Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flash Report! MajorVoyeur's Tour of the Eastside of St. Louis & Pyramid of Pleasure

Doc here with a major report from my good friend and colleague in arms, MajorVoyueur. Not only is MajorVoyeur a terrific writer, he consistently gets in the weeds in this thing of ours in the St. Louis area like no other.

Please enjoy the song stylings of our good friend MajorVoyeur in this super-sized offering.

MV also has a terrific blog which I highly recommend: The World of MajorVoyeur . Reports, flash backs, and news of the world all with one click.

Here we go!



This is a long post and required much longer process in the typing, editing, formatting, & publishing to the Tumblr bog. I appreciate your patience with the creative process and hope this was well worth the wait. So now make sure you get comfortable and able to spend some quality time with this much anticipated week’s post. Without further delay…

Got to make a few visits this weekend to Pleasure Palace (Brooklyn), Pure Pleasure (Broadway), Hustler, and…I will save the last one to talk about later. First up was the dismal experience I had on Friday. I waffled on staying in with a FWB or heading across the river. Unfortunately, I chose the Eastside. Stopped at Hustler and was too late, too early, too fat, too skinny, too black, too white, ect. According to the Penis Gallery, I had just missed this spitfire Latino who suck/fucked them all dry. Two couples were engaged behind LOCKED Booth Doors and hung their coats over the door lock slit to block any peeks. No joy that night. Headed back to the MV Lair Blue Balled.

Got an email from a PG’r on Saturday morning that after I left (after staying 3 hrs!), a party of two couples had all sorts of fun in the front theater. Not one of my luckiest times at all. So you can imagine that I was hesitant to venture out on Saturday. It was most lucky for me (and you!) that I decided to try again. It was a murky, rainy Saturday afternoon and I had to be in Illinois to help out a friend (vanilla). When I finished that task, it was logical to try out some ABS/Theater Rainy Saturday Afternoon Sex.

So first up was Pleasure Palace in Brooklyn. I know that I have stated in the past that it was off my playlist, but I must check occasionally to see if there has been change. No LEO presents detected and looks like things have calm down. But what a fucking dump! The building is about a year old and I think that was when it was last cleaned. SnagglePus changed out a twenty for the booths and I went a looking. Found lots of M4M wanting man love. Several Queens in full flaunt! However, did find a crack ho’ working the back booth. 

It was not worth the effort to bend over the Gloryhole to see her pathetic attempt to $uck cock. Talked with a regular who said that it was very rare for a couple to come in to party. It’s a shame really, considering this is the only Gloryhole facility within the metro St. Louis region. So while not under LEO’s Operation NUTS, the regular issues still plague this spot. Wonder when they are going to burn it down and start again?

Pure Pleasure
St. Louis, MO
Jumped across the McKinley Bridge and motored on over to Pure Pleasure on Broadway. Paid for the theater and walked in on nothing. Just two sausage stalkers in the back theater. Again with the Queen Drama! Went for a tour around the booth area and discovered it was not as tightly monitored as it had been in the past. The cameras were pushed over and no attendant sitting back there. And the results were a big Sausage Convention in the Back Booth areas. An M4M presence was most strong. Not my scene, so back to the theater. There was a black couple in there, but not doing anything at the moment. Gave them room however it was not too soon before that they left.

I decided to head back to the MV Lair for a shower and dress for another go later that night. I’d made it to the front door when I spotted a possible couple interested in the theater. They were an interracial couple, him with dreadlocks and her, a smallish straw blonde with nice, small tits and a firm ass. So I went back in the theater and picked a logical spot in case they were interested in playing. It was not long before they were buzzed in and made their way to a couch across from where I was situated. Dre released his jammie’s whammie and Straw dropped her jaws all around it. Quick start to a slow spot.

She was hoover’ing that guy’s cock like a pro. Dre must have enjoyed it, making lots of noise and humping her face. A couple Penis Gallery folk moved closer then Dre announced it was a private thing, no touching. So they backed off and I still had a good front row couch to watch the action. Straw soon wanted more and stripped off her pants as well pulling up her top. To my disappointment, she never popped those small titties out of their holders for us to view. However, she did reveal a shaved pussy and most luscious ass. 

