Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flash Report: The Editor Covers Two Nights @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a two-day Flash Report from senior reporter The Editor.  The Editor gave 110% this weekend, reporting from the front lines of one of the best overall adult theater/ABS complexes in the country, 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, 2125 N.15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  His two-day stint at 15th yielded some terrific scenes to describe for you, in his no-fluff approach to this thing of ours.

In the name of Great Caesar's Ghost, here his two-part report...


Friday September 9

There were 3 main players on Friday. The first couple was younger (30s).  He had a pony tail and she was a big girl. They didn't look like players at first, but they went into the spa and got naked pretty quickly.  The crowd of guys wasn't too bad.  She started to give BJs, nice slow, steady, nothing crazy (raincoat required).  Nothing deep, but she worked it.  They played in the steam room; then in the tv room (now and hereafter shall be referred to as the “Stadium”), back to the showers, locker room.  At some point she switch to taking it doggy style and one black stud had her moaning for 20+ minutes.  Her body was soft and the pounding sent the waves shaking.  Her hanging tits wobbled; just beautiful.  Some one opened her back door and an older well endowed gentleman pounded her back door furiously, accompanied by the same moans.  She was great! She took on all cummers for over 3 hours.
Another couple on Friday night are apparent regulars, J and L. He was Confucius-like, just watching and observing as she gave numerous BJs in the theater and also in the stadium.  She is a lovely mature woman who just takes it slow, except some members of the Penis Gallery (PG) who were anything but slow as she bent over to give a double ended performance.  BTW, the PG was fairly large on Friday. 

A single black gal came in and got alot of vocal attention, but she couldn't be talked into anything even by Big Mike.  Rumors that Mike is my bitch are completely inaccurate.

I've been saving the best for last: the hit of the night was a blonde version of my own Lois Lane (as played by Terry Hatcher). Lois should give up on the Clark Kent.  He's gay and I can take care of her needs, to say nothing of MINE!  This 40-something gal had a great trim bod and some well done enhancements.

She and her bf started in the steam room and the crowd was intense. Very little preliminary activity, it was BANG and go full speed.  She had a minimum of 2 deep around her all night.  She played for a couple hours and I'm pretty sure she was getting DP'd a couple of times.  All bareback. (Not recommended practice!)  After the spa, she went into their private room, came out in a bra, garter and stocking sand went to the Stadium for a little action with the gladiators. Note to PG, not many gladiators, looked like lots of hot dog vendors though!

A few T-gurls were on hand, but getting little or no interest from what I could tell.

Saturday September 10

There was a private party in the party room attached to 15th, which completely screwed up the parking. 

J & L from Friday night repeated their Friday night activities in the front row of the theater.  Mrs had her dress off and was wearing a nice pair of white lacey boy shorts.  She looked very nice like this, but I'm sure she felt self conscious and went back to having the dress just around her middle.  In my book, she was very desirable in the white panties. 

Liz arrived and after a shower made her way to the theater.  After some minor chatter with yours truly, she pulled off the top of her dress and the girls were on display.  I think the word "magnificent" would be accurate in describing her boobs. I managed to do some groping of her bounty before the swarm.  More active crowd control would have helped.  She was a row behind L.  They eventually hooked up and went to a private room in the spa.  Liz made several trips to the theater and their private room.  Wish I could have gotten more time to “talk” with her. We could have discussed the meaning of a few verbs. 

A black couple came in (20s). She was skinnnnnny.  Wearing an exceedingly short skirt. After an hour of going in/outside, wandering, she was taken to the arcade where she gave a few BJ.  I was unable to even get a peak.  Not aproblem, however, as she later was walked into the theater topless.  She had the nicest pair of soft little B cup boobies, only slightly sagg ing. I've not seen that nice a set in real life for a very long time.  In the theater, she gave her man a very noisy BJ, then they went back to the arcade.  Lois needs to come in here and take care of a problem for me. 

A middle aged Hispanic couple came in while Mrs C was going full speed.  He groped her and they went to the couples section, where he eventually stripped her and got her off by hand several times.  She did some minor playing with a few members of the PG.  There were several other couples who went into private rooms and invited zero or only few in one at a time.

My second late night was too much and I wandered back to my hotel.  While this all sounds crazy, I suspect many guys went home unfulfilled as the crowd was just too big despite the willingness of the ladies.

OLSEN - GET IN HERE!  Where the hell is that kid?

The Editor


Doc here again... A huge thank you to The Editor for his two-evening reporting duties at 15th Avenue.  I am glad he had a good weekend of stories and sub-plots to report on, and hopefully he had his fair-share of fun in the suburbs of Chicago.  Also congrats to The Editor as The Journal's newest senior reporter.

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