Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flash Report! Laars on Theater X in Orange Heights FL for 1/28/12

Doc here with a follow-up report from new contributor, Laars. Laars reports from Theater X in Orange Heights, FL, and last weekend he had a chance for a quick pit stop there.

Here is Laars and his report.


Hi Doc,

Went back to Theater X on Saturday with a very limited time window. Arrived at 8pm and around 830 a couple in their fifties arrived.

Some of the guys at the theater told me they are regulars. I paid my ticket and went in...They were sitting in the middle row nude - both were OK looking (not models but not hideous) The guy started sucking on her tits and after a while invited the rest of the guys to join. Everybody formed a circle around them and pulled their dicks out and she started stroking away. I pulled mine out as I was standing in front of her as she sat.

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
She stroked my cock and told me to come closer to suck me off which she did. It was OK, but did the job. She was picky as to who would fuck her but she picked me and I went to town. Her guy sitting next to her said do not cum inside her, to which I obliged.

After a few minutes of pounding her from behind I came on her back and they guy spread my cum all over her naked body. Next guy was an older black guy who fucked her mouth and then her pussy while her man was sucking off a guy. All this time she wanted a guy sitting next to her to fuck her buy he was only stroking his dick which made her kinda mad.

After the black guy busted his nut she kept asking for another black guy she had done in her prior visits. After a while the guy took her clothes off and went to work. She enjoyed it as expressed by telling him "you know fuck good!"

The couple then got dressed and went out for a smoke...After 30 minutes they came back and got naked again. Her man spread her legs and ate her pussy. The older black guy sat next to her. After her man ate her (lots of moaning), she moved and started deep throating him as the black guy fingered her. I sat observing.

After a while I went to the lobby. There was a suspicious guy nobody had seen before and in conversation with the other regular black (who was also at the lobby)guy, he mentioned that the guy was too square looking. Maybe an undercover...

It was around 10pm, so after getting stroked, sucked and busting a nut, I left for the night leaving the couple still fucking away...A guy told me they were all nighters.



Thanks again to Laars for this second Flash Report.  Keep up the good work sir!