Straw dropped down on Dre’s waving, hard cock in reverse Cowgirl style and rode that bronco hard. She popped several loud O’s doing that short ride to the finish line. It was short too, cause it did not take Dre long to roar his explosive rain deep into her down stroking pussy. It must have been a big load cause when she stood up, streaks ran down her legs. A moment to catch their breaths, get dressed, and then they were gone. I made the rounds of the booth area and it was the same as earlier. It looked to be done for now, so I headed back to the MV Lair to prepare for a full evening of ABS/Theater fun cause I decided to add one addition stop to the Eastside tour. Secret Reveal cumming up soon!

Let me take a moment to emphasis an important point to you single gents who wish to sample the wares offered by the ABS/Theater horny women. NO ONE LIKES SMELLY CROTCHES!!!! Dudes, wash your junk before heading out. I have seen hot scenes go cold very quick when Captain BO jumps in. Now I know as the night progresses, you may not remain fresh. That’s understandable and acceptable. 

Just don’t add another layer of funk to what’s underneath. Be prepared for those long nights by using underarm deodorant and go light on the cologne. More people are getting sensitive to heavy perfume smells. Remember that those toiletries are to enhance, not mask.

So after the prep, refueling, and feeding the MV Server Gerbil, I was back at PP before 10pm. PP closes at midnight due to the Missouri Draconian Rules of ABS/Theater Doctrine, so the action had to be started soon or it would never heat up before closing time. As I was afraid, it was dead in the theater. A quick word with a regular PG’r, I found out that it had remained dead since Dre & Straw’s show earlier. Ok, time to cross the river then. 
Next stop, Hustler! Parking lot was not full which did not give me much hope of what’s inside. But might as well check it out, Right? After paying for my wristband, walked the halls without finding any couples. Check front and back theaters, no joy other than M4M sausage play.  As I made another round through the hallway, a black couple popped up. They went into a booth and locked the door. I waited a bit and then took a peek through the locking slit.

She was a heavy BBW with ledge worthy ass and hanging hooters. He was a standard issue ghetto baby. They had wasted no time in getting naked and getting her bent over a stool. Her hangers swung to and fro as he jack hammered her ass hard. Poor stool was creaking and moaning as much as she was snorting out her O’s. I must have made some noise because he stopped and look at the door. I backed off and was across the hall when he unlocked the door. He looked at me and asked if I wanted my dick sucked. Only if you’re cool with it. He beckoned me in and Hangers wasted no time getting my cock out. She gave a sloppy blowjob that was decent, but she just didn’t have the rhythm right for me to pull the trigger. I let her have her fun until he busted a load all over her ample ass. I thanked them and left the booth. It was an ok encounter, but I wanted more. And Hustler just was not doing it for me this round.

I went out to the MVmobile to ponder on my next course of action. I knew Colony was having some sort of party, but just not been entirely happy with the new crowd there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Susie and respect Pedo & Ed. It’s just the dynamics of the patrons have changed and it’s not the happy hunting ground of old. Especially for a person with the body type of the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man and an angry inch of power got no chance with that crowd. So, I have just been giving them the pass. It’s still very much a couple’s marketplace there.

So where does that leave us? Go back to the MV Lair for Internet Porn? Try Brooklyn again? Or drop a dime for a FB/FWB encounter? Well my most beloved reader, I decided on Plan ‘P’. It was time to bust my cherry with Pyramid of Pleasure in Centreville. POP is located just a ways down from PT’s. It is a relatively new place and I have planned to visit it often. But usually I get involved with an adventure at one of the other ABS/Theater locations and run out of time. Well, the time is now.
Pyramid of Pleasure can be found when you take the 17a exit on I-255 and then south on State Rte 157 to Centerville. You will see its neon soon as you pass the railroad tracks and the Oriental Massage Place. Here is their website: 

If you look over their Theaters Tab, you will see what the interior looks like. More on that in a minute. Well I parked and notice the lot was not overly full, but definitely had a crowd. Now there are two entrances and actually, two different parts to POP. One is the Bar with the Stripper Shows. The other has a lounge and 3 theaters. When looking at the signage, you are not given a clear indicator as who is what. By trial and error, I discovered that the left entrance is for the Strip Bar and the right one is for the Theater Love.

