Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flash Report! The Captain Pulls Into Port at Adult World in Rennselear on 9/17

Doc here, a man who some say once killed an intruder with loaf of crusty bread, with the return of that old seadog himself, The Captain. Cappy hit Adult World in Rennselear, NY, and has filed a report on his latest trip.

Fresh from fighting off Kenyan pirates (and the women who love them), please welcome back that crusty old sea dog, The Captain.

Take it away, sir...


Ahoy Doc,

On the 17th I found myself tying up at my home berth at Adult World (Rennselear NY) after several weeks at sea. While there's a lot of brass polishing that goes on at sea, the first thing a sailor wants to do when he lands in port is clean the barnacles and pump out the bilge water.

I stopped in about 8:30 and asked the clerk if any couples had been into the theater in the past few weeks and he said yes, several had. Being a Tuesday night, my hopes were low, but Tuesdays have been good to me here from time to time. I hung out in the booths, peeling off singles. The flick in the theater didn't appeal to me that night. Generally I like to give a theater visit at least 2hrs to pay off with the couples jackpot, but I was pressed for time as we had lost our 3rd mate during the last voyage - he was shanghaied from a bar in Rio De Janero by a woman calling herself Lola. Stranger things have happened in a port-o-call!

I left the store and was in the process of casting off my dinghy when a red caddy with gold trim pulled in and a dapper looking gentleman in his 40's got out and headed for the store. A very lovely looking black lady, looking much like Nicki Minaj with an asymmetrical haircut opened the passenger side door and finished a cigarette before he called her. Heels, tight jeans and half shirt showing her flat stomach. There were a few of us in the parking lost and two immediately followed the couple back in. I hung back to see if they were just rubber dick shopping, or if they were here to play.

The went back into behind the brown curtain (changed recently during renovations from blue), and took a booth. They argued a bit about which way to put the coupons in and the gentleman stepped out and invited the gathering small crowd of men to take a look at what he had brought. The gentleman stepped into the booth and she instructed him to close the door and start blowing him. She asked if brought condoms and he hadn't no had she. One kind gentleman made a quick trip to the counter and came back with a box of condoms for the small group. The kindness we theater goers show one in need warms my heart for sure.

The Wally Power Yacht

I presented my gold card (magnum condom) and was asked to join her in the booth. She had very soft skin, large D breasts and a tiny waist with a nice handful-and-a-half of ass (I least twice).

 She gave an excellent BJ and I asked to fuck and she wasted no time dropping her tight jeans and turning around for me doggy style, while I suited up. About 2 mins later I was done and the next gentleman joined her in the booth for some fun.

They didn't stay long as it wasn't very busy that night overall, but they got what they came for.

I'll be making several runs through the Great Lakes this winter and hope to make some theater stops!

The Captain


Doc here again... Many thanks to senior reporter, raconteur, navigator, and excellent driver, The Captain for another terrific Flash Report. Keep them coming, sir.