Friday, November 5, 2010

Blast From The Past! The Little Fox Theater in Gardena, CA by Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with what is shaping up to be "Old Marine Corps Guy Week" at The Journal.  He's on a roll, and he has the following "Blast From The Past", focusing on a theater sex couple that prowled the cinemas of Southern California in the 70's and 80's.

Enjoy OMCG's report...I did!

Old Marine Corps Guy
Action Figure
Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Elvis (no, not the Hound Dog guy) and his lady were a couple of the most prolific “players” in the Southern California porn scene.  Nobody seemed to know what his real name was, but he kind of looked like Elvis, so the name stuck.
His lady was a tall, gorgeous, dirty blond with some of the biggest natural tits I have ever seen.  She had my favorite kind….heavy on the bottom and kind of sloped up with nipples pointed right at the ceiling.  She looked a lot like Linda Carter (with the same kind of body) who used to play Wonder Woman in the TV series.
        I ran into them in theaters from the Pussycat in National City (down near the Tijuana border), to the Star Theater in Oceanside near Camp Pendleton (she loved us Marines) all the way up to the Corbin Theater in Chatsworth…..and lots of smaller theaters in between.  They were all over the place (but then, so was I). 
Pussycat Theater
National City, CA
circa 1970's

Before Elvis went into any theater (he did this always), he would take a tube of lipstick and write something on her chest like, “Slut, Whore, Nasty Cunt, etc”.  She always wore tops that showed off her big boobs, so there was lots of space to write on.   After his, “artwork” was done she would put on a coat to cover it up until they got into the theater.
I remember one night at a theater in Gardena called The Little Fox when Elvis showed up.  The “Fox” was a small theater in a residential neighborhood that got lots of local action.  It had a small bookstore and arcade out front and a small theater with about 50 or 60 seats in the back.  The manager had been in the adult theater business for years (he managed the Libra Den in Hollywood) and had the theater setup for playing.  He had even converted part of the back “storage” room into a party room with a couple of couches and mattresses.  Whenever the action got hot inside the theater (which was most nights) a lot of the couples would move their action back to the “storage” room so that they could “spread out”. 

Star Theater
Oceanside, CA 1983

I was up in the booth with my buddy who ran the place when they came in.  I saw them come in and said, “Oh boy, it’s gonna be a good night tonight”.  They came up to the clerk’s window, said hi and passed her coat up to the manager to hold for them.  She had on a short miniskirt and a VERY low cut, loose blouse.  Tonight Elvis had written “Cum Bucket” on her chest.  We talked a bit and then they were buzzed into the theater (there was never any charge for couples).  I had already gone into the theater through the clerk’s back door and was waiting inside when they came in.  
As soon as they got inside they moved over to the back wall (everyone in the place was turned around watching them by now) and Elvis pulled up her skirt to show that she didn’t have any panties on, and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.  He waved at all the horny guys in the theater and then had her get down on her knees and start sucking his cock.  Lots of us were starting to move in by this time so he made a “hold it there” gesture to everyone.  He liked to show off and this was his little show for us.  While she was sucking him off, he started calling her names and told her (and us) what a slut she was.  This went on for a few minutes until he pulled out and came all over her face.  Then he said that she looked good with cum all over her, but that she needed more.  That’s when he motioned for everyone to move in and have a circle jerk while she was still down on her knees.

Corbin Theater
Tarzana, CA 1984

There must have been at least 15 or 20 of us there and we all started jacking off while she took turns sucking everybody’s dick.  Elvis kept asking who was ready to cum.  Whenever a guy was ready, Elvis got him up in front of her so she could finish him off, which she had a VERY nice way of doing.  She sucked off all of us to completion and each of us came in her mouth and on her face and tits.  The thing I always liked about her was, whenever a guy shot his load, she would make a kind of, “Mmmmm” sound.  She REALLY liked what she did.
After everyone had shot his load on her, Elvis (he did this every time I saw them) would take out a small baby food jar and scoop up all of the cum that was left sticking to her tits, neck, face, etc.  Once all of it was cleaned up he would hand it to her and say, “bottoms up” and she would drink it right down.  This was a lady who was a REAL cum slut.  God love ‘em.


I don’t know if you want to add this or not, but after the “Fox” was closed it was turned into a small church.  While looking for info on the theater I found the following short article about the theater.  What they said about the lewd acts inside and outside are true.  There used to be a lot of action out in the parking lot behind the building too.  Damn, I miss the old days.

What Once Was...The Little Fox Theater
Gardena, CA


"Gospel Rings Out From Former X-Rated Movie Theater"December 27, 1998 | By NANCY TREJOS, TIMES STAFF WRITER

The Rev. Travis Smith bellows from the pulpit of the 3-month-old First Church of Deliverance: You can't live today successfully holding on to yesterday! Smith has built his congregation on those words. His church is a lesson in how a community can let go of a sordid past. The Gardena building that the church calls home was for 24 years known as the Little Fox Theater, an X-rated movie house where screenings of films were accompanied by lewd acts both inside and outside the building.
Thanks OMCG for another terrific look back at a glorious time in the adult theater scene. Whether he is on the golf course, or writing a "Blast From The Past" report, you get a top shelf effort.

Semper Fi!