Monday, August 28, 2017

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 6 - Amber Foxxx! (w/5 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say starred as "The Long Oboe" in an all-nude production of "The Music Man" as a freshman in college. The college newspaper critic called his performance "jarring, and very premature."

Welcome back to "8 Questions from The Good Doctor". In this ongoing series, The Good Doctor asks a series of provocative questions to some of the legendary ladies I know in the adult theater scene.

In today's chapter, we talk with the amazing Amber Foxxx.  This amateur porn star has been tearing this thing of ours for many years, and after several years away from the scene, she's back and naughtier than ever!  Trust me on this...I'm a Doctor.

Here we go... (All pics in this feature are courtesy of Amber Foxxx)
The Amazing Amber Foxx!
The Good Doctor: When was your first trip to an adult theater/ABS?

Amber Foxxx: Those are two different places so I’ll give an answer for each! I had been dating my now-husband for about a month or two (so like in 1995). It was a small shop, so it wasn’t really memorable, but what I do remember was the trip there and home! It was about an hour from home and he asked me to go without panties so he could play with me in the far. I got fingered all the way up to the shop and gave some road head. We found a parking lot, and this shop was a lingerie boutique and bookstore, and it was on the main street of the small city it was in. We had to walk about a block and as we crossed the street a wind came up and blew my skirt up over my waist! I moved to bring it down but he grabbed my hands so I couldn’t and the skirt stayed up! The cars at the crosswalk honked and waved as I felt my face get flushed. It was at that moment that I knew our lives weren’t going to be normal! As a bonus to that story, I had my boobs out all the way home showing them off to truck drivers!

Doc: Which adult theater did you attend, and who were you with (if anyone at all)?

AF: The adult theater I first visited was the Cinema III in Des Moines, Iowa in about 1998. We had been swinging for maybe 6 months to a year at this point and I’m pretty sure the very first time we went we met the famously sexy Simone and Mr. S! They played porn in a big theater and every 2 hours a live dancer would come out and do a live toy show then make the rounds for cheap lap dances.
Doc: On a scale of 1-10 how anxious/scared/nervous were you on your first adult theater trip?

AF: I would say I was more excited than nervous – I don’t remember being nervous at all! I’ve always kind of had the attitude that I’ll try anything once and if I don’t like it I won’t do it again. So maybe like a 2?

Doc: What did you do sexually on that first visit?