Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freeze Frame! Mrs. Sexual Athlete by The Good Doctor (w/8 PICS!)

Doc, a man who some say never puts the lotion in the basket, here with a very special Freeze Frame Report for you, the good readers of The Journal.

This past Friday and Saturday, The Good Doctor hosted my good friends The Sexual Athletes during their trip to Chicago. One of the highlights of their visit was a photo session, shot by your humble narrator.

Shot inside their suite in a 5-Star hotel near O'Hare, we captured some great images of Mrs. Sexual Athlete. I hope you feel the same.

Flash Report! Part 2: Calico Jack Hits Berlin News Agency in New Year's Eve Eve

Doc here with Part 2 of Calico Jacks New Year's Eve Eve at two theaters.

In Part 1, Calico Jack took one for the team. In Part 2, he takes one for himself at the great Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

Here we go!



It was New Year’s Eve Eve, December 30, and I had just put Abingdon, MD, and Bush River Book & Video in my rear-view mirror.  Unsatisfied, yet hoping for something better, I continued my drive north, wondering whether it would be worth my while to stop by the Berlin News Agency on a Monday night.  In the past, I had always managed to go on a Friday or Saturday, with good success at finding women who wanted to play.

Flash Report! Part 1: Calico Jack Takes One for the Team at Bush River Books in Abingdon, MD

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter Calico Jack. In this report, Jack is roaming the high seas outside of the tri-state area and landed at Bush River Books in Abingdon, MD. 
Fun did not ensue. Here we go!
Hi Doc,
It was New Year’s Eve Eve, December 30, when I found myself driving north along I-95, with no wife or kids along for the ride.  As time passed, I started thinking about the magnitude of this opportunity and decided that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pursue this thing of ours while out on my own.  As I was approaching Baltimore, I pulled over and checked The Good Doctor’s Adult Theater Database to see what might be a reasonable choice for the evening.  I saw that the Apex is now a thing of the past and that Bush River Books needed a review so, not having been there for a half dozen years, I decided to cruise by and check the place out.