Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flash Announcement: CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

A Public Service Announcement by The Good Doctor*

CT's Adult Bookstore and Theater
4620 West Industrial Hwy.
Gary, Indiana 46406
Phone # (219) 944-3773

*Not responsible for cancellation or no-show.  I'm a doctor, not a party planner.

Have fun!


Semper Fi! Old Marine Corps Guy on the LA Adult Theater Scene of the 70's and Beyond

Doc here with an outstanding insight into the LA adult theater scene of the 70's and beyond by Old Marine Corps Guy.  Let's fire up the Way Back Machine, and venture to the 1970's with OMCG:


Very good report on the old Pussycat Theater chain. I was living in the Hollywood area back in the early 70's and those WERE the places to go to. Big, clean and LOTS of couples. Problem was back then that they were SO fully packed that you couldn't really play very well in them. Had to wait a few years for them to thin out and then the action at all the Pussycats got REAL good.

I remember back when Deep Throat was premiering at the Pussycat on Hollywood Blvd (1971 or 72), there was a picture on the front page of the LA Times showing the live of people waiting to get in stretching from the front door down the block and around the corner. And most of those waiting in line were COUPLES !!! Boy, have times changed.

If you REALLY want to go down memory lane, see if any of these other Hollywood theaters bring back some fond memories (and woodies too):

The Cine Arts, Richards, The Flick, Tiki Room, The Cave, The Cinema, The Libra Den, The Projection Room, The Twin "X". These were all smaller theaters in the area that the couples would go to after they got heated up watching Deep Throat or the Devil and Miss Jones in the Pussycat and they would screw EVERYBODY in the smaller theaters. This was back before AIDS and home videos were invented. Back in the "fuck-the-one-you're-with" days.

The Cave, 1982

The Art, 1983

The theater scene has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. It used to be that you could almost have your choice of which couple (or single women...there were lots of them back then, too) you wanted to be with because there were that many to pick from and that's what everyone was there for anyway. Now it's very infrequent that couples come in at all. What a shame.

However, there is still one exception. I was up in Portland, Oregon a couple of weeks ago and spent every night I was there at the Paris. That is still going strong with lots of couples and lots of action.

Wish it was still like it used to be, but I guess I'll just have to live on memories. And good memories they are.

Keep up the good work,

Old Marine Corps Guy
Doc here again... Absolutely terrific report from Old Marine Corps Guy.  He was there on the front lines during the 70's and it looks like we missed something special.  The Good Doctor didn't enter the scene until the 1980's, and the video revolution was just starting at that point.  Most adult theaters were in the process of converting to video projection by the mid to late 1980's and turning their back on film.  By this point in time, "this thing of our's" was changing dramatically (and not for the good).
You can still grab onto a piece of that experience by traveling to Portland, OR and visiting the Paris and Oregon Theaters.  Two very different experiences, but it's as close to time-travel as we will get.
Thank you again to Old Marine Corps Guy.
As you were.