Walked in and was not sure where to proceed. Again, no clear directions. So I asked the Bar Maid who told me the cost was $10 and then showed me where the theaters were. Believe me when I say it’s not clearly defined. So, two theaters are co-ed. One is located just inside the door to the left, up a set of three steps. While it’s stated on the website that this theater was the Gay one, the night I was there, it only played straight porn. The second on was on the right side. The last theater was strictly for couples. Its entrance while next to the second co-ed theater, but up a short set of steps.   


Pyramid of Pleasure
Centerville, IL
Before I checked out the theaters, I scoped out the folks sitting around the lounge. There were approximately 12 couples intermingling with a few just sitting on the edges. 

One that stood out was this Blonde Busty gal with the tight jeans. Her tits were most likely store bought, but they were nice, big bouncies. BloBu was making everyone drool in the lounge. Quite a welcome sight after Hustler & Brooklyn!

So time to check out the theaters. Setup was the same in both. Three Couches facing forward to a wall mounted Flat Screen. A Courtesy Table was setup with a pump jug of Sanitizer and roll of paper towels. Trash can next to the table. Very clean, just the right amount of mood lighting and the furniture had not been fucked to death. 

I found out the secret of the second theater and its location next to the couples theater. There is a dark glass that covers the top half of the wall between theaters that allows single men to look into the couple’s theater. There is a curtain on the couple’s side that has to be pulled back in order to look in. Now it’s tuff to make out details, but you can get a good feel of the action happening. I watched a couple fucking on a side couch and another dude getting a slow blowjob from a Busty Gal. While entertaining, it was just too dark to make out the essential details. I decided to park it awhile in that theater and see what happens. I sat on the middle couch and watched some decent porn.   

P of P Theater: Couple's Theater

I heard a bell dinging and other noises from the Lounge. Being a curious sort, I got up and look out the door. Apparently there was an event happening on their little stage. Later discovered that POP has theme nights and this one was Strippers Boxing, Wrestling, and some whip cream fun. More on that later.

I settled back on the couch and was soon joined by a couple Penis Gallery members. The shows ended and guess who walked into the theater? Oh, yeah! BloBu & Lucky Hubby came in and she was a fucking #10 alright. A PG’r offered the back couch to them and that’s where they settled. But it was not long before they were in a clinch, kissing, and rubbing each other’s naughty parts. Then God smiled. LH pulled BloBu’s halter top up and I got a front row view of some fucking awesome store bought Boobs. Large, bouncy, and none of the bad marks associated with tit enhancements. They were perfect with thick, engorged nipples. I may wane poetic for the next year on high great these titties were.

However, there is more to reveal. LH soon had her going down on his hard cock and she was a pro. It did not take long for LH to get BloBu’s tight jeans off over her tight ass. I can’t believe the quality of this woman. His money was well spent on her upkeep. What a Beautiful, Tight Ass and Wet, Shaved Pussy! LH pulls her legs back and ate her out, causing squeals of delight. Did I mention that I was very close to this sweet thing? I watch LH fuck her all over that couch with her legs pinned back. This was like sitting against the screen playing hot porn. Wowsers!
Pyramid of PLeasure's Lounge Area
I forgot to mention that this group of Penis Gallery guys was the best. No one rushed over to disturb the couples fun nor overly in their face with their junk stroking. BloBu was very verbal asking to be fucked hard. The only special request was she wanted to swallow his load when ready. The bad part was the room was hot and stuffy. Poor LH had worked up a massive sweat plowing into that Barbie Doll of a wife. He would have to stop and sit back to catch his breath while she sucked her juices off his cock. 

