Friday, June 9, 2017

Tonight! The Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party Friday June 9th, 2017 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here, a man whose physical perfection is only matched by his hostility, with an update on TONIGHT'S (Friday June 9th's)big Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party deep inside the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

The Swag Bags are complete for tonights big party, and here is a sneak peek at them! 

The first 20 M/F Couples in the door starting at 8pm get one of these bad boys! Come early and get your swag!

The Party Room is decorated and ready to welcome in lifestylers (both 1st timers and veterans of the scene) for the first big summer Secret Room 2125 Party!

Last week, The Good Doctor produced the promo HD video for the Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party, and your eyeballs can catch it below:
Planning on joining The Good Doctor at his Slumber Party?  Let your lifestyle friends know in either one of these 2 places:


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More updates on the way!

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Please make plans to join us on Friday night June 9th, 2017 from 8pm until 1am deep inside The Secret Room 2125: Slumber Party!


Couple's Flash Report! Max & Sarah Visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (and a Special Tour Guide)

Doc here, a man who some say might be the hero Gotham needs, sometime next week around lunchtime, with another tremendous Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, Max & Sarah!

Max & Sarah (who are awesome, BTW) reached out to The Good Doctor prior to their trip to Chicago, and I happily volunteered to escort and act as their tour guide around their destination, 15th Ave. Adult Theater

If you were not there to experience with them their first visit behind the screen, then you are in for a treat!  Sarah (who bears a striking resemblance to actress Debra Messing in my professional opinion) has written a great report, with running commentary from Max, on this trip. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this 5-Star report from Sarah (& Max)!


Hello Doc & Everyone,

We had quite a time in Chicago, thanks to Dr. Lizardo and the 15th Avenue theater. I had such a good time that I thought it fitting that I write the review. Plus, Max thinks its hot and can’t wait to hear what I have to say.

First things first: It was great meeting the legendary Dr. Lizardo in the flesh. You made us feel so welcome and made me feel so comfortable. I really appreciated that and I hope our paths cross again. (ed. note: The pleasure was all mine Sarah & Max!)

So Dr. Lizardo himself gave Max and I the grand tour of 15th Avenue. What a great place. First, we went into the theater itself. This was the place I was most excited/scared about. We walked in and there were quite a few guys in there already. Dr. Lizardo had told everyone we were coming, and it seemed that there was already a turn out. I was aware that there were many people watching me, but everyone kept a good distance and didn’t breathe down my neck, which I appreciated very much.

Ok. The room behind the screen and the table were pretty much EXACTLY a fantasy that Max and I have talked about for a long, long time. I was still excited but getting very, very nervous. It’s one thing to have a fantasy but to live it is totally different. But I was going to do just that, on that table, in that room.

We left the theater and Doc continued to show us around. He was a great tour guide but I couldn’t stop thinking to myself. “The table is just in the next room. The fantasy about looking up and seeing nothing but a sea of hands and hard dicks is about to be real”. It was distracting to say the least.