I would never slip from that grip. I slowly fucked her with my cum in her as she told me how much she loved it. I was surprised I stayed hard as long as I did after filling that pretty pussy up. Finally my spent cock slipped out and with it my cum rolled from her pussy and onto the bed. Her man said how hot that was and she just purred. I stood there with a goofy grin on my face not believing what had just happened and told her how beautiful and nasty she was. They liked that.

Then I had to know. I asked if they came to 15th Avenue much. He said they were all over. I asked if they ever go to CT's in Gary. He smiled and said, "Don't you read the blogs? This is the legend that is A". I smiled an even goofier grin (if that's possible) and admired her form in front of me. I told them that reading Doc's reports of her were incredible and how I nearly headed to CT's just in the off chance they might be there. He smiled and told me I chose wisely coming to 15th instead. I thanked them for, well, being the horny, beautiful, nasty, and amazing woman she is and let myself out. By then several gathered in the hall and A was ready for the next. I needed to recuperate and headed to the booth area to check that out.

The blonde and her man I passed as I was walking in had returned and she was entertaining two others in a booth before taking a break. Several chatted before she headed back outside to cool off. I went back into the spa hoping for round 2 with A but she was dressed by then and getting ready to head out. While M and A chatted with others the blonde and her husband headed to the bleacher area with several others in tow. A very nice black gentleman started playing with her as she went down on her man. A & M watched a bit and M tried to coax A into a little bi play with Miss Blonde. By then it was nearly 12:30 and A was ready to head out. They waved bye and attention turned to Miss Blonde as she was now standing and getting fucked hard by B Man while sucking hubby's cock. There were now 9 guys watching the action and all were well behaved and not encroaching on MB's fun. They finished with MB's squirting orgasm and started getting dressed.

I headed out thinking, "unbelievable!!! This place is amazing and even better than expected!" Luckily, I had another day in the area and planned another trip Tuesday night. I tried to temper my excitement as I drove there tonight knowing lightning doesn't often strike twice, let alone on a Monday and Tuesday night. There was no way it could be as good as last night, right? Right?!? It ended up being even better! But, As I lay here in my hotel bed at 2am that story will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you A and M!!! And thank you too, Good Doctor!



Doc here again... Thanks to Longball for an excellent first-time report on his encounter with M&A.  A is as incredible as Longball describes, and despite her innocent looks, is as naughty a girl as I have ever encountered in an adult theater. 

It's hard to imagine what Longball saw on Tuesday night, but we will have to wait and see.  And when his report hits, you will see it here @ The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.


Field Report! Gentle Tongue on the New Fritz the Cat (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Field Report from the newly re-opened Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV.

This is the inside story we have needed, and thanks to senior reporter Gentle Tongue, we have it.


Dearest Dr. Lizardo,

The keeper of the Blog and supporter of This Thing of Ours.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the newly reopened and renovated Fritz the Cat at exit 11, Dallas Pike, WV.  I visited on Thursday evening around 7:00pm and then again the following morning at around 10:00am.

The 'New" Fritz the Cat Adult Theater and ABS
Dallas Pike, WV
On Thursday evening there was light activity there, however, a couple did visit.  The lady was a beautiful woman of size, in some resembling Rosanne from the show.  Her and her man did enjoy one of the larger booths alone.  The highlight of the evening was speaking with the clerk for a good time to get some details and I will share what was garnered from the interview.

The renovations, as reported last year, was started but as the renovations began it became apparent that there was a lot more that had to be done so the owner decided to close and do it right.  Hence it was down for 11 months.  The place is very much changed.  Upon walking down the stairs and entering the door you enter a larger room with some videos for purchase and toys around the wall.  After walking around the center wire partition there is a window to pay for the theater or get change. 

The restroom is to the right of the clerk's window and just pasted that is the "Lounge" theater entrance.  The Theater has 2 doors, one is an additional exit, closer to the entry door.  The entrance is $10.00 per person, couples are $10.00 for the guy and the lady is free.  The clerk will gladly buzz you back in for any breaks you may need or if you wish to visit the booths.  Note that in the old Fritz, leaving the theater to visit the booths was not allowed.  The theater currently has 3 rows of pairs of theater seats.  There are 2 ailes that divide the part of chairs.  The clerk indicated that they plan on upgrading the chairs to higher back theater seats, I envision seats like in the newer theaters.  There is a bench bolted to the floor in the back as well.  The screen and sound are all very nice as is the paneling around the room. 

There are 2 booth areas.  There are 2 larger booths to the left of the entry door, about 8' deep and about 6' across.  Each of these have nice park bench located in there.  Originally the goal was to rent these out for $10.00 and primarily for couples.  There is talk that they may put a Plexiglas between these 2 booths as well as a glory hole so that people can watch and be watched as well as touching.  However, they are used now as regular booths in terms of pay as you go.  There are a total of 6 other booths towards the far left of the entry door.  The booths are a decent size and they are paired up with a glory hole between each set and a bolted to the floor bench across from the GH.  The video system is modern and accepts bills with a reasonable play time for a buck.

The clerk indicated that couple traffic has picked up, in particular on Friday and Saturday.  The Saturday of Sep 8th there were 5 couples in house at once and on Friday the 7th there were at least 2 couples in the evening.  During the week couples traffic is hit or miss, as expected.  There are plenty of guys around and on Friday morning I noticed some previously familiar patrons.

Overall the changes are a vast improvement and the areas at 7:00pm at night were all clean.  Paper towels are provided as is hand sanitizer in the front lobby/store. 

Currently the hours are about 9:00am until midnight Monday through Saturday, although the clerk did mention he tries to get people moving at around 11:30pm.  Sundays are from about 10:00am until 8:00pm.  These hours sound flexible as business picks up.

Attached are some photos... Note that more enhancements, not with Encyte, are planned as the owner generates some more revenue.  There is word of misinformation being spread by others that may have gained business from Fritz's closure that now has shifted back.  So staying on top of the happenings is key before erroneous information gets out.

Tomorrow, Wednesday evening, 9/19/2012 I am planning on bringing my lady friend for a visit.  When she was introduced to the GH recently she took to it like a duck takes to water and she created a puddle.



Doc here again...Now that is how a Field Report is done! Awesome detail, pics, and the story behind the story.  Bravo sir!  Keep up the great work!