Watching her rub those great tits all over him made us all feel that heat. During their fuck fest, another couple came and watched. The only thing they added was he had pulled her pants down to frig her, giving us a good view of her sparsely furred pussy. She also had a nice set of breasts, but never was revealed. They did not stay long though. 

LH was building up to unload soon. BloBu had already lost track of how many cums she had yelped through. He final lost it and barely scrambled up for her to take it in her mouth. She slurped it all down and did not waste a drop. 

I got to say that this is way up there on the list of the hottest ABS/Theater scenes I have been honored to view. Then, they got dressed. This meant that she had to stand mere inches from me as she pulled up those tight jeans minus any underwear. That close up of her sweet, well fucked pussy is etched forever in my mind. LH made the statement that they were married 35 years. Good for them! Too soon, they left the room and building. I was ready for a break and did a restroom run.

A look see in the other theater found a couple PG’rs but no action. There is a lot of back in and forth with this adventure between those two theaters. So to keep ‘em straight, let’s call them what directions they are from the front door. To specify, Left is the one up the set of three steps and Right is the one with the glass part way up that looks into the couple’s theater. Ok?

I did not stay long in Left and decided to check out Right’s glass window again. I walked in to Right and found that a couple had snuck in when I was in the other one. They were middle age and had a bit of mystery to them. She had straight black hair and body type like a younger Anjelica Huston wearing a slinky black dress. However, her tits were much bigger and currently pulled out of the top of her dress. Her hubby was a fire plug of a man with a buzz cut. Buzz and Anjelica were on the back couch with her on the end towards us. He had her face buried in his crotch, sucking up a storm on his exposed cock. 

A line up of Penis Gallery was presenting their wagging willies to them. Buzz picked one guy who I remember seeing before at other Eastside venues. He is lucky a lot of the times. Buzz motion for him to join them on the couch and had spread Anjelica’s legs, showing off her shaven slit. When LPG sat on the couch, she closed up her legs. Buzz had a talk with her and she let LPG feel her up a little bit. However, you can tell that she was not comfortable or horny enough to let it go much farther. Buzz let her have her way for awhile, but soon turned her around so that she was up on her knees on the couch. Buzz lined up and started fucking her Doggy Style. Anjelica was ignoring LPG’s waving hard-on, but Buzz forced her over to at least do a hand job.

Soon though, the horniness kicked in and she dropped her mouth down on LPG’s cock, sucking him as her hubby pounded her ass. I sat down on the middle couch to get comfortable and watch the show. It was going good for awhile until Buzz took a break. Then Anjelica bounced off LPG’s cock and turn around completely, pulling her dress down. I think that was a small hint that she did not want to play anymore. Buzz got her up and out they went. Right cleared out again and just a few of us PG’rs remained. We took turns looking through the glass, but there was not much action in there.

I took a break and got a $5 cup of Diet Coke from the Bartender. As I sat in the lounge, a couple of the strippers came over from the other side. They were selling cans of whip cream for $20. If you buy one, then you can spray it anywhere on them as part of the show’s final act. That’s when I found out about their theme nights. I took a table near the stage and watch the first part which was them boxing. Now they were well padded with thin bras and G-strings. It was fun to watch them flailing and walloping each other. As this was going on, I notice a couple near me was getting excited. Her hubby had her top open, tweaking her nipples and had a few fingers deep into her spread legs. What a great way to enjoy the fights!

After a break, they then did a wrestling match. And it was another free for all. And they started losing clothes. These strippers were small in stature and had cute titty bumps. Of course shaved pussy did appear. The final act was the spraying of whip cream on them and they did a kinda lesbo turn on the matt. But you could tell that these were hetro gals. When finished, they were selling spots to watch them shower on the other side. That was a good break, but back to the action.

I hit the restroom and then went back into Left. Found a new couple on the center couch. She was a regular 40ish MILF. Black hair, medium boobs, and again – a nice shaved pussy. Hubby wore a Cowboy hat and was there to play. He had her short dress up and was finger banging her hot hole. She had her tits out and was squeezing them hard. He soon positioned her on the couch and started to bang away, fucking her hard. I think they were looking for something more. But none of the PG’rs made any moves toward them. I told you it was a well behaved bunch! They soon dressed and left for the couple’s theater.

A check of the Lounge showed that things could be winding down. The hours were until 6am, but I think the lot of them was getting tired. I check out Left and found Buzz & Anjelica back at it on the front couch. He had her face again sucking LPG’s cock as he was fucking her dogging style. Then he offered LPG to fuck her. That started a quiet fit with her and unfortunately, they left again with poor LPG gloved up, but no loving. Cowboy and 4M came in and setup fun on the middle couch. 

In midst of finger banging her, Cowboy motioned LPG to join them. The boy finally lived up to his nickname and got a good blowjob from her and then fucked her in two different positions. Once, he had her up against the back of the couch where I was sitting. I got to finger her extremely wet pussy. It was short though, because LPG wanted to plug away at it again. She loved his cock and wanted it to go longer. Unfortunately, LPG must have nutted cause he backed out and disappeared. Cowboy did not pick anyone else. They drifted from theater to theater for the rest of the evening. He blindfolded her and played with her exposed pussy, extending the thrill. 

As we all cycled back to the Left, I found that Buzz and Anjelica was back at it. They were on the back couch and again she was sucking his cock with her bare ass stuck up in the air. I sat on the middle couch and was again face to face with a wet pussy. Buzz picked a young black dude to come sit with them. She was not as enthused about this as she had been with LPG. He finally coaxed her to suck the guy’s cock while he fingered her pussy, still close to my face. I made the motion to see if he was open for me to touch her, but he just gave me a flat stare. Ok, that’s fine. I turned and watch Cowboy and 4M do their thing on the front couch.

Really though, I had enough of both couples at this point and decided to spend some “me” time in the Right side. I went in the Right and just chill, sitting on the back couch. All the PG’rs was watching the couples in the Left. There was a pretty hot scene playing on the flat screen causing me to rub my hardening cock through my pants.

Lucky timing for me cause a new couple came into the Right and sat on the couch beside me. She was a skinny 20something with flat chest and long, mousy brown hair. She wore these web weaved stockings that was just beautiful on her long, thin legs. They talked a bit, then he was kissing her while running his hand up her black dress, pulling it up to expose a cute pussy with a big clit. He strummed it like a banjo and she sang high notes. I got the nod and was able to run my fingers through her slit and play with her clit. Our constant tuning up got her to make lots of moaning noises. I leaned in for a taste, but was giving the no go sign. Ok, just fingers then. After a bit of play, he positions her for a Doggy Style fuck while she is facing me. I was able to reach under to rub on her tiny nipples and she was most flat indeed even in a position where gravity helps. Still, it was very fun to play with her nipples.

As he was banging away, she handed me a condom. I pulled out the Angry Inch, gloved up, and down she went on my cock. It was a very good blowjob with lots of even strokes with head sucking and shaft stroking. All the excitement of the POP reached a point where her hubby blew his load; I POPPED about the same time into her latex protected mouth. Nice catch and no mess! Good thing cause I loaded that rubber with all the pent up from the evenings play and visuals. It almost looked like a full water balloon when I finally got it off. I thanked them and we all got dressed. A few PG’rs looked in and realized the fun was done. Done it was too across all of POP’s Lounge and theaters. It was pushing 4am and the place was clearing out. Time for tired, drained me to make the trip back to the MV Lair.

Final thoughts on POP; It’s a great place and reminded me so much of the Colony Dazes of Ol’. Very clean, orderly crowds and couples who wanted single guys to fuck. The Theme night activities were just the icing on the cake. I talked to a few of the regular PG’rs and they all said it was like this most every weekend. An only drawback was the climate controls. No air moving around. This was most likely due to the weather drastic changes recently playing havoc on the whether to run the heat or air conditioner.

I give Pyramid of Pleasure a high rating of "Massive Boner". After evening /night of P’s places and dodging Q’s at some of them, I had a great time at POP. I will definitely be back to see if lightning (and pussy) happens twice at the same spot. 


Great job by Major Voyeur as always. Thank you sir!